2018-06-06 18:13:47

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Okay I decided to give this one a try after coming across a reference to it in an old mud topic.

The game is almost like a scifi version of Frandom, basically lots of if type missions with object examining etc, and working things Descriptions are a wee bit short, but I was rather taken by the last of the simulator newbie missions which required you to  solve a scifi problem in a rather interestingly scifi way (I'll not spoil it for those who want to work it out for themselves).
I also like the fact that what combat I've seen seems to be moderately descriptive, albeit very simple.
the scifi maps are sort of fun too, EG in space stations with docking rings you have to type anticlockwise and clockwise and hubwards and rimwards, while in spaceships its for, aft, port and starboard (though first letter navigation works).

The parser doesn't seem to be as extensive as something like 4D,  also it has some delivery type missions to earn points.

There are only a couple of miner downers. The first is that the map command seems to be ascii and there are no ways around it. The second is that annoyingly there isn't really an idea of how to progress, so I managed to scupper my post newbie zone mission because it required me to go to an area, which I couldn't get into without an implant, and I couldn't get an implant without doing a different mission.

Access wise, other than lack of ascii for the map I don't see any trouble, though I could be wrong, still the game looks interesting for what it is.

Edit: ah okay there were a few things that confused me here.
First, you literally need to give the thing in your inventory called "mission" to npcs to progress in the game, ie, if your told to go and repair something and you need an item, you go to the lady in the repair shop and type "give mission to lucy", similarly if you have a cleaning mission to do you go to the stores and type "give mission to dave" (for some odd reaqson I couldn't find this guy).

You won't get access to several bits of the station, including bits you need for escort or other missions until you've done the lab mission, and again, to do the lab mission you need to type "give mission to doctor" to proceed.

So a case of rather odd mechanics, especially if your used to something like alter, still we'll see how these missions go.

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