2018-06-12 16:51:24

People have been forwarding me articles about "Skyrim Very Special Edition" on Alexa. I'm still trying to work out if it is a joke or not. I can't try it while at work. Has anyone played it? Is it a spoof, or is it any way near to what 6 Swords does?

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2018-06-12 16:54:57

I think this is a joke article, based on the fact that Bethesda just keep on porting Skyrim to all sorts of platforms, the latest real one being Skyrim Vr. Honestly, not that I blame them though, Skyrim is a fantastic game. It is fun to listen to, lots of dialogues, lots of voice acting and a lot of quests to do, even after several years people still play this game.
The Alexa edition though, I think, is a spoof, albeit a very funny one. I don't actually know if this is even a skill or not, but if it is an actual skill I'd love to try it for a luahg, or if the video is just the voice.

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2018-06-12 18:02:46

Oh, it is an actual skill all right. It's had 150+ reviews in 4 days, which is unprecedented. I'm just not sure how "deep" it is. There's a lot of "play your own adventure" skills that are interesting, but not very repeatable. So once you are through the content, you're done. That's why I went a different direction with 6 Swords to create something with much more repeat play. One of the things I *really* wanted to do is sub-license 6 Swords to Bethesda and re-skin it in The Elder Scrolls setting. I just hadn't found the right contact. And now this.

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2018-06-12 19:13:30

OK. Grabbed some time and work and played this. Yes, it is actually a game. No, it's not very deep. But it's still deeper than about 90% of other games for Alexa. I think people will play it for amusement, but then never go back to it. There are many places it could learn some lessons from 6 Swords. But I have to say the dialog is often a lot more personable than 6 Swords.

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2018-06-12 19:36:46

I miss Skyrim, I don't play it anymore because I hate the two day process of setting up all the mods. I used to play that game so much though.

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