2018-01-08 16:10:00

Hello guys,
Since this hasn't been asked yet and since I am a curious Person, I want to know what you guys expect for 2018 in Terms of gaming.
Let's start with mine:
more Story-driven games (games with an in-depth Story mode, NOT text adventures)
Simulation games (restaurant etc.)
more Mainstream games being made accessible
less flame wars on audiogames.net (I know this is being dealt with, but can we just be a bit more nice to each other?)
Yeah, that's about it from me, now awaiting your list!

Happy Gaming!

Greetings and happy gaming, Julian
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2018-01-08 19:07:58

a few things regarding 2018 for the games I like and what I hope for them in 2018 and expect.

1. Crazy Party will continue to grow and have more fun stuff for us to do.
2. Huboodle will expand modes of play in their existing games onboard that and also give us more fun things to do with games that are hopefully neither word games nor casino games, though I have found word builder to be quite fun.
3. The Echo game Six Swords will continue to grow, with some early bugs dropping off already and the creator talking with us directly here on Audiogames for what we want and what he can try and give us, keeping us updated on his weekly advances, recently adding dinosaur, devil, and demon dungeons to the game.
4. Choiceofgames will continue to release fun games for us to play. A little bummed because I tried "Sea Eternal" for the first time a few days ago and it sucked, the first time I could say that about one of their titles. Hoping for more stuff like A Midsummer night's choice and "Diabolical" and a little less "Sea Eternal." coming out for them.
5. Earplay will get out a few new titles this year hopefully for the echo and will also hopefully release mission two for Codename Signus.
6. Godville will come out with a few things for us to do, at least one big one by the end of the year, hopefully adding to  the recent "build your own boss monster" thing they added to late game stuff.
7. Storium: The online Storytelling game will get the remainder of the kickstarter worlds out hopefully and add some new features for us to use. The game is super-active but there hasn't been a significant features update other than a few kickstarter world releases since the end of May last year. Even so I play the game daily.

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2018-01-08 19:32:12

@Bookrage: What is Build-your-own-boss-monster ing in Godville?

Greetings and happy gaming, Julian
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2018-01-08 20:43:08

If you're familiar with Godville this is going to be a bit repetitive for you but I'm also writing for those that don't play.

Godville is a game that plays itself. One of the first things you do is gather gold bricks to build a temple for your god/goddess. You play of course as a god or goddess with only one worshipper. Once you have done that, which I've been on for 8 and a half months and am only about 60% done with that one, youwill start going to dungeons and getting pieces of gopher wood to build and ark, where you can put animals you find. You then after the Ark is built can go sailing and gather animals at different islands. Eventually somewhere along the way you can also make a shop somehow and now there is something to do with bosses.

Bosses if you beat them drop special, very valuable items that sell for a ton of gold. If you have gotten far enough, sometimes your hero will instead of selling these trophies will actually start sticking pieces together on their own and make a custom boss monster of their own. that will gather treasure, work at the shop and do all sorts of other stuff. Not even being done with my temple yet I don't know the whole thing, but it is the most recent add-on as a new phase to the endgame.

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2018-01-10 02:41:20

I just hope we can finally get away from the word games and all the simple stuff that came out in recent years and start seeing more games like AHC and maybe an actual online fps. not getting my hopes up honestly. seems like we're forever stuck in the 90's.

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2018-01-10 02:50:50

again, I have been urging huboodle to expand beyond the simple stuff.

My own belief is I believe in their plan. A lot of games are made niche, which is not necessarily a good business model, especially with the high underemployment and unemployment among the blind, and other game companies either give a lip service to  blind accessibility or don't bother, as in many cases it isn't cost effective or at least doesn't seem so. App A11Y with their simple games might not be giving us quite what we want, but its commitment to making stuff for both the sighted and the blind to play together is something I really like to see. Out of Sight Games in also getting eventually to adding graphics to their blind-accessible game is also a step I think it is good to take.

The echo and the google home, working largely from audio imput and output already are practically made for us, so the future of having a lot of areas where the blind and sighted can work together and play together on a more equal footing Is looking pretty bright.

I love Crazy Party, and Entombed, but I think we will not get the truly massive, truly amazing games that will propel us to a brand new place unless barriers are cut down where possible. AHC and Huboodle are attempting to do that in making stuff that works for the blind but would appeal to the sighted too, and I want to see a lot more of that going forward.

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2018-01-10 19:39:38

@JimmyDub: Couldn't agree more about the game genre Thing. I also hope that we get better Content for mobile devices (stuff like Sound of Magic or Echoes of Levia).
But also the Long-promised cooking game from the developer of crafting kingdom.

Greetings and happy gaming, Julian
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2018-01-11 00:30:03

well maybe AHC was what was needed to get the ball rolling on better games.

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2018-01-14 07:37:10

Definitely think AHC is a huge step in the right direction and that it's going to make developers see that the blind is a market that want to play more than word games and basic freemium style stuff.  I'd love to see Visual novels get far more accessible than they are, I've been meaning to try and contact some developers of some of the bigger titles and see if there's an easy way to get accessibility in there.  Would love to see VNs, and accessible, story based RPGs become an audio game genre, because as much as I enjoy AHC I'm not much of an open world RPG  player.

Would be happy to see some full fledged action RPGs and side scrollers also!  And really want to see Sony up the TTS in the PS4, and more mainstream games sound design getting to the point where the accessibility barrier is just cut down.  Would also be awesome to see more blind gamers take initiative,  and make games they say they want which is something I'd like to look into doing as well smile

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