2018-05-15 18:26:27

a few months ago, I stumbled upon a random forum topic with a post regarding youtube component for foobar and tips to set it up. if I recall correctly, the poster was someone randomly called jimmy dub or some such. it was really worth it, as I used to watch stuff on youtube. the addon worked wonders, allowing me to store as many playlists, along with entire channels and whatnot else. I really like the way the addon handled channel and playlist links, extracted them and formed playlists. a few days ago, the addon stopped processing urls, channel or playlist and only processes custom search. I tried updating, but nothing positive so far. so, does anyone has any insight or solution? does it mean that I will need to switch back to browser for youtube channel and playlists. seriously, it was a good experience entering the links and hearing them out straight, without the browser which crashed at least a couple times in an hour. any help would be appreciated.

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2018-05-15 22:24:56

I never even knew this thing existed... I'll have to look into it, being a big fobar user.

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2018-05-15 23:02:44

add fy+ before the url, it should work. eg, fy+https://www.youtube.com/channel/ blah blah blah...

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2018-05-15 23:21:17

If possible, try to contact the author for help. Did YouTube change their APIs?
Speaking of contacting companies and since we're talking about Foobar2000, is there a way to contact the developer? I want to ask about Chrome-cast support. Foobar is already a fantastic player with global key commands and the ability to run from the system tray! The ability to play to Google Cast enabled devices or groups would make it even better!

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