2018-05-11 10:59:51

as the title said I would like to hear your thought on battle deck in crazy party game
could you share idea what combination type of deck you choose and think perfect while batting with other or bot
and why you choose this combination type of card you can suggest 1 type or mixty 2 type and so on that would you think it great
it doesn't mean only card that can use normal power when attack you can suggest status card that have special effect when batting also
for me I like style that only 1 type card yeah I know when againt with type this has super effective on my type and I can't attack some type that are protected this type so I can't give any damage to them
though still loving them for me using ice type simples reason it has more attack card and have some offensive status to opponent
now I would like to hear your idea from member who are playing this game right now
any thing that comment are welcome

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2018-05-14 04:10:52

My overall favourite is a dark-bug deck.
Load it up with Feint Attack, Scratch, Bite, Crunch, Murderous Axe, Pin Missile, Fury Cutter, Poison Sting.
And here's where it gets fun.
Make sure you have several of the following:
Bloody Scratch
Bloody Meal
Enlarge Sore
Injection of Pollen (2 should do)
Midnight Ring (2-3 should do)
Disloyal Riposte (1-2 should do)
Insomnia (1-2 should do)
Bloody Panic (2 should do)
and whatever that terror card is called (2 should do)

The idea here is blood. Get Bloody Scratch, hopefully set up bleeding as soon as you can, then hit with all your damage cards to create more blood cards. Bloody Meal will heal you a lot. Enlarge Sore will make problems worse for your opponent. Bloody Panic will make them very, very scared, and that Terror card will do massive damage while they're afraid.
Elixir of Energy and Sleep Powder can help you set up/stay alive. Honey Treatment/Royale Jelly can also help in this regard, as both will give you bug levels and may help you with Injection of Pollen. If the opponent's got a steel skin card, or some other way to counteract blood, turn them into a grass type and then rip 'em apart with bug moves.

Check out my Manamon text walkthrough at the following link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8ls3rc3f4mkb … n.txt?dl=1

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