2012-02-19 18:43:21

Hi guys,
I'm very prout to inform you that My first completed game, TargetShot, has been released some minutes ago!
Readme and downloadlink below.
So, and here's the readme. It is also included in the game, but I want to post it here in order to make sure all people have read it.
TargetShoot readme

Welcome to TargetShoot, the first game programmed by me, Sascha! I'm also known as gamefighter on the net.
In this funny little game you have a cool shoting system. The autoshoter! You need to position it near a target. The rest is done by the autoshoter itself!
You have ten minutes to get as high number of hits as you can!

No super spetial requirements.
I think you have all what you need for this game to run. A stereo soundcard wich most of you probably use and the sapi5 tts engine. As you may know, windows come with minimum one preinstalled sapi5 voice.

+How to play
The gameplay is very very simple. Press the n key to get into the input box were you have to guess the difference between you and the target. A little beep sound will inform you that you're in the box. Now type your guessed number and press enter. You hear your autoshoter get activated and automatically reload a bullet into itself
At the same time, you hear a speaking counter counting from tree to cero. Then, the autoshoter makes bang! Now  we are at the funny part! smile
If the entered number doesn't equal to the output of the randomicer, you will hear a ric sound and sometimes someone will laugh at you. This is the moment wich makes me also laughing :d
Otherwise if the number is right, you hear a sound like something gets into metall or glass. This means you hit the target and one hit will be added to your hit counter!
So, thats almost all. You can repead those actions over and over until ten minutes are elapsed. Once this happens, the game stops and sapi tells you wich score you managed to have. Simple, right? smile

+Contact information
Msn: [email protected]
Skype: Saschepan
Email: [email protected]
Or the audiogames forum. Username: gamefighter

+Reporting bugs
Noticed one or more bugs in the game? Please feel free to report them wia the above contact methods.

+Time to play!
Now you have all you need to play TargetShot. So close this manual and have fun!:-)

This is it. Enjoy!

Check me out on soundcloud:

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2012-02-19 18:49:19

Okay! I will download it right now!

Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company. - Mark Twain

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2012-04-07 10:41:11

Hi Guys,
I've been inactive here for quite some time, now I just want to inform you about the future of TargetShot.
The new version will have nothing of the buggy and a little boring old one anymore, it will be a new game!
Features and improvements I'm thinking of:
Game interface:
1. No autoshoter anymore, you must shot yourself. the game then is not so based on random, wich means it is'nt so boring for you, because it now depends on you whether  you hit the target or not.
2. Rater than entering a number and hoping it was right, you now walk around until you've reached the right position to fire your weapon.
3. Multiple levels and point system(don't know yet how it will work, lets see).
4. You will have the ability to choose between game modes. You'll have the default one wich you know from the current version and one or some more others. The ambience sound is based on this choice.
5. playing with other virtual players: This means, that while you play the game yourself, you can hear other players walking around, shoting, just... playing the game. Thair stats would'nt be the same. The players will be labeled, like in TopSpeed3. For example, you will be player1.

Other features:
1. An audio-menu will be added, but it is'nt just the audio-menu you know from other games. You will have atwanced features like hearing your current position, like in jaws. "2 of 5"
You must press tab to hear position information. This may change.

This may take me a bit of time to rebuild this game as enjoyable as possible, because all this contains a big pice of work, testing etc. So I ca'nt give an exact release date currently.

Do I have forgot to tell you something? No, I belife not.
So, now I'm currious. How do you like this?
Should I really code all this? Should I? :-):-) Give me motivation, please. And maybe ghorthalon wants to share his motivation points he got from you for his fps, with me? :-)
I'm looking forwart on reading your opinions about recreating TargetShot.

Check me out on soundcloud:

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2012-04-07 12:30:35

You should code this! It sounds like it could be a very cool game. If you need any help, I, and others, will help you out.

Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company. - Mark Twain

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2018-01-09 10:29:03

Why peoples posting links of dropbox and removing files few times ago?

You must know... Cats are soft!

2018-01-09 11:49:36

why i cant download it?

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2018-01-09 12:51:44

Dropbox strikes again! Too many different people have downloaded the file so Dropbox has blocked it from further downloads.

When will people learn you can't use Dropbox for file sharing?

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2018-01-10 23:19:05

Either that, or another very frequent and logical situation is that you can't just expect everyone to host a file on Dropbox for several years or something, because it also keeps filling up their hard drive storage in most cases.

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2018-01-11 02:52:42

Lukas, I just sent you a PM.

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