2018-07-02 16:19:53

i am playing 2d platformer 5.0.
but, how can i get cheat codes?
in 2dplatformer 3.0,  when i beat the game, cheat code unlocked.
but, in 5.0, how can i get the cheat codes?
please, answer my question.

i enter the sewers.
i started killing and explore through core.
i killed thanatos.
i'm super arcane archer.

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2018-07-07 03:08:44

I'll have to take a look at the code, but I believe if you beat any map, you get the cheats.

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2018-07-07 17:17:58

i beat one of the maps and there was no cheats.txt or anything in the directory

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2018-07-07 20:04:03

hi all
Where can I get 2d platformer?
best regards


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2018-07-07 20:30:37

@ post4
Try looking for a 2D platformor topic in the new releases room, it should be in there somewhere. wink

You can get my Tactical Battle scripts here, with a documentation included. They allow various things that are not normally possible in the game.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/dzsmqv2pgqvu1 … h.zip?dl=1
If you have questions about my scripts, you can e mail me. You can also modify them as much as you want.

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2018-07-08 21:52:46

hi all
@post 5.
thanks for the help


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