2018-02-09 00:01:16

I lost a importand file to me.
I use shift+delete and i dont know how i  can recovery it. I used Recuwa, Free undelete and Aus logics file recovery. What program is available and good to recovering txt files?

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2018-02-09 00:35:01

if those didn't work, especially recuva, I'm sorry mate, but I don't think there's anything can be done. Recuva should have been able to get it back honestly. I don't know why it couldn't, but what I do know is the underlying magnetism of the drive is there, and anything you put on there and delete is still technically there unless its been overwrittten. It would take about 7 times to completely wipe it out, which is why they make shredder programs, which do that sector by sector. As I've said, I think you may be out of luck.

If its an SSD, other than the fact its not moving, and its stored on chips, I don't know much about them, perhaps if you delete from an SSD with the shift delete option, it really is gone for good.

I use that a lot too, but its risky.

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2018-02-09 02:39:00

Yeah I got in the habit as well and honestly it's brought me nothing but misery, it's just not worth it seeing as I always remember to empty my recycle bin every few days anyway.
I'd only do it if it was a really big file or folder, like a TV show I was done with.

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2018-02-09 03:23:31

If the file is on an SSD and if that SSD supports Trim, then the file is probably gone, and cannot be recovered by any program.

If it's a traditional magnetic hard drive, Recuva should have been able to recover the file.

If the file was on your system boot drive, it may already have been overwritten, if so, it's gone forever. From what I've heard, the chances of anyone, even governments with billions of dollars, being able to recover data once overwritten from modern drives amount to urban legend, these modern drives pack so much data on the platters that once the data is overwritten, it's gone.

Lesson learned hopefully, always keep backup copies of important files, ideally on different drives if not off site.

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2018-02-09 12:37:16

Firstly it's not system partition it's partition F:.
Nextly this file is small, have 1KB and it's txt file.
Recuwa find other files, and not found that.

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2018-02-09 14:10:01 (edited by revan 2018-02-09 14:11:39)

use advanced tab in recuva whatever called, specify the your file name with deeper scanning,  do not quick scan
type your file name with extension,  example
my poems.txt
do not forget to put file extension in the end
do you own seagate drives or western etc? find the seagate file recovery check it out
or use an other program called
easeuse free data recovery does help too
if you owning ssd already,  your file fled away

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2018-02-09 17:06:35

I used to be in the habit of always using shift delete, but after mistakenly deleting several files I had wanted to keep, I broke myself of that habit and now always allow deletions to go through the recycle bin.

I now also maintain two complete system back ups, each one has two different types of back ups in it, a file by file back up for recovering individual files, and an image file for doing a complete system restore to bare metal.

Lesson learned the hard way.

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2018-02-09 17:49:07

I tell this just in case, because it's probably exceptional: I don't know why but sometimes the system makes a backup before the deletion. I know because it happened to me in Windows 10. I discovered the backup after having spent the previous night recovering most files from a live CD. From Windows, by right clicking the parent folder (I think) and selecting the tab "previous versions" I found a backup just before the deletion. I didn't ask for a backup. Maybe it was because the deleted files were relatively big. I don't know. This auto-backup didn't happen again.

I avoid using shift delete and also I empty the trash from time to time, because once I have accidentally restored a huge trash bin and it was quite messy...

As long as you try and research, use a live CD and consider your drive as a read-only data drive.

From https://www.howtogeek.com/169344/how-to … ate-guide/ :

"If you deleted a file on a magnetic hard drive and you’re still using that computer, the safest thing to do is shut down the computer immediately. If you continue using the computer—even if you’re just installing file-recovery software—it’s possible that a program on your computer could write data that overwrites the deleted file’s data on your hard drive.

With the computer shut down, you should boot from a file-recovery live CD or USB drive, or remove the hard drive from the computer entirely and place it in another computer as a secondary drive. The key is to avoid writing to the drive entirely. Use file-recovery software to scan the drive, and hopefully you’ll find the deleted file. If you deleted the file recently and haven’t written to the drive much, you have a fairly good chance of recovering it. If you deleted the file two weeks ago, and have written to the drive quite a bit, it’s very unlikely that you’ll recover the file."

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2018-02-09 22:27:46

OK, i give up i looked to $recyclebin on F: and i cant find that, i cant get my disc and connect it to other computer and i can't use linux on this machine. sad Thanks for all things.

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