2017-03-18 23:25:09 (edited by NicklasMCHD 2017-03-18 23:26:19)

Hi there.

I presang to you, a new output class.
This class main purpose is to make output by speech (both screen readers and sapi) and output with braille easyer.
The class is written in bgt and can be used from bgt smile

Main features includes:
* Autoselection of screen reader.
* Options to interrupt and wait for speech to finish
* Displays braille to a connected braille display if found.

The download, documentation and license can be found here: https://accessiware.com/bgtoutput
Hope some one finds this include useful.
If you have any feedback, suggestions or anything else, you know, just say it smile
btw: If you use this in your program / game i would be happy to know i it is ok (not a requirement) smile

See you soon smile

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