2018-04-15 17:54:52

For some reason, whenever I try to play a clip from any audio on my iPhone, it’ll just play the first 30 seconds or so, and then freeze. The same thing happens if I try to download anything. Anyone got any salutions?

2018-04-15 17:56:09

Problem happens to me too.

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2018-04-15 17:58:03

Try using mobile data for listening to those kinds of audio because iPhone for some reason think that it is a live stream and when there is just a little bit of lag it will freeze. So use mobile data for a more stable connection.

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2018-04-15 18:19:30

Thanks, i’ll give that a try. Just hope it doesn’t eat to much of my data, only got 3gb.

2018-04-15 18:47:04

Yeah it will do that to me too, though I can upload to there from the iPhone just fine.

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2018-04-15 20:26:20

This isn't specific to anyaudio. Try listening to a long sndup file to see what I mean.

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2018-04-16 02:57:31

I've noticed it with all streaming audio since upgrading to iOS 11.

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2018-04-17 12:12:18

yeh, this is an ios11 thing

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2018-04-18 22:00:20

I also have this same problem, and that's the reason I don't use anyaudio on iOS much. There's a workaround though, but it's sorta buggy, but not as buggy as actually playing it. If I click on download (if the clip supports direct download) and then click play on the next page, it'll play more of it. But on my own recordings i've found it to suddenly jump to another point in the clip, which is why I said it's buggy.

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