2018-01-10 07:30:16

Hey, is there a fully accessible sudoku game for blinds? Actually it doesn't matter whether it's playable on pc or IOS but to play sudoku on the phone will be a better experience I think. Maybe on the road trips or while waiting for someone. Since sudoku's a popular game, an accessible version has been already made I guess but I want to make sure it's fully accessible and has a really nice interface.


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2018-01-10 12:13:18

hi there
hmm there are some of them
ultimate sudoku by Draconis Entertainment:
blindfold sudoku for iphone:
https://www.applevis.com/apps/ios/games … old-sudoku
pritty sure there are more out there big_smile

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2018-01-10 23:01:14

There was also Sudosan in the Experimental games center, should still stick somewhere around this site...

Give me a month or two, if all goes well (to debug and localize everything into English etc), and you should see a fresh new Sudoku game. If I can say so myself, being the author, all the others can't even compare to this one, feature and interface wise.


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2018-01-11 11:50:53

Does anyone have a copy of Sudo-san? It's website crashed and I can't download from there.

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