2017-10-12 22:22:31

Hi guise.
So basicly I have recently started trying to host a server. I know how to open ports, but when I use port check tool and it says server timed out. I am using the port forwarder by Dark flier productions, if that may help.
Also, how to get your public IP address, and how to use your host name if you have a no ip account.
Thanks in advance.
Ps: when I talled him witch port to open, it filed a sucssess message, If I renumber it will file an error if router doesn’t support UPNP.

Alexander Ferrumite
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2017-10-13 07:11:13

How do you expect anyone to help when you don't provide any information about the server in question? Is it a windows server (bleh), a linux-based one, a regular windows computer in your basement you call your "server"?

You also shouldn't be using a port forward tool, as I would assume it only works for your local machine. Unless your using remote desktop to run it on a windows server, in which case you still shouldn't be using it because UPNP probably isn't supported for opening ports by your host. Basically: don't use that tool.

Look through the control panel provided by your hosting company and check if it mentions anything about a firewall, and open the port there. If that doesn't work, you'll need to open the ports you want through the firewall on the actual server.

Also, you might consider actually searching the forum for topics like this; a lot of them exist (and ask better questions than "help, this tool won't work on an environment I didn't specify").

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2017-10-13 13:47:31

sorry I wasn't that specific.
I have tried froo firewall, but it seems that I cant find the new rule button in the inbound rules section.
And, it's the windows server, and I am hosting it on my own my machine, not a VPS or something like that.
Thanks in advance

Alexander Ferrumite
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