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Who doesn't love boxes. They are such useful tools coming in various shapes, sizes and materials. They keep your stuff from falling out, or protect that new shiny thing you bought while it travels the whole world to get to you. And when that thing gets there, its box gives you the immense satisfaction when you rip it apart, freeing its contents.

As the title of this post suggests, it's time to let your brain "think outside the box", as suggested by the slogan of Blackbox a free iPhone puzzle game. The concept is... not all that simple, actually, as the puzzles you'll have to solve are all different and there's over 70 of them. They do all have one thing in common however, and that is the fact that to solve them you need to think outside the screen of your phone. The only time you'll be doing any double-tapping and swiping around is to read the clues given to you in each challenge, the actual puzzles will require you to do many physical things with your phone such as talking to it, tilting it around, pressing buttons or making sure you're in the right time or place. If this sounds vaig, it's ment to be. It's very hard to talk about this game in any detail without giving major spoilers. What I can say however is that the game recently got full VoiceOver support and additional audio queues, so you will not be stuck as a result of an inaccessible app. The game is so good, in fact, that just yesterday it received A prestigeous design award from Apple so if they like it and recognise its developer for adding accessibility, you're bound to like it as well!

Finally, if you'd like to give feedback or simply discuss the game, you can do so over here on our forum. Now if you excuse me, I need to figure out what's the meaning of 12 circular wedges.

<Insert passage from "The Book Of Chrome" here>

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2017-06-08 15:05:35

nice one Peter! Gonna give this game a go.

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2017-06-10 10:48:51

uhm? ok you're phone is used for calling and texting probably the odd voice over commands but not for throwing around. omg if you're phone breaks holld the game company responsable.

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meaning of 12 circular wedges?
It almost sounds like slices of a pizza pie.
So you could toss the phone up in the air like pizza dough, or
put the phone in the oven and bake it,
or cut your phone into twelve pieces,
or put the phone in your mouth and bite it.
Do not try any of these, I was just joking.

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2017-06-13 13:03:53

Great news post there Peter, thumbs up from me big_smile.

Hmmm Phil twelve wedges, baking your phone like a pie? How could you be so foolish!

They are clearly lemon wedges, so you are obviously supposed to squeeze  phone until liquid comes out and eat it on top of a fish.

similarly, the circle with rays which is like the sun clearly suggests that you need to make your phone like the sun and set it on phire.
those 100 or so green balls? Well obviously they're bullets, so get a gun and shoot your phone! big_smile.

In fact I can absolutely guarantee that if you take any of these steps  are bound to finish the game.

You might not actually complete the game of course, but you will definitely finish it big_smile.

Btw,  destruction of Ios devices not at all recommended, or indeed necessary for any of the black box challenges.

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2017-06-14 18:21:34

Great news post Peter. I haven't tried this game yet, so I may have to give it a go.

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2017-08-30 20:40:08

LMAO, Phil and Dark.

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