2017-02-10 14:33:33

Hello to one and all
This is our IOS conversion of our Android game Super Tile Smash
which is fully compatible with Voiceover.
The idea is to match patterns of tiles to advance to the next level.
It has multiple icon and sound themes and has 4 game modes.
We hope you enjoy the game.
https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/super-t … mpt=uo%3D4

2017-02-10 16:14:20

Out of curiosity, is the android version also accessible?

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2017-02-10 17:12:23

yep fully

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2017-02-10 17:51:51

Oh wow, so there's ports for both operating systems! Nice! If I can get my blasted iPhone to update itself to iOS 9 from iOS 7 (yes, I know, that's a big leap) I'll be sure to grab it on iOS as well. I'll also see if this game is compatible with my android device.

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2017-02-11 09:38:29

This is a really cool concept. I'm experiencing a bug on Android where the tile that is selected is not the one that I believe has focus. I would expect to swipe right or left to select tiles or move my finger around the screen and then double tap to select the tile, but it seems to be selecting an arbitrary tile and not the one I expect. Happens both with the free and pro versions. Using a Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 6.0.1 and latest TalkBack 5.1.
One other question. For each new level, is there always at least one winnable path or are you just bound to get stuck and lose at some point despite your best effort.

Thanks for making the game accessible.

2017-02-13 15:04:20

In answer to the questions above.

The IOS version should run on IOS 7.
As for the tiles not being selected properly it is not a known problem.
The fact you use a Samsung could be the problem you may need to stop some Samsung services for the game to run properly.
This is something that has worked for others runnign a Samsung device with the Android game.

As for the winnable solution to each level it is very much based on luck there are strategies you can play to maximise your chances of winning the level.
These are currently eluding me as i am pretty terrible at the game others have got a lot further than me!*smile.

Thank you for your interest in the games they are both in developement currently adding game modes to the Androidversion to bring it up to the IOS version.

2017-02-14 09:05:53

Thanks, I did see that warning, though it was unclear which services specifically you meant. Is there a spot or page which explains which Samsung services are getting in the way?
Thanks much.

2017-02-14 10:41:04

Other people have solved this by stopping something called samsung gamemod and others.
As the last samsung device I had was a S2 I am at a loss as to which services to stop.
This is not a good answer but it is the only one I am able to give.

2017-03-16 05:54:20 (edited by jsquared 2017-03-16 05:55:29)

Hey there. I just got Android 7 on my phone and either this or an update fixed things for me. Thanks again for the game, and I look forward to updates.

Also, is there detailed help in the game? I see the little hints that pop up  as you use new tile types, but I'm looking for explanations of the other game modes.

2017-03-16 09:39:39

Hi I have pasted the text that appears in the play store here
hope this helps.

Instructions for
Super Tile Smash

Normal game type
Destroy an ever increasing amount of tiles to advance to the next level.
You destroy tiles by finding patterns of adjacent tiles.
You lose when you cannot destroy any more tiles and have no more special tiles to play.

Match Game type
Tap on a column to scroll it down by one cell to match tiles
in a row each turn costs an amount based on your current score.
You lose when your score is zero.

Breakdown game type
After destroying tiles the remainig tiles will sink to the bottom of the screen and when possible slide to the right.
You start with 25 tiles and when you cannot destroy anymore tiles the remaining tiles will be deducted from your score.
You get a bonus of 5 tiles for clearing the current level.
You lose when you have no more tiles.

Onslaught game type
After destroying tiles the remaining tiles will sink to the bottom of the screen and when possible slide to the right.
You need to destroy a increasing number of tiles to advance to the next level.
You lose when you cannot destroy anymore tiles.

Game Screen Layout
The game grid is located at the top and is arranged in a 4 by 5 grid.
Your score and progress are in the bottom left and bottom right of the screen.
In between these are the upcoming tiles in the form of a queue with positions from 1 to 5.
Tap on any item in this row to access the menu

Description of special Tile types.

Sidewinders will destroy the row they are on.
Rockets will launch straight up the grid and destroy all tiles in their path.
Crossfire will destroy all adjacent blocks.
Star will transform into a random tiled star.
Shift Up tile will add one to every tile type in the grid.
Random tile will generate a new grid
A Block will only be destroyed when it reaches the bottom or by another special tile effect.

App Icon design by www.sevenoaks.co.uk

Any and all feedback very welcome.

Woodside Apps @ 2017
manual version 1.4

2017-03-16 21:28:06

Thanks, and sorry for missing that in of course the one place I didn't look.

Shift Up tile will add one to every tile type in the grid.
I'm still trying to grasp this one. Does this mean each existing tile type would receive one duplicate? That seems a bit impossible since there would not be room for 20 more tiles. Or does every tile on the grid transform into another type?

Thanks for the game, it's quite addicting.

2017-03-17 09:39:36

Hi I am also guilty of not looking in the play store for instructions.
The shift up tile is a hard one to play successfully
as it takes the tile value and adds one to it.
This is only useful if you know the values of tiles this will come after playing
the game for a very,very,very long time.
If you play with the coloured squares tile set the values are
red 1,orange 2 yellow 3 etc.
So if you have a red tile and you play the shift up tile it will become a orange tile.
As you can see it is not very clear and hard to explain in regard to the over 9ish tile sets.
As on some of them it would be saying that
a pyramid becomes a circle or something like that.

I tend to just play the tiel and enjoy the ride as planning what will turn into what
is more brain power than i want to put into playing the game.

Many thanks for playing the game and many apologis for the lack of instructions.

2017-03-17 14:31:28

Thanks, I had a hunch that's what was going on. I end up using it when the board is full of colors and I want something different, since one of the colors turns into a special tile, I forget which one but perhaps sidewinder. Thanks for the explanations.

2017-04-04 09:28:50

White turns into sidewinder so that's useful. Also, Shift-up turns into random so playing a shift-up will always be a good move since it gives you a random tile. Not sure if that was the intent, but that's now it works.

Any chance of bringing the newer tile types to the Android version?

2017-04-04 10:57:43

Currently I am developing an IOS game and it is going very badly so far
so it will be sometime but i will put it on the todo list for the adnroid version.