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Tips for creating maps in scrolling battles, your world.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you build maps in scrolling battles your world. This tutorial expects from you to know the following things.
*How to play the game.
*How to make a new map.
*How to use the map builder.
I wouldn't suggest you imidiatly start making a complex map. First make a general map with out any cosmetic things, then you can start using tips and tricks in this document to make more interesting maps. If someone says that your map is easy or that your map is stupid, don't think of that as an insult. More over, if you make a very stupid map there are chanses that in that stupidity there will be fun,so menny guise will not notice that there is so mutch stupid things in it because of the fun.
Also, note that maps don't need to be things like jumping over hazards, etc. But now, let's go on to the tips!

Tile changing.

this cant be considered as a cosmetic change, but it is something new users get into trubble. There is basicly no tile changing and stuf. you just say to it that you want a platform, and in the y field put the hight at witch is the platform that you want to change. This is basicly overrighting that platform, note that the map interpreter will always look from start to end, so the latest changes will have total effect. Note that sound sources will mix each other, witch will make some bad things if you mix some not related sounds.
In short, only use overrighting when there are platforms. Note that walls are also overwritten by platforms, so becarefull when having both walls and platforms at the same spot.


Wonderring how do people put cars in there maps? Here is the answer!
Cars are basicly, doors. only thing that you have to do is to specify one of the car engine sounds as the door loops. Most of them are included in the list.
In short, doors are actually teleporters. To make a real door, see in the appropriate section.

Real doors.

Making real doors is easy, but for someone who's stuck here is the answer. Note: I meen vizical doors, Like doors in the house. same things to do, if you want fences, accept you have to mix choisses.
you first make a wall, any type of wall. Then, from it's left side, make a door just by that wall, it goes to the other side of the wall. There are menny door open and door close sounds, doorloop should be emty. Make the door with same parrametars on the other side, goes to the first door, and here you are! You managed to make a real door!

Braking flor thingy.

If you were on sbyw for a very long time, one time there was very popular map, called braking flor. it was basicly jumping 4 squares at the time and trying not to fall from those squares. Sadly it started giving really small number of points, that's why it lossed it's popularity.
Now, you know that if you dy by falling, you don't get returned by a checkpoint. That's why, if you a game like jumping from platform to platform, put a hazard below all those platforms. You should know how to do that, just type the options in the hazard screen.

someone got sound x plaing in there map!

Note that every sound in the game can be used as a sound source. You only need to guess it's name. It's often very easy, for example footstep sounds are always tilestep1 to 5.ogg
note: you need to have the extension, .ogg, To play the file.
you first get /rawmap, and you find the sound source where you want to have that sound. change it with one of the games sounds, And it's ok! Always make shure that it's working. Note that you can do same with door sounds, and other stuf witch need a sound to play, may be available in the future.

I can jump froo a platform from below!

This problem is very easy to fix. Just put any kind of wall below that platform. When the player trys to jump, he will bomb of the wall and he want get outside.


Use the starecase for everything that you will use for climbing. From trees to real starecases.

jumping doors

This is something witch I forgot, and I have added it now.
You have shurely seen some maps have something like, jump to go to where ever or press space to do what ever. What it basicly does is it puts an automatical door higher then the platform where the player is located, max is 5 tiles for a player with no shues, and there specify where that door will go. That's also very good for traps, like,you have gon goodness knows where by only pressing space.


Well, I hope that this thing has helped you in any way. Hope to see your cool maps on SBYW soon! Fiel free to contact me if you have any questions, note: I don't check my PMs very often, but I will notice a email And I will reply to it as fast as possible. Also, fiel free to ask a question on SBYW chat, there are menny of us who would like to help.
Happy building!

Alexander Ferrumite
follow me on twitter. @ferrumite666.

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