2018-01-12 07:50:41

Hi all,

So, I sit here with Eurofly working under Wine, but there's a few problems.

1. When driving out of the hangar, that jet that always flies over the hangar for that event to stop before entering the runway? It's a constant loop. The only way to resolve it for now is to just go in the Ini file and set Hangar to 0. That's like unchecking the box in options.
2. While traffic doesn't read, most things do read. There's a few things that don't work though, which I don't know if they're fixable:

Control F8 doesn't appear to work, bring up Skype for some odd reason. When Skype is gone it brings up the extras menu. Not sure if there's a way to disable that if only for the purposes of this game.
My shift arrows work to turn by ten degrees, but my control left right arrows do not work for turning toward gates/runways.

Perhaps there's a way to get this to work? The F8 menu reads just fine.

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