2018-07-08 19:41:58

So, I was watching a video of Far Cry 5, and the sound design  blue me away. Has anyone tried it, and is there a mod for it like a trainer for GTA V or auto Drive? I've seen these for Just Cause 2, but couldn't get them to work. And, I've seen playing of Far Cry 3, on  Any audio Network, and the person playing was doing rea;;y good. So, what experience have you guys had with this?

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2018-07-08 22:59:57

played it, and i'm sure a blind person can't play with it. at least if i was fully blind i couldn't play it

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2018-07-09 07:07:45

how these guys playing? it's seems inacessible

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2018-07-09 07:38:10

Well, I have no idea on how it should be playable. If the game is like the previous games, you have to navigate on extremely big maps.

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