2018-02-12 12:33:40

Hi all,

warning, minor spoilers ahead:

So I've finally beaten the game, and man, did it take a lot of time and effort and was it such a rewarding experience in the end! :-)
But I would still like to complete three unfinished quests that I have going before I start a new game plus. :-) They are Laying Down the Law, Changing of the Guard and Supply Lines. I don't care about Supply Lines as much any more but I would really like to see what Changing of the Guard is like. However, for that, I need to complete Laying Down the Law first. :-D

I'm currently at the stage that everyone seems to have the most problems with, locating the overlooked bandit ambush sites. I've been to the high ridge, meadow, clearing and grassy knoll and I know there are supposed to be at least two more, I must have read about them in other topics about AHC or something, and they are the windy bluff and rocky outcropping as far as I can remember. However, I have no idea where to look for these two, and possibly any others if there are even more than these. The strange thing is that visiting either of these sites for the first time doesn't yield any visible reaction, like a quest log update or a new beacon added to the map. But when I've been to the guard barracks and talked to Captain Lucian, there was the dialog option to inform him that I've seen some of the bandit ambush sites, so that's at least an indication that the quest is in deed proceeding correctly. I didn't even want to ask for any help at all but given how much time I've already spent exploring and searching for various sites over the entire game before I was able to complete all other quests satisfactorily, I changed my mind eventually. Now, I just want to be done with this quest as quickly as possible to be able to make progress in Changing of the Guard.

Are there any other stages to the Supply Lines quest after bringing Madeline the gold ore? If yes, then I would also appreciate tips on where to find gold ore veins, but if this is the end, I really don't care at all. I mean, I've seen gold ore veins before, I know I passed them when I didn't need them and was looking for something else, but I can't seem to be able to find them anywhere in high enough quantities now. I've looked in both the primary and secondary ore veins, as well as the goblin tunnels and the cristal cavern, now that I can fast travel through the mines after completing Rogar's quest, but I can't seem to have any luck in either of these places.

Also, out of curiosity, someone mentioned two quests called Haunted by the Past and Actually Love in a different topic. I know what Business as Usual is, and I missed the opportunity to trigger that quest because I was being stupid and honest and did return Nigel's ring to its proper owner. :-) But what are these two and how do I get them? I've never seen them before or even heard mention of them anywhere else.

Thanks a lot in advance for any answers, and enjoy your adventures in Farhaven! :-)

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2018-02-12 16:29:17

Hey Lukas,

The Meadow and Clearing aren't actually bandit ambush sites, so it stands to reason that you wouldn't have gotten  message when entering these. I still have no idea why people are reporting no interaction when they enter the other sites though, and have been unable to reproduce it in any way. Anyway, you're looking for five sites total. A good way to start is by walking the length of the road, listening for containers to your left and right and glancing over when you hear them; most of the ambush sites will have one or two bandit caches or chests so they'll usually have a populated container in them. This may not catch them all of course, and it also doesn't hurt to just periodically glance to your left and right as you walk.

By the way, the next update will include a change that, while not making it easier to find these sites, will definitely make it easier to know which ones you've already marked.

Regarding Haunted By the Past and Actually Love, while I can't prevent anyone else from saying anything, I'm not going to give you too much info because Haunted By the Past is deliberately out of the way and difficult to stumble upon, so it's really there as a bit of a reward for going deep off the beaten path; and Actually Love is one that simply comes about from having the right conversations with the right people over time, and I think if you're told in advance how to trigger it, it feels much less organic when it comes about. I will tell you that if you've spoken to someone in Farhaven who seems to have love on the brain, you may want to check up on that person any time you return to town and see if they have anything new to discusss...

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2018-02-12 18:17:32

Hi Joseph,

thanks a lot for the fast reply. Even the little hint on Actually Love did help me. I would never have thought that that particular person would have more to say than they did the first one or two times I checked up on them. :-) It was a nice little funny side quest.

As for Haunted by the Past, could you at least tell me roughly where to look for the right person or circumstances to trigger it? I.e. is it in the town, mines, forest, graveyard, or one of the complementary maps such as the mausoleums or catacombs? I have nothing against wandering off the beaten path, as you said, but even though I don't have any major trouble with navigation as such, I do struggle with mental map building. I mean, there are little annoyances like even finding the study every time I enter the Adrianus manor. I am just unable to remember its exact location between visits to the manor. What I do a lot to counter this problem I have is making really very extensive use of custom beacons. :-) And since I've beaten the game as such and have only this handful of tiny quests to complete, I'd like to do them all before starting a new game plus. However, time is also of the essence for me. I am enjoying the game thoroughly and don't want to have any of the potential enjoyment spoiled or anything but I really cant afford to spend half as much time on it as I would like.

As for laying down the law, even though I know this approach is really dense, and almost like cheating, I'm currently in such a mood that I would even appreciate exact coordinates of the sites or something. This particular quest is not one I like very much. I enjoy quests of this kind that require a lot of exploring and pinpointing several exact spots on the map way less than the others. Maybe you could at least tell me what places I'm looking for? If the meadows and clearings are not ambush sites (makes sense now, as I saw at least one more meadow on the ruins map, where I assume the sites are not located), then I assume I've found only two sites so far out of the mentioned five - the grassy knoll and high ridge. And I know about two others - rocky outcropping and windy bluff, so what else am I looking for? Thanks a lot for your patience. :-)

By the way, in finding the founders in 1.2.1, one or two of the founder headstones are still incorrectly labeled as just tombstones. Since I've already completed that quest and beaten the game though, and since I struggle so much with locating exact spots, especially around the graveyard where you can see a lot of stuff and clutter through the fences, gates and brambles and whatnot, I'm sorry but I'm really not looking around there any more to see which ones those were exactly. :-)


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2018-02-12 19:00:51

I can't give you exact coordinates, at least at the moment, but I can tell you that you're looking for the Rocky Outcropping, Windy Bluff, Grassy Knoll, and two High Ridges. Two of them overlook the north-south stretch of the road just north of the gate; two of them overlook the east-west stretch; and one overlooks the third leg of the road, north of the river.

As for Haunted By the Past, you have to find an item in a unique location in the Deepwood Ruins map...

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2018-02-12 21:41:54

slght spoiler,

if you want to do the supply lines quest a bit quicker, then there's a gold ore vein just south of the goblin trapdoor in the mine, so don't go down the trapdoor, head south from the location of the trapdoor and follow the path round and you should come across the gold ore vein.

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2018-02-13 12:00:54

Thanks, ZK.


So I've located the bandit stockpile but especially the ancient clearing and the ritual altar. No matter who I talk to, though, it only gives me the option to leave it alone. I've been there with all four party members and tried talking to them, both on the spot and in town, I've also tried talking to father Ignatius, professor Lindaro and Jonathan, but still no new options to explore. What can I do to make the altar do something? Is it even related to the Haunted by the Past quest at all, or is it an entirely different thing?

I'll keep trying with the bandit ambush sites. I believe I only have to actually reach the windy bluff now. :-)


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2018-02-13 15:16:56

Yes, the altar is related to Haunted By the Past. However, if you haven't started the quest yet, then the altar isn't going to do anything. It'll be convenient for you to have found it though, once you do trigger the quest.

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2018-02-13 19:10:44

Darn it! I really wonder how and where to trigger the quest then. :-)
Considering how challenging mental map building is for me, I would have thought this would be considered enough wandering off the beaten path. You do need to implement a serious major new feature in 1.3 or whatever the next version is going to be - a way for the game to recognize the magnitude of my effort and thus to automatically add a new beacon to the map for me, called Go here to trigger the Haunted by the Past quest, how gracious of me. :-D :-D

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2018-02-16 21:09:23

Go to the ruined fort and go south from the door. Take the first left path you come to. If you find yourself following an overgrown path you're on the right track.

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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