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(I hope this is the right forum section.)

Hello. Back in September, we released the text adventure game "Thaumistry: In Charm's Way." Being a text-based game, we tried to make it accessible. However, there were problems with the JAWS screen reader, due to the development framework used by the game (the Qt toolkit) not cooperating well with JAWS.

In order to resolve the issues, we decided to create a pure text-mode version of the game that runs inside a console window. This should effectively make the game fully accessible by every screen reader in existence. That's the theory, at least. We are looking for a few volunteers to play this version of the game and provide feedback.

The game is a parser-based text adventure, aka "Interactive Fiction", written by Bob Bates, in the same vein as the Infocom games of the late 1980's.

This version of the game requires Microsoft Windows. If anyone is interested, please send an email to [email protected]

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Hi, the email is invalid. I have everything required and will be able to test tomorrow. You can use the link to send me an email or send me a private message.

Here is the link to my youtube channel. Please subscribe, like the videos, and turn on your notifications to get notified of any new updates!

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When I first tried the address using copy and paste, GMail said it was invalid, but when I tried again by typing the address, it worked.


Was your trolling of JAWS really necessary? Did it add anything positive and useful to the topic of conversation? The answer to both questions is a resounding no! From what I can see, your message is nothing but an attempt to start a screen reader flame war. Next time, unless you have something positive and useful to add to the conversation, why don't you keep your unwanted opinions to yourself! So you don't like JAWS, that's fine and your choice, but I seriously doubt that anyone here wants to see messages like that last one here.

Personally, if I were a moderator, I'd give you a moderation warning for that unwarranted and completely off the topic post.

I think it's great that this developer is willing to make the effort to support all screen readers, instead of just a chosen few, as it benefits all of us. We should be encouraging such efforts instead of disparaging them as your tirade against JAWS does.

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The email address is correct. It was probably the period at the end that was being picked up by copy and pasting it. I removed it now.

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You're probably right. Microsoft does have that nasty little habit of grabbing extra characters when you're not looking. Sometimes it's helpful, most times it's not.

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