2018-02-09 06:49:40

A sighted friend of mine has decided to try out some audio games and of course being that I have talked about A Hero's Call he decided to try it out as well.
He has asked me which of the three areas should he go to first?
Deep wood, The graveyard or The mine.
I mention to him that it doesn't matter which area to go to because of the way the game is.

However I did mention that most folks like going to Deep woods first.
So what is your thoughts on which area to go to first?

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2018-02-09 08:37:51

It doesn't matter, but if you wanna make it easy for yourself regarding the quests, I would choose the graveyard, then the minds and lastly the woods.

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2018-02-09 17:06:26

Actually, the first place I would go is the sewers; quick xp, mostly simple back and forward navigation, not too much to get into save perhaps that...
bandit encampment mathyus requires to avenge the death of his family, a nice little side quest with a ton of sad dialogue, if you haven't done it already.

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2018-02-09 17:27:17

I don't know that I really have one area over another, but I'd go to the woods straight off just to collect Matthias, as he's the easiest to find, second to Alexia in the graveyard, then to the mine. That way you have your party in short order.

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2018-02-09 19:01:11

first, go to deepwood because their enemies are at low level, but do not complete it just go fight some guys and when your level increased, get back to farhaven and buy some armor, then go to mines and  find the thief, use him to rob some armories  and displaycases in farhaven  and buy yourself armor, then go to deepwoods, complete it, after that go to graveyard and complete there too, and at last, mines. i did this way and game was easy

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2018-02-09 22:06:24

Actually strictly speaking Alexia is easier to get to than Matthias. She also makes the game significantly easier at early levels, when potions and healing spells are at a premium. So if I was advising the absolute easiest way to go, I'd probably say start in the graveyard.

Also I commend your friend's willingness to try out audio games. Honestly AHC may not be the best example of an audio game for a sighted player, since it requires so much use of TTS and mental map-building. I certainly hope your friend's able to enjoy it nonetheless, though.

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2018-02-10 02:15:12

Hey, Joseph.
Yes my friend loves the game and thinks that it is a great challenge for him.
He got the game two weeks ago and is playing every day.

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2018-02-10 07:31:08

I just got every party member then went to the mines first, but hit every area a teeny bit before going full into a quest.  Getting Alexia is a life saver though, would highly recommend going and getting her if anyone.  But I thought the mines was the easiest quest to complete first.  The forest is easy but a lot of back and forth lol.  The way the monsters scale up in teh forest is killer if you do it at a later level imo so that may be something to consider.

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2018-02-10 20:33:07

I like to grind out just a level or 2 in the woods then get Simion from the mines so I can get access to all the good equipment in the display cases.

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