2018-04-10 06:36:07

Hello folks! its been a long time since I posted here.
Well the subject is very self explanatory, but I'd like to show you guys an email I just sent 5 weeks ago to Orbit research. I didn't got an answer from them, unfortunately, so U'm recurring to post here and see if anyone can help me  or tell me what should I do.
The email follows:
"Good evening, and greetings to the Orbit Research Team.
My name is Andres Pulgarin, and  I'm writing to you from Medellin
Colombia, South America.
Ever since I heard about the orbit reader20, I've been following the
project and stayinh up to date by listening to podcasts like ACB radio
main menu or blind bargains,  that are constantly making  these CSUN
I am a praize and worship leader and preacher  at a small christian
church here in Colombia, and as a preacher I feel that the Orbit
reader20  is a device that could change my life drasticly by allowing
me to have a lot of  braille material as well as taking notes, among
other things.
I'd really really like to have one, so is there any possibility that I
can have it delivered to my country and buy it through you? I just
don't want to wait till a distributor or dealer  for Colombia comes
up, because I know that can take a while and, as I've been expressing
in this message, I feel that the orbit20 is a must have braille
display for me; therefore, if you guys can help me I'd be really,
really thankful.
I know that the orbit reader is out of stock according to the
anouncement made by APH, but as soon as you have new one please keep
me posted, and again any help would be very apreciated.
I'd be willing to pay the 449 dollars the device costs, I think its
really  worth it.
Thanks so much for your atention, and hope to hear from you soon.
Sincerely, Andres Pulgarin".
So as I said before, any help would be very, very appreciated. This is very important for me so, you know. I'd be so thankful

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2018-04-11 08:34:49

I'd advice you to not buy it at the moment, because right now it seems that the sells has a problem where some of the dots don't move.
Mine is effected, I've contacted them and they told me that they are working on a fix and they will send me a new good unit when ever they have any.
I am not from the US, and so I spoke with them about shipping it internationally and they told me they will see on that with me when ever they have the new unit ready.
I made them send the current unit I have to an US address then I shipped it to my country later on.

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2018-04-12 04:55:17

I think its going to be out of stock for quite a bit, I have a few contacts that can help you import everything you want from the u.s and the shipping  costs are low with them, plus they can send directly to your home address. So send me a pm or an e-mail if you are interested.

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2018-04-12 06:26:30

also I just realized there is a similar alternative to it. Given the current unscrupulous price of the dollar here in Colombia, this has similar, more basic  functionality and is much cheaper. If you plan to use it to read and control smartphones just like I do and do not miss dealing with computer braille, .. well, this is tempting. https://innovisiontech.co/brailleme/

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2018-04-12 07:13:05

Hello guys, thank you very much for your information.
@ultraleetj: Yes I know that the orbits are out of stock now, so I'm not hurrying too much. Now, I've heard about braiile me, in an accessible world's tech talk show. I'm actaully not looking just for a braille display, but I'm looking for a device like Orbit reader that will allow me to do some basic note taking, as well as read documents on BRF and BRL Formats so that this will allow me to, for example, have a bible loaded in the device and have full access to it in braille.
Thank you so much for the info

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2018-04-12 14:23:28

I wouldnt suggest the Brailleme to be honest, it could really really use some improvement, considering the orbit reader and the braillme costs about the same, however the features they offer are night and day.
Choice is well and good, and even though I cant seem to get access to a orbit reader being sold anywhere, upon contacting the autharised reseller for my country, first they had no clue what it was despite the announcement on their bloody website (well done,I say!),and later I was told it was out of stock and it has been so ever  sinse.

Upon contacting the braillme guys with a few questions and suggestions I had, the reply I got back was for me to semd them my name and address so that they could prepare a invoice and send the invoice to me,after the payment of which it would be shipped with a few hurried responces to my questions.
fun fact, the device supports files upto only 40kb, can only read files from root,will ignore subfolders and files in them, and quite a few other things that I forget.
All this I gathered by reading their manual and hardly a reply to questions asking to reconfirm.

I get it that being cheap braille displays they cant offer features such as those of the other braille displays that cost enough to buy a few cars,but if you consider the 2 displays out there (inavailability of the orbit reader not withstanding) choosing between the orbit reader and the brailleme is a no brainner.

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2018-08-06 07:57:35

hi, so I just got my orbit reader 20, brought to Colombia, to my door. Sent me an e-mail  and we can discuss something.

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