2017-09-08 05:07:10

Wow, this game I just played between the Giants and the Cowboys, lol I don't even know where to begin. There is so much that needs to be done for accessibility. There was too much guessing in this game, from whether I had to run, throw, both throw and run, and sometimes when I did run the ball I got... two safeties?
This was on rookie, and the cowboys wish they were as good as they were in this game in real life. I also think that Manning would be fired from the Giants if he ever displayed this shitty performance for real. I finished the game by resigning to myself that I'd at least laugh at the commentators talking about how the Cowboys defense was treating my team like toys.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QV2hlR_ … .be&a=

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2017-09-10 22:41:39

First of all, the first video redo is done!
Youtube can take it's copyright stuff and throw it in the blender!
Anyways, here is the link:
Oran, When I do a video of a game,  I'll include cues that I use to help me know if I am on defense or offense or not.

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2017-09-11 05:36:22 (edited by Addolis 2017-09-11 05:37:46)

Hello everyone,
Here is the  next video that has been redone. This one has some extra content, so hope you enjoy it!



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2017-09-11 23:21:09

@Orin  I wonder if the Giants That you played with were as bad as our Giants were in last nights game. lol Our  defense was fantastic.  Tough game.
@Darrell  appreciate the Videos, I'll be checking those out.

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2017-09-12 04:08:35

Hello everyone!
Here is my next video redo, creating your own  franchise
I hope you all enjoy it, and please give me some feedback on it!
I hope the other videos are good aas well!

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2017-09-12 06:45:09

Buffalo just somehow got worse after my trade antics:

Traded the D-line for Gronk. Then traded for Fitzgerald, then traded for Brees.

Yes, I am trying to recreate the run and shoot offense of the Jim Kely era....I have my second string defensive line in there and SOMEHOW got a 45-38 win in wekek 1.

Last second incompletion ftw.

I Here's my starting offense depth charg:



Whoever it is for the Bills, can't remember


Witten/Bryant/Fitzgerald (yes I raided the Cowboys roster, gave them picks and backups for that)

If I'm taking the Bills somewhere everyone else is gonnna suffer at my trades. Panthers need a new QB as Newton apparently simmed and got an injury, Packers lost (what?), Vikings got obliterated, Giants won on a blowout and....most improbably of all, the Browns put up 60 points? Okay, this franchise is unrealistic.

Oh and the Niners got shut out too. Some things never change either.

If in doubt, chocolate and coffee. Enough said.

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2017-09-13 04:39:17

Well, how are you doing those  trades? You're actually memorizing those menus or OCR?

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2017-09-13 04:58:05

Writing down the menu layouts and playbooks so I can Memorizing, memorize them.

Also, gotta love trolling the Giants by trading Luke Keekly for Eli Manning then turn around, trade Manning to the Jets.

I'm controlling the Bills. So, I'm tanking my entire division. I didn't go out and trade my whole D-Line to get Brady....and then traded him for Newton. Got a 1-2 of Newton and Brees, got some guy named Larry Fitzgerald....apparently he's pretty good and yeah, he only went and owned in week 2 for 290 yards and 6 TDs...yeah, Six scores. I've somehow brought back the KGun offense by sheer accident. Admittedly having Cam Newton in there helps.

So....Newton, Brees as my two starting QBs, got Mark Ingram, and traded Gilmore for JJ Watt. That's one piece of the puzzle.

Okay as I'm posting this, lemme hit A nad....rofl, I just snagged Demaryus Thomas from the Broncos. I'm decimating the AFC with bullshit trades and giving away all my picks...yeah....oblitering the AFC here. Not tried the Eagles yet but do they realy have anything worth trading for? No...rofl

Rofl, I like how I give away my last 6th round pick to the Lions, get Gilmore right back...shenanigans. Also, for the weirdness that's going on in my franchise...check this out

Brady's in Cleveland (ha!), Simeon is on the Colts, Luck is on the Lions (improvement), Matt Ryan is....on the Bengals, I got Newton and Brees, and.....Bridgewater's on the Packers backing up Rogers. Well....Vikes are screwed again, roflmao.

Okay....apparently....yeah, I really, REALLY shredded the Pats. I got Gronk, I got Eddy Lacy and traded him to the Chiefs, cause why not...and in that trade i I got  athird rounder I used for snagging a certain guy named  Joe Flacco, put him in a trade to the Dolphins and....I'll spare you the ull trade sequence.

Short version, I ended up with three Bronco linebackers.

I like how I'm figuring the trade logic out insanely fast. Seems my years of playing MLB has taught me well...rofl.

Oh and 4-0 so far on the year. Pats are 2-2, Browns are -1, they lost to the Vikings. I have no idea how that Teddy-less team put up 45 on the Pats, the Jets are 0-4, Giants are 1-3, and the Jags have the best record.

Apparenttly...I really, really REALLY screwed up the NFL...

If in doubt, chocolate and coffee. Enough said.

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2017-09-13 22:35:08

That is indeed what you were doing, can you please share the document of compendium information? I would love that actually be able to manage my franchise the way that most people do.

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2017-09-14 06:02:30

Nope as it's a literal physial folder full of paper. Not about to try to put that in my computer....

Either way if you need any specific advice, ask away.....also if you're rolling with the Browns or Jets, restart and pick a better team

If in doubt, chocolate and coffee. Enough said.

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2017-09-14 16:42:45

Hello everyone,
Is there anything that you guys would like a preview of or anything like that? Oran, I know you mensioned some NBA 2k 16 games. I'm also looking in to getting NBA live 18.  I also have fifa 17 and NHL 17 if anyone is interested.

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2017-09-14 16:52:23

Fifa17 would be nice.

2017-09-15 05:55:21

I don't have a TV, so I would need to get one, then a console. Oh god the pain, which one to choose, I hate xbox 360 because its nothing but an ad campaign always slamming pics and vids on the side you don't care anything about, the interface is clunky and weird, and I doubt the xbox 1 is any better in that regard, but its got narrator, so probably has more blind players. Now, the pS4, My brother has one and when I was rooming with him, I played a lot of games on it, and I love it. Not only does it beat out the xbox 1 on paper, but the interface is nice compared to xbox, well 360, I can't compare to xbox 1 because I have never so much as seen one. However, ps4 has the limited text to speech, which, let's face it is probably just to satisfy US FCC regulations.
The ps4 is going to have less players. I don't have the money for all this right now, but madden 18 is definitely on the list if its getting accessibility stuff done to it.
Xbox, ps4, xbox, ps4, xbox, ps4... urgh. My heart says PS4 all the way. Because there are other games besides Madden I'd want to play with peeps from this community, like MKX, Injustice 2, Killer instinct, etc. The good news is for a TV, I can get one fairly cheaply, because I don't need a 50 inch screen that supports 4K when my vision sucks, and is only in one eye. So its just paying for the console.

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2017-09-15 07:46:08

It would be awesome to hear your experiences with Fifa and how you play it.

Best regards SLJ.
If you like the post, then please give it a thumps up.
Feel free to contact me privately if you have something in mind. If you do so, then please send me a mail instead of using the private message on the forum, since I don't check those very often.
Happy gaming... :D

2017-09-15 21:49:24

I have a few questons about Madden 18.
1. How do you turn on the rumble feature on the Xbox version?
2. How do you return the kick?
3. Which control stick do you use to control the different players?
4. How do you toggle between the players on defense?
5. How do you know if you are picking a passing play and running play?
If someone could please help that would be great!

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2017-09-15 22:30:00

Hello everyone,
TO the poster who  discussed which consol to get, I highly recommend Xbox 1.  I have one, and the accessibility does more than just  Satisfy regulations. Narrator reads the entire interface, practically, and  I used to be a huge follower of the playstation series, until I heard about the accessibility of the 4.   FOr the person with madden NFL questions.
There are rumbles coming in a future update (soons), that will help us identify a passing play for a running play.
However, if you need help with this, and you pick a play from coaching suggestions, If the announcers tell you that your back to throw, or back to pass, it generally  means that you are doing a  passing play. If you are running, they will announce that your running back, has the ball, or you will also hear a quieter version of the catching noise, to indicate that  the ball has been given to the runner.
TO switch players on defense, press the b or the Circle button before the qb hikes the ball.
I plan on doing a video discussing my tips for playing the game.
I will work on fifa and other games as well, just want to finish the madden series first, promise.

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2017-09-15 23:17:29

Hey, Addolis.
Thanks for the information.
Until the release of the update I would like to know how to do two things in Madden.
The first is how to return the kick?
The second is how to do the PAT/field goal kick?
If you or anyone else could tell me that would be great.

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2017-09-15 23:25:27

Returning kicks is the same as running witht he ball. When you receive the kick, move your left stick up, and if you feel vibrations , use the right stick or the b button to spin away from or move around the defender. There is no right or wrong way to do returns, and they are very hard to run back for touchdowns. I have only done it a couple of times.
As far as the extra point and field goals go, that wil be something I show in my game video. There is not really a way to explain it while typing.
I will walk you through it in the video however.
PS let me know if you have any questions.

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2017-09-16 00:38:20

thank you so very much for the help that I am receiving on this thread. When will your video be upload it? Because I really would like to see how the field-goal works. Thanks once again.

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2017-09-16 01:30:53

I don't now when I'll have it done, but it will be done soon. I promised.

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2017-09-16 12:10:54

Maybe it is too much to ask for, but it would be nice if someone could, or maybe link to, an explanation of the differences between American football and European football.

Best regards SLJ.
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2017-09-16 14:19:32

Hi SLJ, I'm a fan of both so I'll give it a shot.

European football, which I'm going to call soccer henceforth, is a game with near constant jogging and moments of full on sprinting. There are 11 players on each team on the field at a time. Very little contact but the contact allowed is called slide tackling and it is nasty. It is when a player that isn't moving the ball around with his feet attacks a player with the ball by sliding on the ground, feet first. As said the ball is moved solely by the feet, touching with your hands is a penalty except for the players that guard the goals, named goalies.
Goals are how the game is won. A player scores a goal by kicking the ball into the other players net, which is at the opposite end of the field than your own net you are defending. A net is a large metal frame with a cloth net of ropes attached.

American football is played almost solely with the hands. There are no nets. Also 11 players on the field at a time, but there are different squads for different purposes. Offense tries to get the football to the other end of the field, held by one of the players. Throwing the ball is allowed, running the ball is allowed and kicking is allowed but when you kick the ball you give up possession of it. This is important because in American football, the offense has four chances to advance the ball ten yards forward on the field. The other team tries to stop them. That's the defense squad doing their job. If the offense can't advance ten yards in four tries, called downs, they have to give the ball up. In between downs, the play stops at the referees whistle. American football is played in very short bursts. If the offense can advance the ball ten yards, then they get another set of four attempts. So the object is to move down the field to score a touchdown which is when one of your players has the ball through a run or pass and runs onto the other teams end zone, which is just an area on the ground. It is the goal, but it isn't anything like a soccer goal. The last squad is called special teams, and they handle kicking the ball, and running it back when the other team kicks.

There are further shades of complexity but those are the main points. Soccer has a set length: 90 minutes, but extended when injuries on the field stop play.

American football is four quarters of 15 minutes each but the games are usually around 3 hours because of stop time in between downs. The clock doesn't advance when they're setting up the play.

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2017-09-16 14:26:43

Just a few things I missed.

In American football, each down begins as two lines facing each other, one line for each team. Imagine the field is a rectangle longer on the left and right part than up and down, and they are facing each other with the backs of each line facing the long end. The quarterback, who is the player on the offense squad who controls the ball through passing to other players, can't throw the ball if he has passed the point where the line began. That's a big rule. As quarterback you can't run forward and throw the ball.

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2017-09-17 12:52:12

Thanks a lot for your great explanation. big_smile

Best regards SLJ.
If you like the post, then please give it a thumps up.
Feel free to contact me privately if you have something in mind. If you do so, then please send me a mail instead of using the private message on the forum, since I don't check those very often.
Happy gaming... :D

2017-09-17 14:36:35

I thought rugby was somewhat similar to american football, different rules, but in general, the same game, but I don't know for sure.
American football also has some strategy involved, as one play or other for the offensive side may have failed, leaving with with 3rd and long, this means essentially that they're on 3rd down and have quite a distance to the 1st down marker. They can try to make up this with a big pass, but the defense will be anticipating. If they do manage to gain some of the yardage back, but not all, they're gonna have to decide what to do on 4th down. 4th down can be interesting in certain circumstances, its not always black and white, where if you're more than 50 yards, you punt it away, and if you're less, you make a field goal attempt. If a team is behind, and they think they have a shot, they can run a normal play. There's nothing saying you can't use 4th down to to pass or run the ball, sometimes it works out for them, in which case they get a 1st down, and are happy as shit. There's also a 2 point conversion, which isn't done all that often, and I forget how you go about it. I think the way it works is this. Normally, when you get a touch down i.e you run the ball into the end zone, or into the goal, or you pass it to a receiver who either catches it while already inside the zone, or catches it and runs the short distance into the end zone, you then get 6 points. But, you have the option to try for the extra point. This involves kicking the ball through the uprights, just like a field goal, and you're very close to it so unless the other team puts up a good block, the extra point is usually successful. But, if you're trailing by a few, and time is starting to run out, you can try for the extra point. This is where I'm a bit uncertain, I think its almost like rerunning the touchdown, you can either try to run the ball in, or pass it to a receiver, but, the difference is you have the entire defensive side on your ass, so its risky. If you try to run the ball in, you gotta make sure your guys can open up a hole for the running back to make it through. If you pass, the defense will break through the offensive line and put pressure on the quarterback. So, he's gonna have to try to make a good pass. The risks are that if he makes an off balance, or off handed pass, it might be incomplete, i.e. it never hit its intended receiver, or it was not caught. Either that or get sacked. So, on a passing play there's gonna be a lot of pressure on the QB. I don't understand safeties either, except I know they have to deal with the offensive team's end zone, and are worth 2 points. So a score in american football is going to be the sum of the numbers  2, 3, 6 or 7. If you know that, and you missed some of the game, you can look at the scoreboard, and narrow it down to one or two things that might have happened while you were away.

One of the best gifts on this earth is the unconditional love of an animal

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