2018-04-08 13:12:16

@99, there is no key for checking your coordinates because you can't do that in the game.

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2018-04-08 17:49:52

hello first  I like this but if you  check for updates  what it gives you I can’t copy that  is it like ultra power ?


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2018-04-08 19:30:41

is it right to call it clone still though? this game is far from being a exact UP clone

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2018-04-08 20:01:54

I am not exactly sure,  I didn't try ultrapower,  or god power mega power,  giga power etc,  just getting my nerves whatever called
but here's the message when you try update game
Error checking for updates. The reasons may be: you are using a beta version, or the server could not be loaded.
Pressione enter para continuar.
who was developer of ultra power,  whatever he should come and tell the everyone or forum moderators,  I just released the ultra power source code,  so desafio mortal devs can use without trouble
or he should come and say the dark,  sendermen,  or other moderator names,  hey mods,  my code was stolen,  please close the topic,  but you guys seeing he's not caring his code,  why that should concerns everyone or me? or he should say,  hey mods I am just leaving my projects like pile of garbage,  so what's your reason to not coming here and not posting kindly
cause he knows copyrights or rules
that is not everyone's fault, he should come here kindly and explain how code was stolen his computer?
you see he's not saying anything about his code
if someone making and developing your source code,  you must come and explain to everyone

Wish You Best Gaming All!

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2018-04-08 20:09:52

For some reason the game won’t run, it just plays the door close sound and nothing. I don’t have cheat engine installed so not sure what’s going on. It worked fine for me before. Anyone know what i can do?

2018-04-08 20:16:22

make sure windows defender turned off or add the exclusion,
make sure game are in your local drive c
try to run game in administrator mode,  this should work

Wish You Best Gaming All!

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2018-04-09 02:09:53

Tell me why its not considered a clone. So, here is a map. Go download the btb map and you see the syntax is the same. I even tryed pasting in a btb safezone map and it works no problem.
Here is the map file.
zone:25:25:0:20:Vaso sanitário.
travelpoint:1:1:0:0:94:20:shopping:Você volta ao shopping.
zone:1:1:0:20:Pressione Enter para voltar ao shopping.


2018-04-09 03:54:20

Wow, how did you get those maps?
@revam or however that’s spelled, i’m using win7 so no defender, and yeah i’ve tryed running as admin. No luck.
I actually agree with Ivan in that the few times I played it reminded me very much of BTB. The planes and shit people were talking about, come on, those are just slightly advanced doors.
I think it would be helpful if someone could host a BTB server so that those who had never played it could realise just how much of a clone it really is.

2018-04-09 04:14:51

So it went back to what I was talking about a few days ago, how people were sending me messages begging for the sourcecode. At this point does that even matter? I was able to use a lot of the admin btb commands I wrote, and I was also able to clear the entire server because I new the command, was not documented ever. I don't think they know some of these commands even exist, beause they never coded this themselves.


2018-04-09 13:19:48

Ivan, do you think you are doing something better than what they did if the code is stolen? In fact, no you are not. Closing a topic on here is one thing, but  you crashing the server just because you can is another.

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2018-04-09 15:26:36

Also ivan, its not like you never cloned. Remember btb? Well, I certainly do. Soto, stop acting like the good saint who only wants to stop the clone mennis because like it or not, you contributed to it in your own way.

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2018-04-09 19:42:13

whatever. still though, he is trying to give proof to mods. isn't that what they want?

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2018-04-09 20:18:37

He is giving proofs through which means? Breaking a server? His reasons for wanting this topic closed so much are quite obvious but let's not go into that now.

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2018-04-09 20:59:08

I guess the problem here is that desafio is becoming something that BTB couldn't be. maybe lag of ideas? cuz surely desafio is full of new ideas.
and I don't think no one is saying that desafio doesnt have stolen code. yes or no desafio is far from being UP or BTB.

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2018-04-09 21:26:04

What does DM have that BTB doesn’t? Nothing.
@connor, the difference here is that Ivan lernt from his mistakes. These guys haven’t stopped, and probably never will.
What’s worse is they’re denighing it, even making false claims that they’ve rewritten it when they clearly haven’t, ivan proved that much, and I logged on the other day on my other PC, and /clearserver does indeed work.
If i can get it working on this box, i’ll try some more BTB / up commands to see if they work.

2018-04-09 23:25:19

You might as well spend that wasted time on trying useless commands on something else, maybe giving us a better game than desafio? Oh I forgot, that probably wont happen and I am dreaming already.

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2018-04-09 23:30:01

Yeah ok, get mad because yoru favorite game is being completely exposed. Right...


2018-04-09 23:36:10 (edited by animal metal 2018-04-09 23:44:18)

lol I think most of the posters who are talking on here don't play desafio, surely I don't anymore. its not my type of game. now that doesn't mean that I should try to kill the game for others who would like an online game to play with friends.
most of the online games we have are iether bad or badly manage, I can say desafio has a good team.
also, I think we are forgeting how ivan ask to be an admin on desafio so he can help with the english side, its the reason why he has access to the admin commands and how he can see the code for the maps.

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2018-04-10 00:11:50

I can't see why people wants to close this topic. What we will get after alot of messages? The topic will be closed, and nothing else will change. Don't think because they will close this thread people will stop playing or developing said game. Personally I never played UP or whatever other clones people just released, but I think this drama is just boring every time it gets any kind of attention. Try to protect sources in a better way before complaining when people will make clones.

2018-04-10 00:53:19

Yes Ivan you guessed it right. My favorite game is being exposed. and now I will cry. How is it exactly being exposed? ? By a bunch of immature people trying random commands and guessing things? The game has been available for a long time even outside of this forum, and it wont be killed no matter how hard you try, but with that message I think you have clearly shown your motives. Nothing about preventing stealing code and being good police, you just want the game down probably because they did not accept you as admin.

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2018-04-10 00:58:33

Ok nidza07, whatever you say. We're very imature because why? Because we're explaining how these commands got to be in the game to begin with...and to let you know, they're not random at all. They are commands that I typed in because I was looking at BTB's code.


2018-04-10 02:11:18

Oh and let me remind you, that when the game was first released in 2016, it had the same packet key as BTB, btb.dev.22 I think. Also /123 to restart NVDA on the hosters machine returned can’t do that if you weren’t an admin, it even has some of the same titles as btb, see titlecheck.bgt. Oh, and let’s not forget how if you tryed making a char called masonasons, or used mason’s old email address the client died.
Wish I could get the dam thing to open, I could give you guys even more proof that it’s a complete and utter ultrapower clone.
As for ivan’s motives, might I remind you that a big chunk of BTB was his code? Colton was even the developer of up at one point.
As ivan already stated in another topic, he’s pissed because they’re using his code and not even giving him proper credit for it.

2018-04-10 02:17:25

If he saved it properly, nobody would use it in the first place. Your post except that comment makes no sense as you just talked about 2016 in which time if you forgot the topic was very well closed and the game was no longer discussed until now. Regarding you Ivan, perhaps by accident or intentionally, you missed post 118? I would not be even surprised if that happened to be the case.

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2018-04-10 04:58:09

@nidza07,  it seems like you have a bone to pick with Ivan.  Throughout your posts you kept bringing up him stealing code,  kept reminding him that he also clone something, etc.  I get it, stealing code is bad. It doesn't mean that you have to shove it in someone's face every time they post on the forum, though.  I think we have established it that once again, this game is a clone of another one. all Ivan needs to Barry  it even deeper, is a recording of   Him creating a new account and coming online, doing all the ultra power commands on the server, providing Skype messages, etc.  him creating a new account will ensure that the commands work without the admin rights.  To folks who say that we don't need to kill a game just because it's a clone, keep saying it and see what happens. People would start releasing clones on regular basis.  Right, I'm done.

Coding is not hard. No, not at all.
What is hard is dynamic coding, coding that accepts different input at different times.
This is what truly takes a large amount of effort on a developer's part.

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2018-04-10 10:54:14

since when did it become Ivan's code?

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