2018-07-09 13:48:51

Hello all,
Since a few months I have a Problem solving captchas. When a captcha occurs, it shows me the following message:
"Your Computer or Network might be sending automatic queeries. To protect our users, we cannot process your request right now. For mor Information, visit our help pages or try again later."
So the Problem is, I can't solve any captchas because of this message. I tried several things to solve the Problem, but nothing worked out:
- I tried solving the captcha with different Browsers: IE, Firefox and Chrome. Didn't work.
- Tried it in different Networks: My home's WLAN, My Boarding school's WLAN and my dad's WLAN. Didn't work.
- Installed Java 8 because I read about it in the Google help page. Didn't work and I deleted it again.
- Deleted Tor browser from my Computer, because I read it in the Google help page too. Didn't work.
- Tried it with different Screen Readers(JAWS 15 and latest Version of NVDA). Didn't work.
Now I really do not know what to do. Yes, I could ask a sighted Person, but the problem is the website the captcha is on is a Website for watching TV Shows, and I'll have to solve a captcha before watching an Episode. Oh and another Information: the message only occurs when trying to access an Audio Version of the captcha.
I am thankful for every helpful hint you can give me, and I'm sincerely sorry for my grammar if it's a Little scrambled,  english is not my native language.
Greetings and thanks for everything,
Ciri, the witcher.

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2018-07-09 15:01:17

If you use Firefox or Chrome, you could try using Rumola, it isn't free but I believe it has a trial period.

Another captcha solver you might run across is Captcha Be Gone, but I don't recommend it. I used to use it, but the last four months that I had it I could never get it to work.

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2018-07-09 15:03:30

You can also install the ESR build 52 of firefox as a second browser, with that one Webvisum still works and you can use it if a webpage has a captcha on it.

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2018-07-11 19:34:28

Solved the Problem using Rumola, thanks for the help.
Greetings and thanks,
Ciri, the Witcher.

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