2018-05-11 22:17:00

I have some questions about Beatstar.
After selecting text to speech.
How do I save that setting?
So that I don't have to change it every time I want to play.
After I download all the packs I notice that there are still five more packs that won't download.
How do I get those packs to download to the game?
I notice when I am moving around in the menus the speech don't read the next item.
I have to arrow down then up to get it to read the menu selection.
How do I get the speech to read all menu items?

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2018-05-12 00:17:36

The third issue is because of TTS, that is sapi being too laggy. Why would you play with TTS on Windows?

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2018-05-12 12:38:40

The tts setting doesn't save right now but I could have it save I guess.
About the packs download issue.. I dont know what could be wrong, some people are having the same problem.
we will see.
I'll try to fix.

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2018-05-13 09:39:32 (edited by criticview 2018-05-13 09:41:42)

maybe it's helpful, or maybe not... but here's the list of failing packs...
- 4theGuns. 4 levels. 
- batería. 8 levels. 
- Clearwater's Pack Limited. 13 levels. 
- ncs release, ¡ultimate!. 50 levels. 
- tys pack. 6 levels.

I did download all my packs twice or so, and these are still left over, so I guess it's almost safe to assume those are the failures.

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2018-05-13 14:56:25

I'm on macOS. when I go the pack download menu, I heard says "Press P" to preview. But when I press P, nothing happen. It is the first letter navigation. help?

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2018-05-13 21:42:06

I'm also having some issues with this new beatstar. JAWS says blank before it says the name of the menu items. This makes the process of going through the menu very long. You need to turn the virtual cursor off before you can do anything with the menus, which I understand why, JS runs in a browser. Yep, I'm having the same issue with sapi. It lags. It doesn't lag in bgt. I also have four questions:
1. Why switching to tts?
You could have used the old voice samples from the bgt version.

2. Why to change the default pack?
I like smack me better than this pack.

3. Where is the portable version of the new beatstar?
I always like portable versions better when we are talking about games. I keep them on my d drive so I can reset the pc without loosing the games and the status files.

4. Why to change the logo?
In the old beatstar, there's the "Oriol Gomez presents" part. Why to remove that?

JS is understandable, cross-platform and all that. But why changing the logo and the default pack? And making the portable version would have been easy. In fact, it would have been easier than to create the installer.
I'm not saying beatstar is bad. I like it.

Best regards.

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2018-05-13 23:20:16

Being that there is a new version of Beatstar.
Does this mean that Rhythm rage is no longer consider a sequel?

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