2018-03-07 22:23:52 (edited by ea_accessible 2018-03-07 22:56:59)

Does this menu layout example work for you, I don't know if | is a good choice for delimited character. Do you prefer the use of bulleted lists for columns, or numbered lists?

Menus are broken into columns that navigate from left to right. Some columns are split, which navigate up and down. | denotes split. The term “origin” will be used to describe the top left entry of a menu.

Main Menu
1.    Fight Modes
2.    Career Mode | Create Fighter
3.    UFC Ultimate Team
4.    Tutorials | Ads
5.    Tournament Mode | Custom Events
6.    Live Events
7.    Ranked Championships | Buy Bruce Lee (only if you don’t have him)
8.    Online Quick Fight | Fighternet
9.    Extras | Practice Mode | Skill Challenges

To get to Extras, from Main Menu origin, tap right on the left stick 8 times, then press A/Cross,
Extras Menu
1.    UFC 3 Introduction | My Fighters
2.    Gameplay | Controls | Visuals
3.    Audio | Music
4.    EA Account | Share Usage Data | Redeem Code
5.    Manual | Credits | Legal Agreement


- Karen Stevens

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2018-03-07 23:40:16

I don't mind the cirticle bar, though a bulleted list might be better, especially when you get into sub menu into sub menu into sub menu.
That's going to be a lot of virticle bars to look at.

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2018-03-07 23:40:32

Visuals menu
1.    Opacity | Gameplay HUD Opacity
2.    Calibration
3.    Brightness
4.    Accessibility | Color Blind HUD | Camera Flashes | Haptic Feedback
5.    Video | Resolution

Haptic Feedback added additional rumble cues to the game.
To Turn it on, from main menu origin:
•    Tap right on the left stick 8 times
•    Press A/Cross to go to Extras
•    Tap right once on the left stick, then down twice
•    Press A/Cross to go to Visuals
•    Press LB/L1 twice to go to the Accessibility tab
•    Press up once on the left stick to go to Haptic Feedback
•    Press right once on the left stick to turn on additional rumble cues.

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2018-03-07 23:43:06 (edited by ea_accessible 2018-03-07 23:45:00)

@Orin - basically the main menu layout is a grid, where some things might vertically take up more than one grid space. The numbered list is the number of horizontal slices, the | was to denote vertical slices inside a horizontal slice. Does that make sense? I'm totally open to suggestions.

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2018-03-08 00:33:04

The haptic feedback setting adds controller vibrations that signal to the user when their opponent throws a high strike or a low strike, giving them the ability to react with the appropriate defense without visual cues.

If the right motor rumbles, your opponent is throwing a high strike.
If the left motor rumbles, they are throwing a low strike.
The intensity of the rumble tells you how far away your opponent was when they threw the strike.

Is there any specific priority order anyone wants for the guide?

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2018-03-08 08:40:29

It makes sense for me.
Is there any update on the possibility to add screenreader support for the menus, or implement Narrator on the XBox as a start? It takes a lot of time to write those guides and menus...
Keep up the great job.

Best regards SLJ.
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Happy gaming... :D

2018-03-08 12:36:49

Karen. This makes a lot of sense since as you said the menus tend to use columns. I used to hate this method, but I've grown used to it. All the info has been great thus far. Thank you so much for doing this. when I get some time today I will get on the feedback forum and write up something intelligible regarding ideas for haptic enhancements. the strike information has been super helpful.

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2018-03-08 17:55:34

Hello folks! The menus are good, I don't know if there's something else I can think of except perhaps having someone to anounce the option out loud. Not a must, but since we're talking about possibilities, that would surely help. Something similar to what is being used in Street Fighter V could help alot already. Well, that's it. smile
Best regards, Haramir.

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2018-03-14 03:46:54

I agree with the menu announcements.  That made Street Fighter V extremely easy to navigate for the most part.  Again it can be a simple feature that's enabled when you turn on the accessibility options.

Also shortcut key configuration to enable these options from main menu would definitely be useful.  That way we can easily access  the options.

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