2017-05-15 16:20:36

Just got it published.  You can create your own game that works for the Amazon Echo in minutes and then play games of friends and family or just play popular games created by other people.  Would love to hear any feedback.  Thanks!

Here's the game on the alexa skills store: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071F3BHBT/

I imagine it will be fun/interesting for those who've always wanted to create something quickly on the echo without any programming.

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2017-05-15 17:31:52

Assuming you're not just a bot:
You do realize that this site is for gamers who are blind, correct? so unless your engine is itself fully accessible with screen readers, and can produce games which are also fully accessible (and can produce text to speech output) then your advertisement is less than welcome.

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2017-05-16 00:33:00 (edited by mrpibb 2017-05-16 00:33:54)

Just tested quickly and its accessible. It lets you make gamebook style games but don't think you can set stats, dice rolls and other gamebook elements. The editor operates through their site
and uses links and edit boxes for modifying the game. It looks like there is some content already present when you start to create a new game which sort of gives you context for how to create though it seemed fairly straightforward.

Since the games themselves are played through the echo they are voiced by Alexa so that aspect is accessible as well. You can play games at random; I tried a couple and most so far are fairly quick and recognition has been good for choices on most. The only time I had recognition issues was for a game that used more lengthy  choices; most kept choices to three words or so.

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