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This is a little guide for Pipe 2 Blast Chamber by BSC games. I will be giving out spoilers, and they will be indicated with the text *spoilers*. If you do not like spoilers, then just hit h to skip to the next section. Thank you and enjoy this little guide.

The Game
Game Story/Description

Dear Agent Smith:

Two weeks ago, the mafia kingpin Moochiani hit up mayor Jackson of San Diego for one million dollars. He told the Mayor if he didn't get the money in 1 week, he would destroy the city's water system and blow up the main water plant. As you probably guessed, Jackson declined the one million but offered Moochiani a nice prison threat.

To say the least, Moochiani was outraged. His gang destroyed the city's water system. Not only that, Moochiani's gang planted a bomb in the main water treatment plant directly below the red dragon carryout. Moochiani claims that if Mayor Jackson hands over the million, he'll disarm the bomb. Jackson is being stubborn and won't hand over the money. Now we have people's lives at stake because of the bomb.

This is where you come into play. Get ready to go to California. Your flight leaves the siesta keys at 9 AM and will arrive in San Diego at 2 PM. Once you land, you're going undercover as a city maintenance worker and are going to go underground and start fixing the water system and search for the bomb and disable it. Once you enter the underground-dismantled water system, intelligence tells us that Moochiani's bomb will automatically begin a 60-minute countdown until it detonates.

So, you have 60 minutes to fix the water pipes, deactivate the bomb, and get this city back under control. If you accomplish this for us Smith, we'll consider promoting you and giving you a raise.

Good luck,
Chief Executive Officer

Level Descriptions
Pipe Levels

When you start on a pipe level, you will be told how many pipes are stored in your tool box, how many you're required to fix, and how many times you have to wack your hammer against that pipe to keep it fit. You will then hear a voice say, "Pipe Level." You will then be taken into the water system, where you will randomly start out on the right or the left. Where ever you start out, you have to start going in the opposite direction while fixing pipes along the way. Use your up and down arrows to cycle through pipes, press enter or slash to see if it'll fit. If it doesn't fit, you'll hear a tiny metal clink. Do not try to hammer this in, otherwise you will mash your finger, witch will cause you to lose points and hammer hitting accuracy. If the pipe fits, you'll hear a hammer hitting metal sound. When you hear this sound, press ctrl several times depending on how many hits it tells you to make. If you hit the ctrl key more than that number of times, nothing will happen. After the pipe has been fit, it's now time for you to twist the valve. To do this, you must press 1 of the 4 arrow keys. When starting out on level 1 on the first pipe, you can press any of the arrow keys with no penalties. However, after this, you have to go in a clockwise direction. When you fit all the pipes and go onto the next pipe or electricity level, (see next section for details), you have to press the arrow key you pressed on the first pipe on the first level. If this sounds complicated, I'll try to make it a little simpler with an example. Lets say you begin the first level, and you hear a pipe on the right. You'll hit up arrow, then enter to see if it fits. If it doesn't, press enter, up, enter, up, all the way to the pipe that fits. When you fit it in, press the ctrl key multiple times till you hear the sound of the pipe fitting in a second time. Then press, for example, the up arrow to twist the valve. Then repeat the same process again for the next pipe, accept instead of the up arrow, press the right arrow. Then the down arrow, then the left, then up again. If you don't twist the valve correctly, you'll hear a negative tone and the water will consequently go faster. This might not seem like a big deal, but trust me, if you make a mistake to many times, you could end up being screwed. Now, lets say the next level after that is a pipe level. Depending on the key you pressed on the first pipe, for example, up arrow, you'll have to press that same key again for the valve on the next level. But, say you get a side scroler after that. The next pipe or electricity level after that 1 will do the same thing, and it caries on for the rest of the game. If this still sounds complicated, don't worry, you'll get the hang of it eventually.

Electricity Levels

These things are the exact same as pipe levels, accept that it has electricity, and different music. So lets say you start on the right. You will hear electricity on the right, then the left, and sometimes the center. Lets just say that you hammer, then you twist the valve, then you suddenly hear a zap, what was that? That means that if you don't be careful of when you twist the next valve, you could have contact with some lovely wires, and as we all know, wires that are actively streaming electricity through water are not things that you'd want to be arms deep in, especially if said wires are sending over a million amps. So, how do you know what to do when you could be a potential next victim of electric shock. Well, you have to listen to your position in your headphones, as well as the position of the current. If the current is on the right and you're on the left, go ahead and twist the valve. But, if the current is on the left and so are you, don't even try unless you want to feel a million amps coursing into your body, witch, by the way, probably isn't a pore conductor. Also, don't twist the valve when the electricity is paused, because you won't stop twisting the valve until the sound quits playing, so if your favorite electric current comes over to say hi when the sound is still playing, you're fried. Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it.

Side scroller Levels

These levels can be pretty tricky, especially if you're like me and can't keep good track of time. You start off on the left, and the door to go to the next level is on the far right. All you have to do is get to that door. Does it sound simple? Trust me, you'll wish it was. You'll have to get past several deadly obstacles. The following is a list of the things you'll encounter:
Steam Jet; this thing will turn on and off at a certain interval. The second the steam stops, run like hell to get under and away from it, and just remember to be careful on the next obstacle that you're coming up to.
Electricity; No, this will not ark through the whole level, you don't have to worry about that. The electricity is the exact same thing as the steam, just run past when it stops.
Sewer; Despite being in the sewers already, you can still fall in to them. Anyways, you will have to jump over the sewers by pressing the ctrl key. Fortunately though, you won't have to tap the right arrow multiple times to get over it, you just press ctrl.
Barrel; now what is a barrel doing here? I guess it's just a thing full of gas, not to sure. Similar procedure as the sewers, accept these things move. How will you know when to jump? Simple. Your character will say "uh-oh" when he thinks it's time to jump. wait half a second then jump, and you should be fine. Note that on insane, you will not get an audio cue telling you when to jump.
Trashcan; This thing will definitely be of assistance to you. This trashcan contains a random item. To get it, just hold down the up arrow. You'll hear a voice counting down from 3 on easy, 4 on normal, and 5 on insane. When the counting stops, you'll win your prize. I will go into the items and other objects of the game at the end of the pipe 2 section of this guide.

Bonus Level

If you're familiar with the Grizzly Gulch shooting concept, the bonus level is almost like that. If not, I will quickly explain how it works. There are 3 positions on the field, left, center, and right. To move between these positions, you use the left and right arrow keys, and to shoot, you press control. Every few seconds, a thug will appear on 1 of the 3 positions, and you have to move to that spot and shoot them. The more thugs that appear on the screen, the more shots it takes to kill them. For example, you'll have to shoot the first thug once. The second thug that appears will have to be shot twice, the third thrice, and so on, until you can't kill them fast enough. If you take to long to shoot, or shoot when a thug is dead or there isn't a thug there, you will be killed and the bonus round will end. Also note that every 7th thug killed will earn you 10 minutes of extra time.

Bomb Level, *spoiler*

Level 15 is the bomb level, and if you have tuns of extra time, this level is very simple. You have a screen that shows you different numbers, and all you have to do is get these numbers into ascending order. To grab a number, press ctrl, and to swap that number with the position of another, press ctrl again. Keep doing this until the bomb is disabled. Note that the toolboxes in pipe and electricity levels work in a similar way.

Boss Level, *spoiler*

This level can be quite tricky for some people. You're controlling a little target with the left and right arrow keys. The boss has a machine gun, so you'll always want to be jumping while he's shooting. To jump, press enter. Every time you jump, your target will jump to a random position on the board. To hit the boss, you'll want to move to where you hear him taunting. When you hear a beep, start pressing ctrl as fast as you can. Note that you can use both ctrl keys. Also note that the bosses gun will not kill you in 1 hit, but it will take you down quickly if you don't jump in time. Once he starts shooting again, jump some more, then target him, and batter the ctrl key. Keep repeating this process until the boss is dead.

Obstacles Found In Pipe And Electricity Levels

Stairs: take you forward or backward 1 level. It's completely random, so use at your own risk.
Toolboxes: These will give you about 7 seconds to figure out a combination. It's like the bomb, accept you don't arrange the numbers in a certain order. Luckily, there aren't a lot of numbers, so just mess with them a little bit, and you'll figure it out. If and when you find out the combination, it'll give you something random, but we'll get to the items in the next section.
Thug: Randomly, as you go along hammering and twisting, someone will taunt you, and you have to kill them before you get killed yourself. This can be done 1 of 2 ways.

  • You can simply press the ctrl key multiple times to punch them to death. Note that you must press the key a lot, however, you get more points for this.

  • You can also shoot them with your gun, but this wastes ammo, which you don't have a lot of, and you don't get as many points. To select your gun, press 2 on your number row. Note, you cannot use your numpad to select weapons, (Clarification needed.). When your gun is selected, you can press the ctrl key to fire. On higher difficulties, you have to shoot more than once to kill the thug, (Clarification needed.)

Rat: These monsters will chew wholes in the pipes you just welded, causing you to lose 5000 points, (clarification needed.) When a rat shows up, you have to switch to your wrench by pressing 1 on your number row. Once you do this, you use your left and right arrows to move your hand over to it, depending on where you hear it from. Note that the panning of the rat doesn't change when your moving. To help with this, the game will beep when you've reached the creature. To smash it, you press the ctrl key.
Spider: These are like thugs, accept you can't punch them, or shoot them. Instead, you use the function keys, F1 through F6. The spiders are a memory test, because each spider has to be killed by ascending the function keys. For example, the first spider must be killed with F1. The second has to be killed with F2, the third with F3, etc. Once you kill the sixth spider with F6, it starts over at F1. It also resets to F1 if you get killed by a spider. If you die from anything else, it does not reset the keys. In addition, on the Insane difficulty, you're going backwards, meaning you start with F6 and go down.

Toolbox Items
  • Ammo: gives you 5 ammunition for your gun.

  • Wrench: gives you 5 extra wrenches.

  • Flashlight: stops rats from coming after you for the rest of the level. You get 5 of these in 1 package.

  • Bug spray: stops spiders from coming after you for the rest of the level. You get 5 uses out of the bottle.

  • Points: something that used to have value in the game, but do to the BSC Games website no longer existing, points have lost their value, unless you're attempting to get the cheats.

Trashcan Items
  • Potato Chips: gives you a certain amount of points.

  • Soda: gives you a certain amount of points.

  • Construction hat: Protects you from steam and electricity in the side scrolling levels. Hotkey is C.

  • Welding kit: allows you to finish a pipe in pipe and electricity levels without hammering or twisting. Hotkey is W.

  • Nothing: desperately needs an explanation.

Other Keys
  • I: inventory check.

  • Space: if you have a special item equipped, like the gun or the flashlight, It will bring you back to controlling your hands. This will also do something if you press space at a trashcan.

  • Escape: quits the game, asks for confirmation first.


I hope this guide has been helpful to people. If you wish to get in contact with me, or if you wish to contribute something, you can e-mail me at [email protected]. Thanks for reading, and happy gaming!

If anyone wants to add me on Skype, it's garrett.brown2014.

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