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I used to use google until they started screwing with youtube back in 2008, destroying the things I felt made it great. So in a sulk, I switched to using Bing. They both did pretty much the same thing. But now Bing's gone a bit screwy for screen reader users. Each search result has a pair of headings instead of a single one, and the first one is often just a bit of nonsense like a serial number followed by a slash. The second is the one with the actual information you need. It's like this for both jaws and NVDA, and all browsers, so I'm pretty certain it's a Bing thing.
So I'm looking for a new search engine. Ideally I'd like to be able to add it to internet explore and firefox so I can search directly from the address bar. I don't want to have to trawl through too many sponsored results, and I'd really like a lot of results on the first page without having to be signed in. I appreciate that Bing and Google don't offer this last option, instead trying to force you to always be signed in in order to get any decent amount of results on page one, but it'd be nice if a search engine out there didn't try to hold its users to ransom in this way. And of course it needs to be accessible. Thanks.

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2018-04-09 19:05:55

duck duck go

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Yep, I would agree with the abovde poster.

I mostly however, either use "Bing" by default, "Google" as a secondary.

2018-04-09 20:12:52

A friend of mine swore by dogpile.com, I myself use Google.

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2018-04-09 20:32:28

I've personally never had problems with google, though if I want to search youtube I either went to youtube directly and used the search function, or the accessible youtube skin yourtube instead:
yourtube here

this was true even back when I used Ie, since while I experimented with Bing and a couple of engines, Google was always my choice of default, and now of course I've switched to Chrome full time Google is perfect with that.

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2018-04-09 20:43:06

I myself use Bing and I'm happy with it. But if you want you can maybe try Yandex though I haven't tried it before.

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2018-04-09 22:57:10

Trying DuckDuckGo. Seems to fit my needs perfectly. We'll just have to see if the search results suit me. Last time I tried it, it respected my privacy so much that whenever I searched for a product it didn't really give me anything in the UK. It was mostly US stuff which is no use to me when I want to buy something, so I gave up on it. Seems that might have changed. I don't mind them checking where I am to give me relevant results.

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2018-04-09 23:32:20

Three cheers for Duckduckgo.
One particularly nice feature is that you never need to navigate to the next page of search results. Just reach the end of the list, and another batch will load automatically for you.
If you're struggling with location-based info, try specifying your location in the search field, for instance "x UK".

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2018-04-10 01:19:44

google, duckduckgo

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2018-04-10 01:36:53

I use Google myself.

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2018-04-10 03:20:33

FOr me i never had issues with google.
Bing a bit complecated for me.
yahoo search is not that bad too.

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2018-04-10 19:00:18

DuckDuckGo.com and avoid all that tracking nonsense.  As easy to use as google.

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