2017-05-13 13:42:12

hello guys and girls,
I am looking for a different browse and focus sound for NVDA because I find the original one to long. I would like a suttle sound such as JAWS uses. is it may be possible to get that sound from JAWS in NVDA?
If not does one of you have a good alternative for me?
any other tips regarding NVDA are also very welcome.

with kind regards Mslion

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2017-05-13 14:23:21

You can get the jfw sounds here:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/vkix5qvgjrc95 … e.zip?dl=1

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2017-05-13 14:46:10

thankyou very much!
I would not have thought it but I have to say that the sounds a screenreader uses matter a lot!

with kind regards, Mitchel

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