2018-04-13 14:37:13

what about a leveling system

the dark swamp of the volcano looms hy up before me
i take out my gun and fire at the big lava chunks that bubble around me
i make my way up to my throne
there i rule the world

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2018-04-13 16:19:37

that is a bad idea. A leveling system will simply allow those people who don't have a life to easily gain advantage over others, and new players will be instantly killed because they can't even damage people who are higher level than them. You could see this very clearly in some ultrapower versions.

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2018-04-13 17:39:15

actually, it depends. if the leveling system only gives you a different title, for example, but no advantage over weapons and armour, just to make the lifeless feel proud, it could be implumented. again, only as long as it doesn't make things unfair.

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2018-04-13 18:04:17

Agreed with Braille. That, or if you get some more dollars every time you level, kind of like reputation points in swamp.

2018-04-13 23:37:18

Hi there,
It's me (Reza) The other developer of the "IDT Productions group".
Haven't been around for a while,
But I'm now here reporting good news!
As we promiced, We have added most of the things you requested, Including a good keybinding, mouse support, and now we are working on the next update which is going to be A huge and different one.
Missions will be added to the game which helps it to be more balanced. Accordingly, Certain items will be found only on the missions.
It means, if you wanna collect some special weapons and such, you need to complete the missions!
various weapons are being added to the game along with various items!
Wait for more news from Firefight!
Don't forget to post your suggestions here. We read all of them and will try to include the possible ones in our project!

Be  fair minded, and let people to think in the way they want to.
People don't see the world in the way you do!

2018-04-14 01:28:54

Awesome, looking forward to the update.

2018-04-14 11:22:53

my only issue is, those that have money, and know where the store is, can purchase a kick ass weapon, and spam kill the nubies. and the nubies just have the default stuff. we need some kind of balance, or we end up what redspot had for years.

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2018-04-14 13:36:52

That's the reason we are adding missions and trophies to the game. doing this will cause the store go out, and a trophy room will take its place where you can exchange your trophies with certain items. Meanwhile, you get special weapons/items when ever you complete a mission so there will be no spam killing of newbies. Oh before I forget, each level has its own mission so you won't be fighting with other players with higher level than you but as soon as you finish your mission, you'll be in the battlefield, main map, or what ever you call it and in that map there are players from all of the levels and it won't be that easy to keep going in missions and avoid fighting in the battlefield

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2018-04-14 15:22:13

Hi there,
i should say, Store will lose its capability, And there will be no killing newbies using loads of money.
Players, while on the missions,  just fight with the other players in their own levels.
SO, There will be no unbalanced opponents to fight.
That way, The only important thing is the fighting skill a player's got.

Be  fair minded, and let people to think in the way they want to.
People don't see the world in the way you do!

2018-04-15 01:24:35

at post 25: there is a link on anyaudio.net. and under audiogames page. Go to the next 2 or so pages and it's called something like, "The link to the awesome firefight."

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Have a nice day peeps.

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2018-04-16 20:05:38

I actually love the idea of missions. However, instead of of making a player fight with those of the same level as him/her, players should have something like the average stats of all of the players in the mission or something like that then fight, mainly because what, for instances, there's a mission, and there's a 25 level player, 3 50 level players and 1 100 level player. In that case, the 50 level players will fight while both the 25 and the 100 level player will just stay there doing nothing because there aren't any of the same level. Also I think that the map needs to be made much more smaller. Having a big ass map with more than 75% of it being a waste of space is a bad idea, mainly because it will take long for players to go to there wanted locations, second because you can easily get lossed, third because there's no point. I am seriously wondering where will this game go, the last I have tried it I must say that I'd have given it 1 star for all the unbalanced problems, but I guess that I should wait for it to get releaced to have to that shit balanced out, then give a fare opinion. I am having my ears opened for future news!

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2018-04-16 20:37:17

look, maps in fps games lately in general could use a lot more work. I hate this trend of wide open maps, with just about nothing in them. Literally the only piece of major terrain you have in the entire thing is the pit which you can climb into or fall into then climb back out of. It would be fun if you actualy had to explore, and find places to get onto, so you could actually use the aiming up/down mechanics better.

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2018-04-17 17:21:02

We are rebuilding the map. As you said biggun, this update is going to ballance things hopefully better and it's not that players in the same level can only fight with each other. No. Players will fight with each other but there is no player in a higher/lower level in the mission they are in. Each mission has it's own map and there's a battlefield where you can go and fight with others when you feel not that good with doing missions. Although in this case we will be probably needing an almost big player bass.
We'll be letting you know if we make a decision so we can have your opinians as well.
Thanks for beeing with us so far.

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2018-04-17 19:35:06

Completely forgot to follow up on post 24.
Mostly I say this because of the absolute ease of cheating it and decrypting sounds, lack of easy support for newer libraries and the Linux thing.
Some of these problems can be reduced with knowledge, but even then their are so many holes to patch that it's a losing battle.
It's not being updated and hasn't been for a while which means who knows if it will even run right on the next major Windows release, and it's already being flagged by multiple anti virus programs.
It is really impressive what Mason and Sam managed to do with BGT, especially considering the guy who designed it pretty much only ever did offline side scrollers and seemingly designed it as such, but allot of that code is spaghetti that shouldn't even work because it uses such shit math, at least that's what I've heard from every programmer I've showed it to, so that rotation package that so many people are using is inherently flawed and inefficient.
I can't comment more on it because I can't code worth crap, but from the standpoint of a player looking in, it's holding us back, even without the UP clone drama.

That said, I recognize how hard it can be to get an audiogame going from the ground up on another language that isnt' designed for it, and even though it's been getting easier it's still not even close to ideal, especially for a novice.
I think above all though, the Linux issues create such a big barrier financially that that alone is a good reason to switch if you can.

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Yeah it was, pretty bad.

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2018-04-18 01:15:13

HMM... Speaking os post 38, RTR maps, anyone? Wish more games took advantage of the map design, introduced by RTR.

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2018-04-18 01:19:40

I wrote this blog post to hopefully convince developers to ditch BGT. I know I'm probably screaming into the aether, but hopefully it should reach someone who reflects on how its holding us back.

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2018-04-18 12:33:48

do you know how hard is it to walk with w a s d and press ctrl to fire?

you can't run from the darkness. we are everywhere.

2018-04-18 13:12:31

You have the right control key for a reason.
Greetings Moritz.

Hömma, willze watt von mir oder wie, weil wenn nich, dann lass dir mal sagen, laber mir kein Kottlett anne Wange und hömma, wo wir gerade dabei sind, dann iss hier hängen im Schacht, sonns klapp ich dir hier die Fingernägel auf links, datt kannze mir mal glaubn.

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2018-04-18 14:17:04

Besides, he’ll probably add a key config.

2018-04-18 14:54:58 (edited by kianoosh 2018-04-18 14:56:27)

Yes. as we said a keyconfig will be added. Probably not in the upcoming version so we'll try to get you guys the best keyconfig. Alireza, Mouse is also supported so no need to just use your keyboard. How ever, since most of the players play with keyboard we'll try to get an acceptable keyconfig. Also we recently coded a data auto updater which we can update every single file in your game without needing you to redownloading the hole package again. So even, In some cases if the current key config felt bad, we may have a patch in a second.

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2018-04-18 15:48:58

@42 not hard at all, you don't use your finger to hit control, you arch your hand and use the inside of the first knuckle where the finger attaches to the hand.

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2018-04-18 17:25:39

@ironcross32, nice blog there. I agree with most of your points, and once I get more used to python, i’ll try and slowly move away from BGT. Hopefully in 10 years time when BGT gets so old it won’t even run, people will finally, see your point.

2018-04-18 21:57:58

Hi there,
About the game keys, We're trying to setup the best ones for the upcoming version.
This key set will be tested by several players, So we can be precisely sure it's a playable set at the moment.
But i can assure you, A key config will be added in the next updates so you can edit your key bindings in the way suits you.

Be  fair minded, and let people to think in the way they want to.
People don't see the world in the way you do!

2018-04-19 00:42:24

thumbs up for blog post!
agreed that situation,  since bgt updated been awhile ago 2010 something like
philip bennefal not updating still
I'de recommend other usable language programming,  like I have some knowledge with VB 6,  or If you know vb 6 or you used once,  you can manage to code
with c+
  more stable than bgt,  and up to date
I am not forcing to everyone to move from away bgt,  just  you will see one day,  bgt games won't work with next windows versions,  like microsoft's own anti virus blocks,  removes etc.  but I don't want to add exclusions,  who knows what lives in the code,  spywares,  or trojans., and kaspersky internet security i am using,  it will delete bgt games in my computer,  warns me files contains high risk,  so no deal with outdated bgt but how about c+ games,  course,  antiviruses won't delete,  look at hero's call,  other created games with c + or vb 6
best regards

Wish You Best Gaming All!

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2018-04-19 12:40:05

Guys. Please. Let's not get too far from the topic. We agree that bgt is limited, a lot. But we can't port the game into another programming language that easy. That requires everything to be recoded and that takes so much time, as you already may know

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