2018-01-09 14:36:30

Hi there,
so I'm working on the new TK update, and I hope to make it a big update. Some I'm asking you, the players, to tell me what I should add in the new version. Note: not all ideas are gonna be added, and I will only take ideas that are well writen out If you start flaming on this topic about TK and redspot, I will simply ignore you. Just so you know.


2018-01-09 15:13:05

hi ivan.
if you can,
add r15, fist, and some new weapons.
add shelters big and fun.
add new vearcals.
and add helecopter and house like redspot!

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2018-01-09 15:53:22

yep, new weapons, please. definitely. I often go on there, and find it boring. we either snipe, or people just grenade you down. becomes boring eventually. same for vehicles. we have tanks and aircrafts, but why not add some more?

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2018-01-09 19:15:18


add something to the shelters, yes, you can build here, but what about any special things? big_smile

Add some new remoting items, because I love the remote guns or remote timebombs. What about any robots what can be remoted, or drones? It will be very fun.

Add a big world, no, I don't mean just increase x and y of the main, but some new maps.
Btw, The map builder rank will be too fun. OH sorry back to main features...

Sometimes, when the killer getings to  calm game and all people are building or collecting
Any guys
inside the tank
They placing a bombs very near the store.
Quickly, destroy them, or the store can't be opened for a week.
Lol small example onli, but something similar will be fun.
btw : With the tanks. I reported the bug at  the requests, but Idk if it will be repaired. If you will geton at the tank on the sky, bridge or any highest places, you can
Until you getoud of the tank.

Why the buildings are oud of roofs? It will be really fun camping at the roof and throwing grenades down
oh, they will exploded at the sky
Yes, pls, make if the grenades will not hit any object, like a wall or platform, they will not explode.

Any fast , or very slow, but prety armored vehicles?
Or the super fast but prety brittle plane?
Btw, It's nice the tanks and aircrafts can go through walls, but, hm, It's unrealistic, big_smile...
+ Updates, which can you buy at the store. Like turbo, or secondary weapon, or any special armor for the vehicles.
If any player will come to you and you will be on any vehicle and you will get him permission, he or she can geton to your vehicle too and strategize or woice chat with you.

For example,  3 kills, you will get a gift. Or you can get a gift for building or number of your items in your inv.

Ranks for example, to 5 kills you will be a beginer, above it you can be a bloody starter etc...
The killer.
Hm, it will be a competition for a week. For all week, the game will write how much players will you kill, how much items will you collect, how many shelters will you build and how many rawlines will you write.
after the end of the week, the server will calculates everything. For the each category, the player will get some points. Who will get the most points, them he will be the killer of a week.
That can be too a monthli competition, or, wow, the year master gaming champion
Too, you can get some coins for won this competitions.

Ok, that's all of me, big_smile.
sorry for my english, and happy playing!

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2018-01-09 21:26:32

yep, new weapons for sure. I my self have never seen someone use a different weapon then a sniper.
ok, so here are the suggestions.
1. voice commands. by this I mean like the voice chatting in swamp. yes we have voice chat, but it would be good if we can have some kind of commands like follow me, becareful, you know what I mean. then the team play would be much more fun.
2. possibly remove teams, and replace it with team death match and capture the flag. Basicly, there is an event, and the equal number of players are being put in each team and they are spawned onto a map and well, depending if it's tdm, then just kill the enemy team members, while in capture the flag, you take the flag from enemies base back to yours. not that the current team system is bad, just thought that this one would be more ferr because there is the equal number of players in each team.
3. not really a suggestion, but please remove shields. that way sniper will looz it's value, and anyway with antibiotics you can reach up to 50000 health so you basicly don't need any more protection.
4. ammo system. I think that ammo system should have been introduced a long long time ago, and I think now it's the best chanse.
5. please return AI back into the game. they are quite good if you're the only one online and you are just waiting for someone, or just to practice. Why were they removed anyway.
6. Make an easier way to give items. I know that we have that command, but possibly making so space gives an item, and shift+space will auction it. The command isn't bad, just it mite be complicated.
7. Bullets bouncing off walls. what I mean is that if bullet hits a wall, it should return. sure not all weapons should do that, but some of them should.
8. please please increase the range of the shotgun. it can actually be a quite good weapon if it had a longer range.
9. why don't you just set the maxhealth to 5000. sure then antibiotics looz there point but I am tired of keeping shooting at players with tank who just when they get hit, start drinking an other antibiotic and what ever I do, there health is 50000 or somewhere about that.
10. I think that we should be able to enter other's shelters even if they don't give us the permission. everyone can brake a wooden door after all. big_smile
that's all for now, and I will reply again if I have any more suggestions.

Alexander Ferrumite
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2018-01-09 21:31:01

No, i won't flame. I won't say tk is a bad game. Here is my suggestions, ivan.

More than one human in a vehicle. More new weapons, crossbow, laser something, i don't know. Make maybe remote controlled robots, i mean you can walk with left right up and down as you do, but you will be controling your robot instead, and you can also fire, that sort of thing. I read in the changelog you wer adding drones, why not complite your own idea? Add so if you shoot where the store is you can damage it and it won't be open for some time. Add a taser? add helecopters with machineguns on them, i will love it! add maybe herbs you can collect as items and they will restore your health as antibiotics do, but much less? Get the shield cap, to 100 i think it would be fine. Also i think you need to half a health cap to 25000. Maybe add ai back so the players would fight not only each other but someone else also? Add another types of weapons on tank and aircraft if you don't want to add another vehicles maybe? fighting only with only one cannon or laser is boaring! Add bikes? so two people can sit on one. Or add instead of bikes motorbikes so don't clone redspot maybe? well i think that's all! hope some of ideas will be added!

flawless victory!

2018-01-09 21:34:10

I agree  we really need more weapons. I also think a way for admins to host events would be nice. Also, I remember there were enemys in  earlier versions of TK. Well maybe we could bring those back but with a  slightly different system. What if, for example, every time you kill a player, a zombie spawns and comes after you, like the zombie of the player you killed. I think robots would also be a great idea. Not to copy RS or anything. Also maybe you could make a feature for robots to track  specific players would be great. Also, I think maybe you should make this current version of TK  custom server based again. So once the new TK is out, people can still host there own servers on the old one. It wouldn’t  receive updates or anything, it’d just be out there for anyone who wants it, and ofcorse with the updated admin help. I know you’ll probably all hate me for this, but I think you should also
1, remove the store and make it so all items can be picked up. 2, make it so players lose all items when they die or go offline. 3, add a /afk command.
Thanks for reading, and I wish you the best of luck for the game.

2018-01-09 22:05:19

I will just say, if you will lose all your items after dying and an amo sistem will be implemented will be just like other games.
This is so unique, why not let it be that?

I am your friend, your spam bot reporter, I am what ever do you wan a be to you, but if it is not good, I will not be!
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2018-01-09 23:05:55

Because its not realistick

kind regards and have a nice day,

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2018-01-10 07:01:45

Hello there,
i don't know if the lost inv after death  is a good idea. I like the killer because you can don't be stresset if you will win or lose the fight and if you will lose or get the items.
Yes, i know it's unrealistic, but that's the point of the killer... big_smile
No, i don't mean be unrealistic, but the items... smile
That's all of me.
Sorry for my english.

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2018-01-10 12:01:40

hi again.
ivan please dont remove weapons.
and dont copy redspots map, sky and somethings!

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2018-01-10 12:16:11 (edited by hadi.gsf 2018-01-10 12:29:24)

I have a question to TK players.

Is TK also like the other current FPS game where you get dominated by players who never sleep and have super numbers?
sorry for the off topic question but I need to know this before putting time for the game..and such.
I also tried to play it but it says that the server is offline

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2018-01-10 12:50:49

in my opinion, if you don't lose your items in an fps, the fps itself can't be called a real fps.

kind regards and have a nice day,

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2018-01-10 13:56:46

marro wrote:

in my opinion, if you don't lose your items in an fps, the fps itself can't be called a real fps.

I do not understand what you're saying.
We have different first person shooters in the mainstream media.
From tactical fps, where you have a team  which you will capture points and bases or do a certain objective with, to twitch fps/survival/roleplaying/whatever.

John Petrucci Fan all the time.
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2018-01-10 18:16:05

@12, moastly yes. @13, all opinions are different, but dude, if you will lose all your items after being killed, then you would be dominated from players with big numbers. That will be pointless, don't you think? have you eeven played to suggest this?

flawless victory!

2018-01-10 18:46:56

The reason I think we should lose all our shit when we die is so players don’t have the  opportunity to get to powerful. To the person who was asking if it was like rs where there are stupidly powerful players, no it isn’t. We have a health and shield cap that stops players from getting to powerful, for the most part.

2018-01-10 20:33:25

Hi Ivan.
I have a Suggestion for TK: the guy in the store clearly Needs more Messages (like when you buy something, when you Exit the store, when you enter the store, etc ...).
Also, multiple maps would be nice.

Greetings and happy gaming, Julian
BTW, give me a thumbs up if you like my Posts!

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2018-01-11 12:38:44

1 can you please mayke the shilters have more funy like, adding walls and tables ,chairs ,latters as we can buy them and put them in the shelters
2, sum new weapenz
3 sum new air crafts and robotes and tanks

2018-01-11 13:26:02

You can already build in shelters, just press B when inside and you can do some stuff. You can also use /rawmap to get the contence of the map, and /spawndata to add data that way, don’t use this unless you know how the map code works. You can also use /rawdata, be careful though, this command ober rights the current data with the data you set.
If you guys wish, I can make an article in the articles room which will explain all the commands and how to use them in a lot more detail.

2018-01-12 14:28:59

ok. Let's clarify some stuff here. At hadi: TK is exactly like what you said. Players don't lose their inventory after death, and they become powerful and powerful by the time. Specially when they win an auction and get tuns of coins, buy guided missiles and fire them at you like darts heh. This thing happened to me a very while ago. Someone was aiming their missiles on every player around him and no point of playing for others. Want my opinian, Here it is. Add a ranking system. No, don't get it wrong! Ranking system comes to the playerbase this time. Players get their ranks up by killing others or doing some other things that developer disides about. In this case, each weapon and item may have a required rank and oops, You really need to make some of those items more expensive.
add ai(s). As bgt lags the server so much with moving ai(s), You might want to set them not to move that much. You actually need to add rotation to those ais and make them to aim at you instead of moving and moving until their gun is pointed at you. This make things less laggy and more enjoyable. In this way players also can get ranks and be able to go fight with the high stat players, unlike before.

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2018-01-12 14:39:09

Ok, but if I add this ranking system, I will then create another problem. People will have certain items that they gained because of their kills, etc. If a newbie logs in, they won't stand a chance with all the players online because player x is a newbie, there for can't receive the missiles, while players y and z can.


2018-01-12 16:00:40

Solution is here. With this ranking system, Players which are on the upper ranks should not be able to hit the players within their below ranks. With ai(s), The lowest ranked player won't be bord and always have something to do.

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2018-01-12 18:41:06

That sounds like a good idea. I really hope it’s added.

2018-01-12 19:29:25

hi ivan.
add some wepens, wich you can buy in the store

let's rock!

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2018-01-12 23:12:10

Me too, I want this ranking sistem.

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