2018-04-28 05:14:55

I would like to know if this idea is possible at all.
It would be basically a radar.
This radar would be made out of tin cans as shown in the Harvard study.
It is an easily downloaded program from the internet.
This radar measures distances and shapes.
It is constructed out of coffee cans or other conductive material.
I am wondering if any of you would be smart enough or bad ass enough to code a car detector.
Cars are basically large blobs of metal which move in definate patterns based on the type of road.
If the raspberry pie had acces to GPS it could know the layout of the road.
Then it would use the radar to measure speed and distance for cars.
It would tell you the probability of crossing the road.
This would be a mobility aid and would make our world safer.
It would also use a camera for knowing if that was a car or a person.

I understand this is a very difficult project and I have no coding skills.
I am putting it out there for those of you who do and would be interested in working with me.
I hope that algorithms are already present for the detection of faces at least.
We could know if the blob was a person or a car.

Please let me know what you think.
Thank you very much for your time.

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2018-04-28 05:28:07

Even if something like this were possible, would you trust it?

I certainly wouldn't.

I tried some of the older mobility aids like the miniguide and my echo location was able to pick up objects before the miniguide.

I'm not sure how well something like this would do with moving objects, especially fast moving objects.

Technology is great, but I wouldn't rely on it, not for something like crossing the road.

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2018-04-28 05:31:02

This is why I would cause the technology to output a probability index.
Something based on tones so that you would know the percentage of insurance the device had.
This would be a mobility aid and no more.
just another factor to consider when crossing the road.

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