2015-05-22 06:34:36

That would definitely be useful for me. My game will have quite a few characters. smile

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2015-05-22 08:51:31

The map editor will able you to place actors on the map. A contextual menu will then be added to edit actors and modify every configurable attributes that they have. As soon as you will set a new attribute for your own actors, the editor will be able to place them and let you edit all its attributes.

What around calling a "character editor"? Characters are normal actors, they just have more attributes, including footstep sounds, moving speed and all. smile
If you are talking about dialogs, you have to know that H.E. has currently no dialog system implemented (I can't do anything by myself in just some weeks!).

I'm currently struglling with opening/saving dialog boxes; no one made a correct system, at least correct enough to be included. sad

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2015-05-23 03:25:33

Ah okay. So we code the actors, but the map editor is something like the interface builder of HE, when completed.
That will be awesome, if it eventually gets to that point.

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2015-05-23 12:40:55

Menus design is already done, I have been slowed by the need to program dialog boxes like choosing a file/dir to open/save. I have almost finished to make them. After that, I'll finish to rework the geometry system (quite simple in fact), and then I'll be able to release a simple version of the editor with updated engine smile

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2015-07-17 13:08:44


Just wondering how things are going. You've been pretty quiet for the past couple months. Hope the project isn't giving you too much trouble! smile

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2015-07-19 01:56:25

How i can use the inventory function in my game, include with the Heatengine? Someone help-me.

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2015-07-20 09:54:42

Hi! Sorry Imaginatrix, I've been very busy theses days (I'm programing other games and I have to work big_smile ), and yes, Heat Engine is giving me troubles. For a lot of reasons, including:
- the geometry representation (maps and all) is taking more time than expected to rework
- i'm seriously planning to port Heat Engine on Java and stop BGT support

Why? Because Java is fully object oriented, quite easy to understand (classes and interface, all that stuff), much more powerful, cross platform, providing a huge standart library, etc. My only problem is the sound and screen readers support, an d rewriting everything in another language (even if the code will be much simpler to understand for everyone). BGT limits me. Right now, this projects looks like a dead end if I don't change the language I think. Heat Engine has been designed to be powerful and for more complex games, and BGT isn't made for that. I may keep the editor in BGT and make the

@pedrowille : this engine is quite complex, but you can dive inside the files and try to adapt the Inventory actor for your own game. If you want to make a game with the engine itself, given the help you asked in other threads, I don't think it is adapted for a complete beginner sad

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2015-07-21 03:55:27

That's a shame. BGT seemed to do about everything I wanted it to, but it apparently struggles with certain things. Even so, I love it simply for the screen-reader support and will try and work out how to code things by hand and get them working. Python's still an option for me but I just want to make games, not learn everything there is to know about programming and get bored.

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2015-07-21 06:25:50

It's ok Genroa, not problem. i think i''m sade, but i have trying make a game with my codes. but i need some help, and i not have it in my country or my languagem, and in english languagem, i need a help...

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2015-07-21 10:56:45

Bgt is far from the only option for screen reader support. The Tolk library provides this functionality and has bindings available for numerous languages, including pure basic, c/c++, java, c# etc.

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2015-07-21 14:12:30

Imaginatrix, Heat Engine in Java (if I do it) will provide the same built-in screen reader support and sound support smile

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2015-07-22 12:42:33

So I'd have to learn Java? I started learning the basics of Python but that got boring fast. If I get bored learning how to do something, I won't be motivated to keep at it. That's why I like BGT so much—it focuses on gaming and gaming alone.

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2015-07-22 13:05:07 (edited by Genroa 2015-07-22 14:27:24)

BGT has a C/C++/Java like syntax. The syntax is almost the same, juste a little more simple (there's no handle system). smile and a lot of ready to use classes and tools will be available, far more than the current BGT version big_smile

BGT version (Robots Factory main file):

#include "HeatEngine\\Game.bgt"

Game game("Robot Factory Demo");

void main()
    alert("Welcome to Robot Factory Demo!", "Welcome to Robot Factory Demo!\n\nThis demo was meant to show how to build a game with something like a game engine. Here, the Heat Engine is doing almost all the work. Use space to shoot when a faulty robot is in the center of the area to destroy it. Don't destroy any good robot and don't let any faulty robot escaping from the coveyor belt!\n\nTIP : Good robots are happy robots!");
    [email protected] c1 = FactoryControler("player", true);
    int player1 = game.addLocalControler(c1);

    [email protected] score = cast<Score>(game.scene.getActorByName("score"));
    [email protected] rb = cast<RobotBuilder>(game.scene.getActorByName("rb"));
    alert("Score", score.getGoodEscaped()+" good robots were left intact on "+(rb.maxRobots-rb.totalFaulty)+"\n"+score.getBadEscaped()+" bad robot escaped on "+rb.totalFaulty+"!!");

Java version of the same file:

import HeatEngine.Game;

class MyGame extends Game
    public void static mainString[] args)
        Game myGame = new MyGame("Robot Factory Demo");
        GameSystem.alert("Welcome to Robot Factory Demo!", "Welcome to Robot Factory Demo!\n\nThis demo was meant to show how to build a game with something like a game engine. Here, the Heat Engine is doing almost all the work. Use space to shoot when a faulty robot is in the center of the area to destroy it. Don't destroy any good robot and don't let any faulty robot escaping from the coveyor belt!\n\nTIP : Good robots are happy robots!");
        myGame.addController(new FactoryController("player", "c1", true));
        FactoryScore score = (FactoryScore) myGame.getScoreObject();
        RobotBuilder rb = (RobotBuilder) myGame.getScene().getActorByName("rb");
        alert("Score", score.getGoodEscaped()+" good robots were left intact on "+(rb.maxRobots-rb.totalFaulty)+"\n"+score.getBadEscaped()+" bad robot escaped on "+rb.totalFaulty+"!!");

There's not much changes! big_smile

And one other cool thing, for people who may have tried to use the BGT version of the engine : creator a new custom actor required to override a lot of functions. In the Java version, there won't be anything else to do instead, thanks to reflection! big_smile

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2015-07-28 10:07:33 (edited by Genroa 2015-07-28 11:16:30)

Just finished a little Java lib using lwjgl JOAL, providing 3D sound based on the openAL technology, allowing to play sounds in two lines. Easier than I thought, I'm asking myself why I used BGT so much time!

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2015-07-28 11:15:52

...I am now considering going to Java.

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2015-07-28 11:23:58 (edited by Genroa 2015-07-28 11:24:23)

A little main method playing a looping sound, using my little lib:


Sound testSound = new Sound("sounds\\good_robot.wav");



There are methods letting you choosing the sound position and velocity (for doppler effet) with 3d vectors; one line for each method.

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2018-01-09 20:41:11

Hey all. I am trying to learn the actual BGT language, but it looks like this, the BGT toolkit, is just something to compile with. How can I actually learn the language?

Journalist and gamer

2018-01-09 21:04:15

There's a tutorial in the manual

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2018-01-18 03:36:19

I thought this thing was dead. Where can I download it? The site in post #1 is down.

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2018-01-27 12:29:32

how can i download this thing,all the links are not work

2018-01-28 13:34:15

Well help time. I got this one a static download link. Let's go downloading!

Add me on skype: kianoosh.shakeri2
Or follow me on twitter @kianoosh shakeri

2018-07-27 23:50:59

I'm actually impressed anyone tried to use my project. When I released it, I almost never had any feedback. If someone still want to use it, I still have the latest up to date demos and archives. smile

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2018-07-27 23:55:39

I would be interested in trying this, if it is easy to write. Although, I am looking to create an interactive-fiction type audio game, but yeah, I would give this a shot.

Journalist and gamer

2018-07-27 23:58:28

I've actually been trying to find a working link to this project for a while now. I'd love to try and see what i can make with it. If anyone has it uploaded somewhere, that would be great. smile

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2018-07-28 12:27:07 (edited by Genroa 2018-07-28 14:07:36)

This engine is far from finished, but to prove you can already do quite some things with it in BGT, I built one little demo game and another demo showing a first person controller with firearms to use and test. The demo is complete with weapon's ammunition, reloading behavior and all.

Here are new links for every broken link:
Link to the engine: Link to engine source
Link to the engine documentation: Link to engine doc
Link to the factory game demo: Link to factory game demo
Link to the weapon demo: Link to weapon demo

i will post here more informations about the demos and the engine, if you want. If you decide to use it, even though it's written in BGT and the current stable version hasn't implemented full 3D sound with FMOD yet, I can help you in your project.

But I would love to build a project with the people on this forum to build a new engine, on a more moderne and maintained language...

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