2018-06-14 18:35:33

Hi all, I need some help on creating an audio game using lua and I'd like to try and make an app on the iPhone. Can someone who knows how to code and program add me on skype at [email protected]? I'm sorry to be a bother. However I spoke to Aprone and He recommended me coming up here and asking the community. Does anyone know how to code in VB6? if so, please add me on skype, or, follow my twitter at @theallnotseeing

Take care all

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2018-06-14 18:51:29


Hello and welcome to the forum.

I'm afraid the new releases room is for newly released games, ie, when there is a demo or something people can play.
So this topic is technically in the wrong place.

As your specifically asking about programming languages, I'm going to move this to the development room, which is precisely for discussion of that sort of thing, though for more general game comments feel free to post in general game discussion, or indeed to post in new releases when you've got something people can play.

Looking forward to trying out your creations.

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2018-06-14 22:56:34

Hi all, I'm trying to create a map for tactical battle but I cant find the folder it says to practice on, can someone who knows more than I add my skype at [email protected] please?

I appreciate all the help in advanced

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