2018-04-16 15:26:26

Hi guys,

Can Teamtalk on Linux Ubuntu accessible like it is on Windows? Does it work with Orca screen reader?


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2018-04-16 19:20:12

I have a friend who uses it just fine all the time... I can ask him for the way he does it, but I'm assuming its the same way you'd enable any other QT app by putting the export lines in your .xinitrc file.

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2018-04-25 09:15:22 (edited by dash 2018-04-25 09:15:43)

Teamtalk has accesible but have not accesible parts for example in newest versionsound settings, if you remember what's where you can succesfully using it and modyfijing it.

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2018-04-25 15:37:39

Found that to run the thing on Ubuntu 18.04, I had to run apt-get install libqt5* , because the actual dependencies listed are out of date. Maybe someone can list them here?

2018-04-26 08:10:58

libqt5-multimedia, libqt5-x11 and some others. The good thing is that tthe dependency is missing, ou will get an info which one.
Oh, and you have to install qt-at-spi to make the app accessible

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2018-04-27 11:22:09


You don't need qt-atspi. Qt5 includes that functionality now. If you get an inaccessible window after you run that run.sh script (this is best done from a terminal), try this:


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