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Yo yo I've been playing this game for the past few days and figured for anyone else playing it I'd post up a menu guide.  Of course, this is what I know so far, some menus I haven't gone into or been able to explore (replay mode and gallery).  But here it is!
Note:  This is for all the offline modes.  I don't play online as of now so don't know what those menus are.  If anyone wants to add on with the online modes, feel free!

The main menus, hit Triangle to pull this list up:
Episode mode
Training Mode - have to hit right once after selecting
VS Mode - You have to select 1 or 2 player vs here.  Hit right once for 1 player, and right twice for 2 player.
Tactics Mode
Survival Mode
Replay Mode

In the episode mode menus, there are four episodes to play:  One for each franchise that's in Cross Tag Battle.  At first, there's only BlazBlue Episode mode available, but once you beat that, the others unlock and you get this order:
Episode BlazBlue
Episode P4 (Persona 4)
Episode Under Night In-Birth
Episode RWBY

If there's anything wrong in this list, let me know and I'll fix it!  I know there's more to the episode mode, like alternate endings for BlazBlue mode and a True ending, but I haven't gotten that far yet.  Hope this helps whoever's playing the game, and if the list is out of order lemme know and I can fix it!

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2018-06-12 07:42:36

As far as I know the game is in mono, isn't it? If it's true it's so sad as they jumped back to mono audio.

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Yes the game is in mono in that their is no sound panning for the fights.
The option at the top of episode mode is continue.
It's supposed to let you continue from where you left off, but so far; at least for me; it only starts the last episode you played from the beginning.
If you want to save your place you'll have to use the story control panel.
On ps4 press options when a story sceen is playing to reach this control panel.
The first option you're on is message speed. Press right twice to set it to instant.
This will make story sceens play out faster without skipping any voice work when autoread is on.
To save your place press up 4 times to go through back, story menu, reset to defaults, and finally, save.
Press X, then choose one of the 60 slots to save in.
Loading this save later is just like opening a book to a page you've bookmarked, so rmember what was said and the music that was playing when you last saved.
When you load a save and save again you'll be on that save so pres up to get to yes to overwrite once you select it.
You always be on new save if using the continue or when starting a new episode.
To load a save press R1 on the episode select menu.
During story sceens, press triangle to enable or disable autoread, hold r2 for fastforward, and press r1 then press up for yes to enable autoskip.
By default, text skip will only skip past text you've read before.
On the main menu, press left to get to options.
System is the first thing, but their isn't anything we need in their except vibration, which is the first option. Press left to turn it on.
Once done their, back out and press down to get to game options.
In here the only thing we need is difficulty, and that's what we're on, so press left to go to easy then beginner, or right to get to hard and hell.
If you need to reset to defaults go up twice and press X.
Two down from game options is sound options, and in here we need to go down twice, bypassing master and BGM volume to get to announcer, character voice, background and sound effects respectively.
Raise all these to max, remembering that the announcer and character voice settings play a sample that pauses a time before replaying, so fiddle around until you can get the sample to start playing and pressing right and left, making sure that the sample cuts off when pressing right, but restarts when pressing left.
In this way you can max out these settings.
Also, on the main menu, pressing right from the main list Crystal described will take you to online; in which their is only the online option, then to customize, then to options menus, then back to the first menu.
The customize menus don't have anything for us at all.
Once you complete the story mode, go into gallery, then press r1, then go right and press X to view the credits.
For some strange reason that still baffuls me, you'll get a psn trophy or steam accomplishment for doing this.

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2018-06-12 14:33:28

Not on PC. On PC it is still in stereo.

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2018-06-13 04:08:35

It's easy to tell where people are even with the audio in mono.  Just swing and if you miss turn to face the other direction lol.  Also thanks for all the other info, haven't checked all that out yet!

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2018-07-01 15:49:59

Well this isn't really a menu, but it kind of is, as it's the last part of episode mode.
After you finish all 4 episodes, you'll be able to unlock the true ending, though it's not a simple as choosing true ending from the menu.
Once you've completed all four episodes, go back into episode mode and either start the prologue or blazblue episode.
The prologue will lead naturally into the blazblue episode, so it's your choice.
Once in the blazblue episode, play it normally until Ragna
is asked if Rachel can be trusted.
Here is your first branching path.
This one doesn't really matter all that much, but; for completions sake; if you chose option 1 the first time through, choose option 2.
From here on out, you'll be given the same storyline up until the next choice.
At this point, you'll want to stick to the first option at all times.
These choices didn't appear the first time you went through this episode, so you'll notice diologue changes as you go through the story from here on out.
eventually, you'll reach the final boss, though it's; vary; different this time.
The last choice you'll have to make before battle is whom you wish to team up with; Yu Narukami, Hide Kito, or Ruby Rose.
This has several changes aside from who you'll be using against the boss.
The most notable is the music that's playing, as it'll be the version of "Crossing fate" that relates to the character you chose.
The boss may also have different moves as well.
After you're victorious, sit back and watch the ending and credits, but don't forget to rewatch the credits in galory mode for the trophy!

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