2016-10-18 21:45:54

This is a transformation line. I'm not sure about the moves, so... what you think?
Name: phecken
Description: Phecken has a small body that resembles a chick, with a disproportionately large head. It's body is a dull gray color and only has a couple of feathers faded in his body, although their small claws are always sharp and emit heat at all times.  It is always covered with ashes.
Manapedia Entry: It can walk between the flames without suffering any damage for a long time, and is usually seen in the vicinity of the volcanoes.  They used to be found after of volcanic eruptions.
Phecken weights 3.5 KG and is 0.53 meters tall.
Type: Fire and Air
Hability: Reborn, Once defeated,  returns to the life with 10 porciento of its health

Name: Silveanix
Description: It is a bird of medium-sized size, with a plume of silver color that coverts all its body. It is provided with a comb of ashen color, and in its powerful claws flames can be seen burning. Its legs are very long and it has a few enormous eyes of golden color.
Manapedia entry: The forests to the surroundings of its haunts take in flames constantly due  that silveanix likes posing in the trees. On having flown for the sky, it is leaving a stela of fire that it is possible to see from far. They are hunted often by its silver plume, which provides enough heat and is used to make blankets.
Silveanix weights 15.5 KG and is 1.0 meters tall.
Type: Fire and Air
Hability: Reborn, Once defeated,  returns to the life with 10 porciento of its health

Name: Feangoldex
Description: Feangoldex is a quite big bird, with resemblance to an eagle. Its golden plume  shines at all times with shining sparks and its big wings produce signs of light when this one furrows the skies. Its big golden eyes prollectan a deep look, and to the surroundings of its tail there is a flames aura.
Manapedia entry: The legend tells that on having died, feangoldex is consumed if the same in ash to be reborn again like a Fecken. Its tears are miraculous and they are capable of treating almost any wound and of giving life again to the plants. Its golden pens are used like gadgetry to initiate fire.
Feangoldex weights 30.5 KG and is 1.50 meters tall.
Type, fire and air
Hability: Reborn, Once defeated,  returns to the life with 10 porciento of its health

I have sounds for those already... I know that all of this will provably be ignored by Aaron, but I have a lots of ideas too, if you like these I can share them here

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2016-10-19 05:06:34

A snapshot of each of the ones requested:

Chizzle is a sort of mole-like rodent with steel-gray fur and very big front claws for digging. The claws look as if they're made of steel, because they are. The beast has bright little red eyes that tend to glow at a great distance, so it is easily spotted.

Fiendasm is a peculiar construction of earth and stones, which appears above ground as a ring of raised dirt and sand. In the center is a depression with a small sandstorm at its center; if one ever saw beneath the sandstorm, they would catch a glimpse of a lot of writhing black mist and a whole ton of very sharp and stony-looking teeth.

Aurium is a humanoid little creature about two feet tall. Its head and body are totally round, each composed of a single steel ball polished to a mirror-like sheen. This manamon has no face, and has cymbal-like appendages which double as its hands and feet. It can create a glow from within itself, and can change the colour it shines at will.

Check out my Manamon text walkthrough at the following link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8ls3rc3f4mkb … n.txt?dl=1

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2016-10-19 05:08:44

Oh, I forgot Redemon:

Redemon is a black-skinned demon with horns, a forked tail, and a very human-looking face. It is almost childlike in size, and appears to be weeping. It wears a robe of black and white, with a peculiar design on the chest. It hovers above the ground, and its wings, which trail out behind it, are blindingly white. Clearly a creature caught between good and evil, struggling to be both.

Check out my Manamon text walkthrough at the following link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8ls3rc3f4mkb … n.txt?dl=1

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2018-04-07 11:17:24

Wow! That is some seriously cool manamon! Now, if they only would actually exist in the game...

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2018-04-07 18:02:47

lol yeah we've basically got Manamon 2 already, thanks Jayde. If indeed Manamon 2 is even a thing. Would be curious to see if all that hard work you've put into Manamon 1 would pay off at all in Manamon 2.


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2018-05-28 09:59:48

Had some ideas, though admittedly they're not fully formed.

Name: Chimen
Type: Sound
Description: Chimen is a transparent wind-chime hanging from a silver ring. The chime has a small face on it, as well as two tiny arms extending from its sides. It makes sounds by tapping its body with its tiny fists. It appears to hang in mid-air and can be blown about by the slightest breeze.
It transforms at Level 20 into:
Name: Glisanduo
Type: Sound
Description: Glisanduo looks like two Chimen attached to the same ring, one chime slightly longer than the other. When a breeze causes them to strike one another, they make an eerie harmony. The two chimes can strengthen their sonic power by holding hands.
Glisanduo transforms at level 35 into:
Name: Chimeera
Type: Sound
Description: Chimeera resembles five windchimes of different lengths, each with a face and hands and all attached to a golden ring larger than the one it had as Glisanduo. By joining hands in a tight circle, the chimes can syncronise and generate powerful soundwaves from their vibrating bodies.

Name: Signa
Type: Air/Water
Description: Signa is a small, grey signet. It isn't much to look at in this stage, and is often over-looked, as its performance leaves much to be desired.
Transforms at level 25 into:
Name: Swandelay
Type: Air/Water
Description: Swandelay is now an adolescent, and is showing signs of the beautiful creature it will one day become, although its neck and legs seem a bit awkward and gangly, and its feathers are grey and brown. It is starting to find its feet, and wings, however, as it begins picking up more useful moves after transforming from Signa.
Transforms at Level 40 into:
Name: Odeswan
Type: Air/Water/Magic
Description: Odeswan is a large, swanlike bird. It moves with astounding grace and can charm others with its beauty and dancing abilities. Odeswan have a crown-like crest of feathers on their heads, which inspired several stories of them being princesses under an enchantment.

I might come back with others later. Trying to work out an angel-based line.

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2018-05-28 12:13:18

name: jedian
description: jedian is very giant robot.
it always carries lightsaber in his hand.
also, it can fly like a airship.
it's armour is made of mythrill.
manamon entry: this manamon was a great warrior in the world.
the warrior was called jedi.
he was dead with great honor.
but, it revived as manamon
elements: air, steel.
abilities: force wall
sometimes it block foes attack, with no cost of usage point and no damage.
fly, steel horn, laser arml, fly, force slash(power: 190 accuracy: 100 slashes foe with his own lightsaber, 20 critical rates, sometimes paralizes foe).

i enter the sewers.
i started killing and explore through core.
i killed thanatos.
i'm super arcane archer.

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2018-05-29 00:52:18

Miiiiight not be something Aaron could use. Star Wars references that blatant are a tad too blatant.

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2018-05-29 16:53:45

Okay, angelic line! This gets interesting at the end. big_smile
Name: Cherangel
Type: Holy
Description: Cherangel looks like a very young child, with rosy skin, white-gold hair and a golden glowing halo over its head. It has stubby wings, but can only hover a little off the ground. It appears to be wearing a white garment, from which its tiny hands emerge.
Manapedia: Cherangel is said to have been created by the gods as a messenger. Its innocence makes it easy to trust, and also very trusting. If you capture a Cherangel young, it will be loyal to you all its life.

It transforms at level 20 into:
Name: Serangel
Type: Holy/air
Description: Serangel has matured considerably. It is now over five feet tall, has four wings, and a radiant glow comes from its face, which has developed a fine growth of golden fur. Its wings are now large enough to carry it and deal damage, and are patterned with eye-shaped markings like those on a peacock's tail. It also now carries what looks for all intents and purposes like a practice sword.
Manapedia: Serangel are bolder than they were before transforming. They are fiercely protective of their tamers, and are strong enough to carry them to safety if the need arises. If captured in this stage, however, it will take time to earn its loyalty.

If an element isn't used on it, it transforms at level 40 into:
Name: Angelarc
Types: Holy/Air/Flame
Description: Angelarc is extremely imposing. Seven feet tall, with six wings and a leonine face, it wields a great sword that is capable of channeling flame.
Manapedia: Angelarc is a force to be reckoned with. Wild Angelarc have been known to protect whole stretches of wilderness where they live. It will sweep its flaming sword back and forth before attacking, and this usually wards off manamon who would oppose it, but the foolhardy or reckless find out firsthand how powerful it really is.

If exposed to a Star Element, Serangel transforms into:
Name: Guardangel
Types: Holy/Air/Magic
Description: Guardangel is as tall as Angelarc, but dressed in white armor instead of a flowing robe, and holding a two-handed shield. Its face is hidden within a helm from which its halo protrudes like a crest.
Manapedia: While Angelarc is attack-oriented, Guardangel is a defensive wall. Its attacks may be less powerful than Angelarc's, but it can take more hits, and is able to heal itself and other Manamon it has befriended.

If exposed to a Soulless Heartstone, Serangel transforms into:
Name: Angelost
Types: Holy/Air/Shadow
Description: This is a Serangel gone dark. Its halo has vanished, and the feathered wings it used to have are now batlike. Its robes are shadowy and conceal most of its body from view. Beneath the hood, its eyes have turned yellow and slit-pupilled, while its features have a slight dragonish caste.
Manapedia: Angelost is a Serangel who chose to rebel. It will often do battle with others of its family, even other Angelost, and is a known trickster. It can cast illusions that make it look like other Manamon, but these are not true transformations.

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2018-05-31 13:27:58

name: gladion.
type: electric and steel.
physical description: a robot locomotive with a humanoid body on it's mid secssion. it will extend two wings from it's body when fighting. it's wings are made of shiny sharp steel.
01 electric shock.
01 sharp blade.
03 firey sparks.

transformes around level 20 into:
name: gladios.
types: steel, fighting and electric.
physical description: the locomotive now lost it's previouse shape some how, and now it's body is more of a robotic gladiator with a sharp 5 feet long sword, spinning eyes in it's head, and a very protective shiny blue steel armor.
deflecting armor, when this move is activated, it will reflect any light beams directed at it to the foe.
honed blade
super spark

it evolves around level 37 into:
name: glatnom.
type: electric, steel and fighting.
physical description: the robotic gladiator's body, armor and sword are all made of solid, shiny red titanium. his eyes are still the spinning disks in his head, they are cold blue and have a creepy glow surrounding them.
mega disrupt "dark glatnom"
unity power : this move is depending on both the tamer and the manamon. it harvests the power of good from the tamer and transforms it into fighting power for the manamon. this move is usualy the signiture attack for glatnom.
grand blade: this move is the secondary signiture attack for glatnom, and it's considerd the deadliest attack that a glatnom can manage.

don't wish to become like the oceans, flowers, sun. oceans will dry out, flowers will die, and the sun will vanish. be yourself and nothing and no one else and hope for a better tomorrow.

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2018-05-31 17:42:30

type: fighting and flame type mythic
pphysical discription:
It is certainly a muscular, and its body is considered to be as hard as rock. Its size is as tall and huge as a building, so no mananet made till date can possibly keep it inside. It was considered to be one of the mythics, a fighting type in the ancient times, but he vanished from the books over the passing years. nuthing much has ben known of it since. a taimer named aarush claimed to see it 6 days ago, a tall fat building seeming to move. The manapedia doesn't have any full proof data about this manamon, as no one who saw it is alive now to tell its tail. All we know is what that guy aarush saw and what's written in some books. It is considered to be really truely unbeatable and there is no limitation to the moves it learns. It even seems to craft its own kind of moves over the passage of time, and is never found under level100. It is said that only one of this creature is found in the whole univers that through one of his moves, brick throw, it can throw one of his large bodyparts and it can reform into a new clone of himself during the head of battle. It is also said that even the army of mythicals and gods from tangeria, couldn't beet him all together. The only reason he was stopped one time when he was out of control is by magicoical powers. As his strength, defence, and speed are super high, its magic attack and defence are near to null. Some of his promiment moves are as follows:
Brick throw as explained above
Crash: slams his feet down hard into the ground and disrupts it into a ball of flames.
Cry of rage: emits a loud cry that seems to shake the whole ground with ear splitting shock waves. It may even fully coamatize a grown man.
Wibrating fury: it wibrates hard to fend off any move that hits it so mainly all moves just bounce off from his muscular body.
Charge slam(also the name given to it by people is end life): this is the  most powerful move. the manamon moves with undefinable speed and slams into his foe, and slams his body on the creature. no remments of the foe are thus left after the fight. This move takes a bit of time to launch as the anger and strength of bruton has to be extremely high and its determination to its fullest. Thus, magic can stop it while its energising. but once its launched into this move, nothing and that means nothing can stop it.
aarush: ahem this might be uh a too strong manamon, but yeah, i it just came to my mind so i wrote it down. rofl
cause yeah, i dont think this manamon will be included if a new game is ever made. cause yeah, hell uh overpowered!

i am the godfather, aarush is my name
dominating the world, is my aim.
obey my commands, or thou shall suffer excrutiating pain.

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2018-06-01 04:30:27

Came back to this a little late, but I like the nature of that angel line, the way it can transform multiple different ways. I have another one I dreamed up. See below.

Name: Wartlock
Type: poison-magic
Description: Wartlock looks like a hunched humanoid with cracked brown skin and a tattered robe. It holds a green wand in one hand, and has no eyes, only dark pits where eyes should be. Its nose is somewhat snoutlike, and possesses a rather large wart on its tip.
Manapedia: Wartlock is keenly aware of scents, and can detect the faintest impurities with its nose. It is said that its ugly wart somehow aids in this regard, though no one understands why. Wartlock are naturally skittish, and will often conjure deadly poison gas from the tips of their wands when startled. Cornering one is ill-advised, however, as they have a ferocious temper if sufficiently roused.

Evolves at level 32 into

Name: Miasmagus
Description: Miasmagus stands somewhat more upright now, and its wand is a bit larger. It skin is still cracked and brownish, but its robe has thickened and changed colour, spilling majestically down over its rather bony shoulders. Miasmagus has a lot of long, scraggly grey hair on its head, which often obscures its face.
Manapedia: The longer a Miasmagus's hair, the greater its magical potential. It can use both its hair and its wand in battle to summon toxic substances and to bolster the power of its magical attacks. Miasmagus can often be heard murmuring words to itself that no one seems able to fully understand or repeat, and it is surmised that this is a way for the creature to focus its concentration.
Base Stats: 78HP, 59ATK, 73DEF, 108 Spec.ATK, 84 Spec.DEF, 97 SPD (total 499)
Level-up moves: Energy Burst (start), Viscism (Start), Focus (level 5), Mana Boost (level 9), Magic Lights (level 14), Pollution Solution (level 18), Tri-Beam (level 24), Ooze Blast (level 30), Magic Wave (level 36), Blightbeam (level 43), Saturation (level 49), Trance (level 58)
Blightbeam: 85 power, 100 accuracy, poison type (special); has a 20% chance to cause poison status if it hits; 15 use points, 9% critical rate
Saturation: 80 accuracy, poison type; if successful, causes the foe to become weak to poison for 4-6 turns; counts as a minor status affliction (switching will cure this condition); 10 use points
Trance: 100 accuracy, magic type; user is immobile on the next round, but user gains +2 speed and +3 magic attack at the end of that round (example, move is used on round 1, so Miasmagus cannot act on round 2 but gains its buff at the end of round 2); 5 use points
Ability: Magical Temper (every time this manamon is struck (physical or magical) and takes damage, this ability gives them a 25% chance to raise special attack by 1 stage (note that multi-hit moves will trigger this ability only once, when the move is ended)
Ability: Double Immunity (this manamon is completely immune to all magical and poison-based attacks used upon it)

What do you folks think?

Check out my Manamon text walkthrough at the following link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8ls3rc3f4mkb … n.txt?dl=1

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2018-06-01 12:02:36

I think you're really, really good at coming up with Manamon names, especially since you're responsible for that amazeballs long list on the previous page. big_smile

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2018-06-02 05:18:09

lol That list got expanded since I posted it, there are probably 30-40 more on it now, but it's on my other laptop at the moment, and I'm not going to get super-spammy and repost the updated version.

However, here's another one.

Name: Miraja
Description: Miraja's appearance is very hard to determine due to the eerie and indistinct images which seem to ripple across this creature's translucent skin. The best that can be surmised is that Miraja is approximately the size and shape of a small human child. It hums quietly to itself almost constantly while in motion. Touching this manamon usually gives a tamer shivers that have nothing to do with cold.
Manapedia: There is a great deal of lore surrounding this manamon, most of which is decidedly dark. If someone should manage to tame a Miraja, however, it is said that the feeling of unease which always follows this manamon around lessens somewhat, as if the creature can modify the images and sensations it produces.
Type: magic

Now here's where it gets interesting.

If given a Soulless Heartstone, Miraja transforms into

Name: Mirroir
Description: Twisted and warped, Miroir's form has otherwise not changed too much, except that now the images which ripple across its pitted, blackened skin are of a particularly grisly aspect. This manamon makes a sound eerily akin to laughter while it is actively engaged in combat, but remains disquietingly still otherwise.
Manapedia: It is said that a Miroir is the result of a tamer succumbing to their base nature. Its sadistic aspect means that it is usually a good fit for those who choose this path. Miroir are said to bring a feeling of dread wherever they go, and that only a strong tamer can learn to filter it out.
Type: undead-magic

Or, if Miraja is given a special item (let's just call it a Crucible of Healing for now) it turns into

Name: Mirabell
Description: Mirabell is tall, statuesque and beautiful, with glassy-looking skin and broad hands and feet. It moves slowly but with great purpose, and a faint, warm glow seems to emanate from deep within it. When Mirabell strikes one part of its body against another, a lovely chiming sound results.
Manapedia: A tamer in possession of a Mirabell is a lucky person indeed. Mirabell are naturally friendly and welcoming to virtually everyone, almost to the point of naivety, and they delight in creating charming illusions with the light they project. Mirabell, it is said, are so eager to share their joy that they will do almost anything to improve the happiness of all they meet. Nevertheless, angering one, while difficult, is said to be a death sentence.
Type: magic-sound

Or, if Miraja is left alone and not given any items, it will transform at level 38 into

Name: Miralone
Description: miralone is very difficult to see clearly, and almost impossible to touch. Its form is nearly immaterial, but when conditions are right, a tamer may be given a quick glimpse of haunted, sad eyes, blue-tinted glassy skin, or hands outstretched as if in supplication. Peculiarly, Miralone rarely vocalizes, but when it does, all those who have experienced it report a sound much akin to echoing, hysterical weeping.
Manapedia: It is said that Miralone, having been misunderstood throughout its prior life as a Miraja, was overcome by sadness and allowed its physical essence to dissipate, leaving only a peculiar shell behind. No one has ever broken open a Miralone's shell to determine what lies inside. Many tamers who have studied Miralone have often reported seeing sad imagery in its vicinity when Miralone's grief is particularly poignant; some have even claimed that these visions soon manifest into some version of the actions they depicted, as if Miralone is somehow projecting its despair into reality.
Type: magic-ghost

Stats and Abilities
Miroir base stats: 115HP, 65ATK, 55DEF, 130 Spec. ATK, 55 Spec.DEF, 85 SPD (total 505)
Ability: Accursed Touch (when a move damages Miroir, there is a 20% chance for that move to be disabled for 2-5 turns or until the victim switches out)
Mirabell Base Stats: 115HP, 60ATK, 90DEF, 80 Spec.ATK, 110 Spec.DEF, 60SPD (total 505)
Ability: Overjoyed (whenever this manamon is hit with a move which would reduce stats (direct or indirect), there is a 50% chance for the stat drop to reverse and double (example, if you use Growl to lower Mirabell's attack, there is a 1/2 chance that mirabell will instead receive +2 attack instead)
Miralone Base Stats: 115HP, 65ATK, 80DEF, 95 Spec.ATK, 80 Spec.DEF, 70SPD (total 505)
Ability: Touch of Apathy (when this manamon is attacked directly, there is a 25% chance for the attack to fail outright as the attacking manamon is simply overwhelmed by apathy; if this happens, Miralone receives a random +1 boost to any of its core stats (ATK, DEF, Spec.ATK, Spec.DEF, SPD)

Signature Moves
Miroir: Sadistic Pleasure (undead and magic type, self-buff, raises special attack and speed by 2 stages each, but lowers HP by 25% of max)
Mirabell: Exalt (self-buff, heal, magic and sound type, Mirabell gains +1 to special attack and speed, and heals up to 25% of its max HP, and in a multi-battle it will heal all members of its team currently alive on the field for this amount; may not be used consecutively (Mirabell will rest after using this move).)
Miralone: Wave of Despair (magic and ghost type attacking move, 65 power, special attack, has a 10% chance to lower attack/defense/special attack/special defense//speed of any manamon it hits (as in, it will lower all of them, or none at all); 95 accuracy; will hit all members of the opposing team)

Just dreamt this one up tonight.

Check out my Manamon text walkthrough at the following link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8ls3rc3f4mkb … n.txt?dl=1

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2018-06-11 20:37:27

As far as I know, Aaron isn't checking or updating Manamon at all. The same unknown gift has been up there since last October.

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2018-06-15 00:59:20 (edited by omer 2018-06-15 01:02:33)

name, aytagan.
type, dragon
description, aytagan is a 4 legged wingless draconic creature. There are 5 horns protrude from its head and a small tail hangs from its back.
manapedia entry, aytagan  are often found on trees whyle sleeping. usually they eat plants and other things they can find. Do to its wingless form, its legs are well developed. They can abel to run 60 km per hour.
moves. try kick, level1
powerkick, level 15
trample, level 10
draconic burst, level 20
evolves to,
type, dragon and flame
description, compared to its pre evolved form, its now a bit large and have wings. Its horn amount is encriced, it had 6 horns instead of 5. Sometimes a pure smoke flowing can be seen from its mouth.
manapedia entry, aydakran are verry agressive. Once they get mad, there is no way you can stop them. They usialy hunts with groups containing 4 aydakran. Their experience can be understandable from the smoke the produce.
moves, smokeshield, 30
fire breath, 35
blaze rampage, 40
lava lick, 25
evolves to,
type, dragon air and flame
description, it doesnt looklike to its pre evolved forms. It no longer has horns but has now 2 heads. 2 of them are produces thick smoke evry second. Its wings  are now verry large, but its legs are no longer powerfull compared to its other forms.
manapedia entry, do to beeing a verry agressive manamon, only fiew tamers can abel to capture and train them. They have usually known from the forests they destroyed and burnt.
abilities, draconic fury, wen it faces an apponent with disadvantage, its strength and magic strength increases bye 5 stages.
moves, draconic charge, 50, 90 base power, have a chanse to decrice apponents magic defence and defence.
suicide dive, 50
dragon rage, 55, 110 base power.
fly, 60
draconic strike, 65, 130 base power, the user rests for 1 turn
draconic madniss , 70, kills the opponent, the user falls to sleep for 2 turns.

i also created sounds for this things
note, feel free to use them, but please give me a credit whyle doing that.
note2, the first sound is their intro, second hurt, and the third one os their die sound.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/p0q3hjlzd26gh … n.zip?dl=1

if that link doesnt works, try this one


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2018-06-15 16:48:22

I listened to these, and the first two IMHO are way, way too long, but the third one is fine. It sounds like you might have used a similar sound to Junanchel for the third one, particularly its "hurt" cry, but I'm not sure. That could be a mistaken similarity.

When you were describing that thing, I was thinking it was going to be a dragon/plant type at first (because of the way it climbs around in trees), and then when it ended up being the same as Dragomier, I was a bit surprised.

Here's another fun one.

Name: Tidoll (pronounced tie-doll)
Description: Tidoll is a humanoid creature made from what looks like wet sand. Its form is slightly hunched and rounded, and its arms and legs end in broad, disclike hands and feet. It has a large mouth with no teeth, and enormous, glowing eyes.
Manapedia: Tidoll do not move well on land at first, since they are always born in deep water. Their locomotion out of water is always somewhat jerky, even after they have had considerable experience with this new environment. It is said that Tidoll have control over both sand and nearby water, such that they can make their bodies almost impossibly dense when they wish, or can spread themselves out in water such that they can become nearly invisible and untouchable before reconstituting themselves.
Types: water/earth

Transforms at level 44 into

Name: Lunatide
Description: Lunatide is similar in shape to Tidoll, but far larger and slightly more graceful. There are strange, runic-looking designs etched into the sand on its chest and face, and no two Lunatide are precisely alike in this regard. They have soft, pleasant voices, even while under great duress, and they can move about freely on land, even if they usually wish to stay near water.
Manapedia: Lunatide is said to have tremendous power over both sand and water, and is believed to possess some sort of connection to the moon as well. It is not uncommon to find groups of Lunatide singing mournfully up at a full moon on ocean beaches. The louder they sing, the more brightly their orange eyes glow.
Type: water/earth/magic
Stats: 89HP, 67ATK, 98DEF, 103 Spec.ATK, 85 Spec.DEF, 66 SPD (total 508)
Ability: Magical Density (if this manamon is targeted by any water move, its defense and special defense both rise by 1 stage each)
Moves: Pounce, Energy Burst (l4), Splash (l7), Tidal Wave (l10), Magic Wave (l16), Quake (l20), Drench (l26), Manatize (l30), Sandtrap (l37), Disperse (l41), Gravity (l46(, Inner Healing (l52), High Tide (l60)
Sandtrap: 80 power special earth move, has a 50% chance to lower target's speed by 1 stage if it hits, has a 10% chance to trap target for 1-3 rounds so that it cannot flee; 95% accuracy
Disperse: self-buff move; removes all defense/special defense buffs and replaces them with 2 stages each of attack and special attack (example: if you have +2 defense and +2 special defense, you will lose those buffs and end up with +4 attack and +4 special attack); user loses 6.25% of their max HP when they do this (not permanent, obviously)
Gravity: debuff move, makes air-type manamon neutrally susceptible to earth attacks for 5 turns; makes all manamon previously resistant to earth (insect, plant) 2x weak to earth attacks for the same amount of time; powers up all earth-type moves by 10% for the duration
High Tide: self-buff move; Lunatide must rest after using this move, but when its resting period is over, the following occurs: +1 to all stats (attack, special attack, defense, special defense, speed); all water moves are empowered by 20%; Magical Density is triggered if it has not been triggered already; lasts 10 rounds, after which time the buffed stats remain but the boost to water attacks is removed

This may seem pretty overpowering, but remember that this guy is slow, terribly weak to plant attacks and will probably take awhile to set up. It's got fairly nice defenses and no stat that is truly overpowering, and would probably be found later in the game.

Check out my Manamon text walkthrough at the following link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8ls3rc3f4mkb … n.txt?dl=1

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