2017-05-14 00:26:43

well, nothing is up with me either. now i'm slowly preparing to move back to romania because in june sixth that's what i will do, i will go back. though i will miss america, as an exchange student i have to do my duty and to go back.
i am pretty stressed to see this day coming, because i'm really not having the best life there.
well, it's nothing about my familly. it's about those people from my school, and also  a lot of stuff that is happening there which stresses the crap out of me.
it is also a big pain in the butt this year seeing that my graduation is coming in june 2018 which is a pretty giant one. so that's basically what is up with me.

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2017-05-14 10:40:06

@vlad, good luck on the move, international travel is always a pest, though if your graduation is 2018 you probably don't need to as much right now accept for getting work done.

Thinking about alter I'd be interested to know what people would recommend class wise for my wife, who is a complete mudding, and indeed mostly gaming newbie. She fancies trying alteraeon, which I've shown her, but hasn't tried that sort of game before. She isn't as keen on the idea of Necromancy just because she's not a huge fan of the undead and such on principle.
I was of suggesting druid mage just because I personally like that combo, and I will say she liked the idea of druid's natural type of magic , but I havent' had as much experience as some people here.

Well we had an interesting night of itaround 12-30, I am woken by someone yelling outside and hammering on the downstairs window shouting for my neighbour. he didn't sound aggressive, but equally the lady down stairs didn't answer.

Being as round here crime is fairly minimal I opened my window and asked the fellow what the problem was, it turned out he  been visiting my down stairs neighbour but now was shut out trying to get a taxi.
While he was certainly not exactly the most sober of people, he seemed harmless enough, so I did indeed phone the taxi firm for him.

This was all fine, accept about fifteen or so minutes later a  police car pulls up out side.

Being slightly worried for my neighbour I rang the police enquiries number. Not 9 9 9 the emergency services (like 9 1 1 in the States), but the general number you ring if you just want to talk to your local police force about a less urgent matter.

They told me the police were actually already on site and they'd received a call about someone knocking on the windows and yelling! so had gone to investigate (we really don't get much crime around here).

I went down stairs to find my neighbour laughing uproariously, since it turned out that where I had phoned the fellow a taxi, another neighbour had phoned the police!

So the moral of the story is who needs taxis when you can instantly get a cop car by creating enough of a rumpus big_smile.

Btw, needless to say were this Nottingham where my parents live where there is a far more serious crime problem and anyone suffering loud, nocturnal endrumkenment is more likely to be actually needing! a cop car than a taxi, matters would've been much different.

Well  as my Victor stream is back I decided to have a break from books while I put together my dragonflight review and do some torchwood audios as I am a little behind.

One of them, Corpse day is probably the most twisted, evil and down right wrong! thing I've ever heard Torchwood do yet (lets say if you remember the weevils from the series you haven't seen them in this light before, plus it bought the character of  owin harper back which was good. actually considering  that Owin's story in the series ended with him not dead, but functionally immortal but unable to heal himself, and locked in a nuclear reactor gone critical, there possibly is potential to bring him back for the post series torchwood audios.
Actually I always wondered why the question of the Miracle in Miracle day, and what it had done to owin never came up.
it'd be easy enough to basically have the miracle make owin immortal, an immortality which repaired his body, then when it was reversed have him restored and back out of that reactor ready to work for Torchwood again.

I've also been playing a good bit of Crazy party, trying to earn some gems to get some unlockables, albeit I'm a little rusty at some minigames big_smile.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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2017-05-25 07:41:18

Well I know nobody has been in this topic for a while, but with may winding down I thought I'd drop in and say hello.

First, my lady and I were both rather shocked about the Manchester attack, especially since I've myself been in the Manchester arena. As always I'm actually more worried about how  "security" might go, (especially I might say in certain countries), than about the likelihood of further attacks, but of course that doesn't stop it being pretty dam awful, although what I know about Manchester did make me a little sardonic at all the news of people pulling together and what not, given that generally the city doesn't have a great reputation for things like avoiding crime etc.

Well in other news, I've been in something of a gaming related funk for a while without the ability to get into anything it seems, this is a shame since there are some games I need! to play for the db, and others I would want to play, but I just seem to have been in a position where nothing at all grabs my interest.

Well yesterday I did get a couple of things done, in particular setting up an Apple Id for my lady (which was a hugely fun process given the horribly redundant corporate idiocy of the process these days), and also setting her up[ MushZ since she wants to try alteraeon.

Doing that I logged in myself, and suddenly found myself becoming a good bit more taken with the game, actually   quiz tower on slo was rather cool. I've also started playing saga of the north wind from Choiceofgamesgames on my IPhone, which I think will be  fun one, though I'll report more in the cog  topic once I've played a little more of it.

I've finished revenge of the sith yesterday, and yee gods it's an awesome book. I read it a while ago (possibly an abridged version), and was actively surprised. Film novelizations tend to be pretty ropy and certainly neither of the two previous ones grabbed my attention, but Revenge of the Sith is something else. Far more character motivations and a really good explanation of why Anakin goes from "I want to save my wife", to "kill the children!" not to mention a  tragic and actually quite uncomfortable portrait (which actually Mrs. Dark appreciated), of Padmay as essentially behaving like an abused wife, even as she sets up what will become the rebellion.

I actually agree fully with This article on tor.com that  almost can miss of the prequel films entirely and just do Matthew Stova's novelization instead.

My lady and I are also rereading the Hunger games trilogy. This is one of Mrs. Dark's favourite series, and as when I read it I was at music school and devoured the books in short order I rather fancied doing them again.

it's surprising how compelling these are, albeit we do get slightly exasperated with Katniss on occasion, which can actually make reading things together rather fun.

Well that is  much enough for a bright summer's morning before 7 am, so hopefully everyone else is doing well.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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2017-05-26 20:09:31

End of the month; I have a kitten purched atop my shoulder as I write this post.  I'm not sure exactly how it is she manages to stay comfortable with my shoulders moving slightly back and forth as I do everything it is I do on my PC, but I guess that's her business, and it's quite fun for me, so everyone's happy.  She's fallen asleep across both of them a couple of times now, and when she's not there, she's sitting on the back of my chair looking out the back door... I guess.

I do not know what my future holds, but I do know who holds my future.

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2017-05-28 16:22:17

Cats are lovely. They have the correct attitude to life—the right philosophy.

Just myself, as usual.