2014-06-07 12:48:06


I want to buy a new Network drive. My question what is the most accessible firmware? Synology, Netgear, QNAP...?

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2014-06-07 15:41:08 (edited by Sebby 2014-06-07 15:42:04)

If you happen to have an iPhone or Mac, then Apple's Time Capsule offerings are superb, both for NAS and as WAP (also a router, but only if you don't use PPPoE to connect). Note however that they were intended for backups, so make sure you have an external disk onto which you can perform a backup. There is no RAID of any sort.

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2014-06-09 13:20:39

Interestingly, Jonathan Mosen recently posted his thoughts on Synology in this blog post.

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2014-06-09 18:39:30


A timecapsule is maybe an option but I'm a windows user so I prefer another type, and I find the timecapsule to expensive for what you get.

Thanks for the blog about sinology. What I read is, it's not the most accessible nas on the market. Maybe some other use another type of nas?


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2014-06-10 13:48:13

I have an older D-link NAS server, and the interface is totally accessible. I can't speak for the newer models though.

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2014-06-10 23:21:38

I myself made a nas from my Raspberry pi (a microcomputer) and usb harddrive. Works quite well, but ntfs under linux seams to be a bottleneck, and as the drive is quite full, I cannot format it into ext4 before I can get myself a new harddrive. Another reason might be that the samba server (the program, which makes the linux machines visible to windows computers) might need some tweaking.
But in order to use that you have to know Linux command line, so this solution is definitely more difficult to set up and geeky.

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2014-06-12 23:57:44

I added comments to that blog post. I think I summarised the options pretty well in there.

As to Time Capsule, well you get what you pay for. smile Even counting Apple's markup, I think it's an excellent quality product. However if you _only_ need a NAS, then you'd be paying too much.

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2014-06-13 00:26:45

Hi all.
I myself use a Raspberry pi, as one of the posters here said. Oh, a note for the person who uses the Pi as a NAS, check out NTFS3G. It's a driver that should help.
But yes, using a raspberry pi is a solution on the more geek side of things. but on the flip side, the Pi itself is only 35 US dollars, runns off of a micro USB (you'll probabbly recognize it as what most android devices are powered by), it's small and there are a ton of guides online on how to make it do way more than just store files for you.
For example, my raspberry pi allows me to upload files to it with Samba, runs a teamtalk server, runs transmission-daemon (a remote controllable Bittorrent client) BTSync... and more.
If you're looking for an inexpensive NAS solution, the Pi could be what you're looking for.
One of the cool things about the Pi as a NAS server is that you don't need to buy hard drives, you can simply use your own.

Here are some links you may want to look at:

Raspberry Pi Home page
FreeNas (a solution where u can use an old computer to do basically the same thing as teh pi)

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2014-06-13 09:35:36

Another link you should check out is www.raspberryvi.org
There's an accessible arch image, and although I managed to mess up my speech somehow, I always access it from ssh, so it's no big deal for me.

Yes, I have ntfs-3g installed, the problem is it just doesn't seem to be as fast as ext4.

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2014-06-14 18:01:21

Hi.If you're looking for something that's just a nas, western digital's my cloud might be the thing. I've got one, and it's pretty accessible if you use the web interface and not the software they give you. It's basically just a harddrive with an Ethernet port, and I think the newer models have usb ports for transferring stuff from other harddrives.

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2018-02-05 16:20:56 (edited by UltraLeetJ 2018-02-05 16:21:39)

hi, i do not like to revive topics which are about 4 years old (last time I got quite a moderation spanking for that ) but I believe that when specific things of the sort come up its better to just stick to a good search and keep things organized and not duplicated. So here it goes...
I am planning to buy a buffalo teraStation but am not sure if the software would be all that accessible or usable. has anyone got any newer model NAS and if so which ones are they and what are your experiences. OCR in win10 has come a long way for us so this could be way less of an issue I suppose.

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2018-02-06 19:11:14


I don't have any experience with Buffalo, but I got a Synology NAS for quite a few years now and am pretty happy with their accessibility. They officially introduced Screen Reader support with version 6 of their System software, which improved many accessibility issues. Although not everything is completely accessible right now (like you can't uninstall packages with pure NVDA right now, but with JAWS I suppose), and issues with different browsers (accessibility with Firefox is better than with Chrome), the interface is nearly usable without any concerns and I can recommend getting a Synology NAS without any doubts.

Best Regards.


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2018-02-09 05:10:16

this is great. though I am afraid it will be a year or so until I can finally think of getting one, I appreciate it none the less.

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2018-02-09 18:16:49

Had no Idea netgear could be used as an nass. My father has one, and he uses it as a router.

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2018-02-10 06:31:33


I have been considering a NAS for a while now,and have been thinking to get a inexpensive pc to do it,but was kind of stuck between that,a rasbery pie,or one of these expensive Synology or others.

So this topic certainly helps a lot,however at those with nas (freenas) or other varients experience, how accessible would you say it is?
How well does a resbery pie do as a nas/ seedbox?

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