2017-11-10 19:23:49

I tried back in 2000 and got a joystick but to be honest I never got into storing and using it full time.
Now a lot of games are moving into mice, and controlers and with liam running a blind legend with his I have been thinking on getting a controler.
So what should I go for.
I know the x box 1 xbox 360 and other x box systems as well as playstation units you can buy controlers just the controlers mind you are there and well.
What controler would you recomend for a gamer like me.
I have played games for the last 15 years of my life but I have never used more than a simple controler and it was rubbish.

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2017-11-10 19:34:56

I couldn't get the xbox controller I bought to work with Windows, because that makes sense somehow in the antimatter universe. I've had no trouble with PS4, and my primary ssetup is a couple PS1 controllers connected to a USB adapter.

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2017-11-10 19:46:06


Game controllers relate to games so this topic should be in general discussion as offtopic is for anything not! about games.

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2017-11-10 20:24:18

Xbox One controllers shouldn't be a problem - they work with Win 10 natively and possibly 8/8.1 as well, though not sure on that one.

The reason you couldn't get yours to work, if you were using a 360 controller, is that you had to get a separate adaptor or a different controller (the X360 controller for Windows) officially licensed by MS as far as I know.  All that's gone out the window now with the Xbox One though so hopefully people realise that the PS4 pads aren't eh only option out there.

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2017-11-11 01:45:55

I use an 8bitdo controller on Windows and my other devices. They're both wireless and wired. They make different controller models based on controllers from Nintendo's retro consoles. For example, they make controllers based on the original NES and original Famicom (called the NES30 and FC30), and ones based on the Super NES and Super Famicom (called the SNES30 and SFC30). They also make Pro versions of the aforementioned controllers, which have two analog sticks and two sets of shoulder buttons instead of one. They're a bit on the pricy side, but they're really great.

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2017-11-11 12:16:42

hello! i recomend you xbox1 controller.

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2017-11-11 18:58:43

I'll say the type of controller doesn't matter much, because you can configure the buttons to what you want. Personally I like the ps4 controller, but I'm also using an XBox one controller. I don't have much experience in using it on the pc though.

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2017-11-11 19:06:18

I was not sure exactly where this should go so thanks for moving it.
Hmmm I have win7, I have a cousin that was able with ms software to use usb connected xbox 360 controlers but I just want one with the 2 sticks, and a good d pad.
and the buttons ofcause.
It seems though I should wait till my next computer upgrade to make that all worth while then.

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