2018-02-08 20:00:48

Hi all,
I just purchased an XBox 1S. I have it set up with Narrator and have installed Killer Instinct, Injustice Gods Among Us, and Mortal Kombat XL. I am very new to mainstream games and especially fighting games.
I have found a menu guide for KI and MK, which are very useful.
Right now, I don't really have any sighted friends who are gamers.
What resources have people used to figure out the menus in games?
Also, what other games are people playing successfully on the XBox? I've read about Madden, Gears of War and possibly Halo, but I haven't found any guides for them.
Also, can anyone give me links for easily readable move lists for KI, Injustice and Mortal Kombat?
A lot of the move lists I'm finding use graphics to show the controller inputs.
Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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2018-02-08 20:03:32

If you have an iPhone, seeing Ai is an essential app, not only does it help in games, it helps in every day life. It can read any text in front of the camera as it comes up, so it should be able to read the menus, though keep in mind that it may be a bit garbled in places because of moving graphics and the like.

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2018-02-08 22:20:30

For move lists, gamefaqs knows all. For most games, anyway.

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2018-02-08 23:48:35

If you have Windows 10 you can also use the xbox app combined with Windows 10 OCR to read game screens.

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2018-02-13 13:37:31

I have them games to
What is your gamer tag bud
We could have a couple fights

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2018-03-01 20:39:04

People, I am sorry, but how can I use win 10 with xbox one as stewie sayd? I want to play a game Lost odyssey, and if it will read all, wow. smile It would be very usefull and great.

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