2018-02-13 19:17:03

hi everyone, I don't know if you guys know about this. But on this forum at least, project terran completely slipped under the radar. Its apparently a scifi browser game developed by the same people, coops and prev, who are working on ce. It went into open beta in 2015. While the news posts on the front page seam to be outdated, from the ce style news ticker at least I can see game activity. I haven't checked the forums, so didn't see if things are actually still happening, but I decided to throw it out there just the same. Playing styles seam to be similar to what you do in ce, only that skills and crafting are even more important in pt than they are in ce. According to the info about the game, its economy and supply of items is supposed to rely 99.9% on other players, with only the starter items being purchasable. Everything else must be crafted, and there's about a billion (please don't take literally) skills in the skill tree you can learn. Learning skills doesn't cost anything like it does in ce, but when you first create a toon you only have a small number of skills unlocked and it takes time to learn them. The address is.

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