2017-12-07 06:48:26

Okay, anyone who has seen the topic on clicker idle games in the general game discussion will have seen this, but for everyone else I've just tried this out.
Basically it's a click based version of civilization, and this time it has headings.

Gather resources, recruit workers and assign them, use the headings to go through different sections of the page and then use the buttons, it's all fairly standard stuff.

What is sort of entertaining is the different gods in the game. I went for the underworld god and now find to get bonuses out of it I actually have to starve my population into giving me corpses so that I can sacrifice them, ----- actually I'm slightly wondering if I chose the right god and should restart.

Oh, and before anyone makes the same mistake i did, I will say you need looooooots! of farmers to support any one other job, so don't try recruiting one farmer, one woodcutter and one miner or you'll end up with dead population very quickly.

I would personally recommend recruiting 10 farmers, then seeing how many  workers you can get away with, this doesn't change until you start building mills, which is a ways later in the game.

Hope people like.

Oh and the link is http://dhmholley.co.uk/civclicker.html

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2017-12-07 08:37:53

sounds interesting. i'll check it out.

but dark, much as I love your writing style, lots of o's in a word don't translate in to a cool sound in jaws, it just makes a word unreadable. I had to actually arrow through it to realise what it meant.



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2017-12-07 08:45:20

this is a very good game but i don't know how can i get a username and password and save it for the next time i want to play it

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2017-12-07 12:31:19

just take your punctuation settings down a bit that should work.

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2017-12-07 13:17:43

Any ideas what the cats do in game?
I've upgraded a ton of buildings, and I see "cat" as an achievement. But so far, I've not seen the cat do anything.
Maybe it helps build wonders later on?

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