2017-08-12 18:55:27

I've downloaded the prelude but haven't tried it yet, I'm waiting for my weekly backup to finish first. If I like what I hear, I'll be buying the Season Pass once the vision impaired version is released.

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2017-08-12 21:16:17

how come when I play the demo it keeps crashing after the intro?

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2017-08-12 23:17:20

I'm watching a youtube video on episode 1 and i really want to play it now.

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2017-08-12 23:39:04

So far this game looks pretty good and I may decide to buy it yet, but man is it not easy. So far all I've managed to do is turn on the light and get the door ID, but so far haven't been able to figure out how to unlock or override the door. I keep going around in circles because so few keys seem to do anything at all.

I'll work at it some more but if I can't get anywhere I'll write the game off as a lesson in frustration and move on to other less frustrating games.

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2017-08-13 02:07:43

Nice game.
@orco sorry if spelling isn't correct.
After getting the door ID (016) you go to the database and then search.
type the ID in and you will get the password.
the password is:
s q p y q
Spoiler end.
Hope you enjoy.

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2017-08-13 02:11:13

how are you guys able to get the visually impaired version to work? it crashes on my end after the intro.

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2017-08-13 04:07:08

I should have mentioned that I got the door ID and the password, but after an hour am still stuck in the room behind the locked door. The only useable choices I've been able to use are system check, system info, database search, apps, calculator, and room controls. Puzzles are fun when there are logical hints or clues buried in the game for you to discover to give you a chance at solving the puzzle with some thought, with no instructions on how to play the game, and nothing in the way of logical hints or clues, this game seems to be not much more than a huge guessing game.

Not what I would call an adventure.

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2017-08-13 05:23:53

for the door puzzle, after searching the ID in to the database, there is a door option there and after selecting it you should choose override and enter the password there.

get ready, folks!
let's explore different worlds, completing minigames, collect bonuses, and many other stuff.
or if you want to have some battles, there's a way to do that as well.
we are the pragmatic party prophessional. this thing is of course are going to be super crazy if more people join the fun in this party!

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2017-08-13 13:44:34

Well, the game is not for everyone. This is what I'll call a geek game. smile
I've installed the latest version which I got from bagging the project. I'm not sure on what I'm doing wrong, but after the intro, the speech seem to crash. I hear the keyboard clicks when entering letters, but no speech. I'm playing it on my Mac. I'm not sure on how to adjust the speech rade.
Well, it's so long time since I played the older demo, so I have pretty much forgotten what to do in the game. smile

Best regards SLJ.
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Feel free to contact me privately if you have something in mind. If you do so, then please send me a mail instead of using the private message on the forum, since I don't check those very often.
Happy gaming... :D

2017-08-13 16:21:40

Yup, I hear the door option but can't activate it. D activates the database, O doesn't do any thing, R activates the room controls, in fact I've tried every letter key trying to find the one to activate the door option and found nothing. This is what I mean by going around in circles, I've already been everywhere that the game will let me go.

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2017-08-13 18:27:02

Ah, I see the problem. The game is not run off of keystrokes, more typed commands.
As an example, to get past the door:


once you have the ID from Sam,
put the ID in when it prompts.
then type door.override
put in the code you got from the database.
Then type door.unlock.

Spoiler End

So the commands are nested inside each other, all you have to do is figure out which you need. When you load a screen, the voice will say what the available commands are. Listen, and try all of them. When you type one in, it will unlock more commands, sort of like a windows tree view, or folder structure. Hope this makes some sense.

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2017-08-13 18:44:15

I really want to play episode 1. I tried doing ault+V in the visual one to see if i could get TTS  to work from the main menu and nothing happened.

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2017-08-13 19:58:50 (edited by Orko 2017-08-13 20:13:07)

I persisted and figured out the menu system, where I thought that you were expected to use something like first letter navigation, it turns out that you instead use tab to move from choice to choice.

I may bitch a bit while trying to figure out what's going on but I generally keep at it until I figure it out. Like a dog with a bone, I just keep gnawing at it.

What would have been helpful is a small read me that explains the games controls. Knowing to use tab instead of letters would have saved me a lot of frustration.

I just finished episode zero and am looking forward to the rest of the game and story.

Very well done guys, kudos to you for such a good game.

One thing I did notice, the main menu doesn't pronounce the keys you need to press to do things like start a new game or settings, or exit, etc. What I get is something like:

Press to start a new game
Press for settings
Press to exit

and so on. If there are just letters in there and you are expecting the text to speech engine to read the letter, sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't. The way I've found to ensure that the letters are read is to use words instead of just letters, like this.

Press en to start a new game
Press ess for setting
Press ex to exit

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2017-08-15 20:07:09

So me and hamada both have been playing code 7 together, and all i gotta say it's fun. It's accessible for the most part, ecsept for the net work part we had a few dificulties with, but they weren't a big deal. We've managed to get to 16 percent of ep 1 and that is like about 2 to 3 and a half hours of game play. Looking forword to the blind friendly version, as we got stuck in how to use the intelegence app cause it was needed.
Keep up the good work.

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2017-08-15 21:27:56

is the demo version on steam accessible?

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2017-08-16 15:13:32

It is accessible, the one that's not, or some of it isn't is epesode 1 witch you get from buying the game.

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2017-08-18 02:13:04

Do you have a guesstimate when the blind friendly version might be released? No rush, I'd rather see you take the time to do it right, rather than rush out a product that isn't ready.

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2017-08-19 11:59:32

hi there all! i tryed to game, but, i can't play it, how can i play it? the screen reader is doesn't speak.

If that's helpfull, why don't you press Thumbs up?

2017-08-19 12:54:45

my main question is, I've bought the game and got a download link but when the extra accessability options are added for the rest of the game will I get a new download link?

if duct tape doesn't fix it, you haven't used enough.

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2017-08-19 15:02:41

Just as there are two versions of episode 0, one for sighted players, and one for vision impaired players, I would expect that episode 1 will be the same.

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2017-08-19 15:39:22

Orko wrote:

Just as there are two versions of episode 0, one for sighted players, and one for vision impaired players, I would expect that episode 1 will be the same.

No, because there is no such game called code7 ep 1, it's all one game on steam, epesode 0, 1, and then what comes next. You only need to buy the game once, Then it will eventually get updates that includ accessibility features or so i think, since it got updated yesterday but I guess those are only bug fixes.

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2017-08-19 16:43:25

That may be true for those that buy it through Steam, but what about those of us who don't or won't use it, and are buying it directly from the developer?

You shouldn't assume that everyone is like you and uses Steam. There are those of us who don't and or won't use it. And you know what you get when you spell assume don't you?

Thumbs up

2017-08-19 21:23:50

Wait, can you buy it directly? I dout that. I guess they only give you a steam key.

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2017-08-19 23:14:06 (edited by Orko 2017-08-19 23:36:28)

Oh really!? If you go to their web site there is not one single mention that Steam is required. If the Steam requirement is true, then I'd say this developer is using very deceptive business practices by omitting that piece of information.

And considering that Steam itself is not accessible without a lot of extra work and addd ons for a specific screen reader, it is my feeling that games that require it do not belong on this site or these forums.

Can someone verify or deny that Steam is a requirement to play the full version of this game?

Thumbs up

2017-08-20 01:00:50

Well they have a site on ich.io and thats where  I got the demo from its also where you can buy the entire game from, not sure what it is now but it is all one game.
I got the season pass for 16 bucks when it was on sale.
At any rate, what will probably happen is if you brought the game, you get access to the games files for that game.
So previously if you get extras and updates to the game those will appear on the games files.
You will get a notification from ich unless the game is a different game in which you need to rebuy, however, if its a different version or something for something else but still the same game then its fine.
Ich also support steam keys as well as direct internally so the system is sound enough.
You can buy steam directly on steam or claim steam through ich if you buy direct from ich so thats not a problem.
I buy a lot of my renpy visual books from ich myself and the system is reasonably good.

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