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In March we will be having the Spring Festival, an event to celebrate the vernal equinox. This event will start on Saturday, March 17th and run until Tuesday the 20th. The event will be for all levels, so even brand new players can try it out!

Other updates last month include:

- Massive cleanup of typos and updating mobs to yield better experience.

- Two new zones were added: the Shiroi Sora Monastery in Suboria, a level 41 group 4 area and Kithika the accursed city, a level 42 group 4 area on Ramanek.

- The fishing skill has been transformed into a mini-game. You can perform several actions to increase the chances of fish biting, and must reel in anything that bites your line. About two dozen more species of fish have been added.

- Cooking has been fully implemented, with the ability to roast butchered meat and fish, as well as prepare simple recipes. Skill-based cooking is interactive like fishing, as you can flip, season and taste the food in order to achieve desired results.

- New mage enchantments to imbue fire, ice and electrical damage on weapons, gloves and boots have been added, as well as the 'enchant essence' skill for adding cast level or skill level effects to objects.

- The 'appraise' command for objects, to get a rough idea of how much they can be upgraded or enchanted.

Next month we plan on adding two new zones (in addition to event areas). We intend to add traps and hunting in the next month or two. Since we raised the level cap earlier this year, we also plan on adding some new skills and spells to help flesh out the abilities of each class a bit more. For more information, check out our latest audio update on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPs-_NrTY3k


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definately a thumbs up for this man. Will be around for the event for sure as well smile

Greetz mike

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Oh wow. WIll there be any updates for Mush-Z?

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2018-03-03 04:47:18

We're looking into it.  MUSH-Z needs some lovin'.

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