2018-06-08 22:50:12

Hello everybody.
WHen I press letter h, nvda jumps by 1 2 or 3 headings on pages in browsers.
I don't know what can I do to solve this problem.
I have the latest wersion of nvda, I also have reinstalled nvda.
I have windows 10.
And When I write in wordpad I haven't this problem with letter h., It doesn't repeat automaticaly.

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2018-06-09 01:04:45

I honestly have no idea, I've never seen this before. Maybe go onto a web page and turn input help on and hit H, and see if maybe your H key is bouncing? Also, go to a page that has multiples of a certain level of heading, for instance, this site once you get into a particular thread, all the topics and all the posts in those topics are all heading level 3. Test those heading levels, and see if the issue is present with the numbers 1-6. Since your H key is not bouncing in notepad, its not likely its a problem with the actual key. Also, when you do this, go into general settings and flip the debug mode to debug, its normally on info by default. Then you can check the log after to see if you see tracebacks or something. Also, careful with debug mode because it will put things in the log like inputs and such, at least I think it will since debug is below input/output, so make sure the log doesn't contain any sensitive information before you send it to someone. A shortcut to get to the log quickly is NVDA+F1, but keep in mind it copies all the window class information of the currently focused control, so you'll have to look above all that. I'd create an issue on Github, its free to create an account there, and you can then go to the NVDA repository, star it so it will be on your home page on Github, then you can create a new issue. There'll be a template there, just fill in all the info, then write up as much detail as possible.

I've never seen NVDA do this before, but then again, I don't know ever website intimately to know whether it might be, but the sites I do know, I've never seen this behavior.

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2018-06-09 18:17:25 (edited by meiffert 2018-06-09 18:18:31)

Hmm This problem I had by 10 days, but now is ok, but I didn't do anything.
But thanx for solution, when this problem will be later I will try solve it your way.

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