2016-10-26 00:59:44

I was wondering what emacs speak does? What you can do with it? and does anyone have a audio recording of emac Speak in action?

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2016-10-26 04:00:04 (edited by devinprater 2016-10-26 04:02:32)

Emacspeak is the complete audio desktop, using Emacs as its base. It allows one to use the Emacs software, which is a word processor for both human and computer programming languages. Emacs can also be used as a media player, email client, web browser, IRC client, FTP client, file browser, online radio program, Twitter client, Office Suite, terminal, book reader, programming environment, calculator, and even has a few games, some of which, like tetriss and tictacto, even work with Emacspeak. Now do y'all see why I make such a big deal out of it? All of these functions I listed above are completely accessible, and with the new eSpeak fixes, if text is a link, formatted differently than normal, highlighted, or if programming code is a function or something, the voice pitch is lowered or raised depending on what Emacs shows. For example, in the IRC client, the "IRC:" prompt at the bottum, where you type your text, is emphasized by Emacspeak by lowering the pitch. This lets me know that it's not a part of the output stream from the server, but the actual place where I write my text. It's just so amazing. If the port for Windows were to be updated, and the port of Emacs had Internet access, and the TTS server had pitch changing capabilities, I'd be all over it. Another cool thing about Emacspeak is the audio themes. Yep, like the audio thesems addon for NVDA, the earcons in Chromevox and Android, and the sounds in iOS, these tell things about what's going on. If a buffer, or window, closes, a sound plays. If a prompt asking a question, like if you'd like to save a file, comes up, a sound is played telling you that what just appeared is something you should act on. If you've reached the beginning or end of the buffer, a sound is played there too so you don't have to hear "blank blank blank" without knowing if you're actually at the bottom of the file or if you're just at another annoying group of blank lines in the middle of the document, email, chat message, web page, whatever you're viewing.
So yes, Emacspeak is amazing, and beautiful software. I just wish I had a virtual machine of Arch that actually worked so I could use it. In my VmWare, the Talking arch installs fine, but after that, speakup doesn't speak, but I can make eSpeak say stuff. So I effectively don't have a screen reader.
Also, if you get the latest snapshots from git,
pacaur -S emacspeak-git
in arch or Sonar, which also doesn't even boot in vmwear, you can create Binaural Beats, and also use the latest patches to the Espeak interface, called the speech server in Emacspeak. The speech servers are like addons, synth drivers for Emacspeak. Emacspeak supports both hardware and software synthesizers.

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2016-10-26 06:02:48

K now here's a pretty nice question, now that you guys bring this into life. how can I have it up and running on windows? back in 2015 I tried it when someone posted about it, but I had actually no results at all. If someone can explain me, that'd be pretty nice! and I'll be very grateful, believe me

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2016-10-26 06:57:00

There are two ports of EmacSpeak made for Windows out there as of this writting:

1. EmacSpeak For Windows
The version linked above, comes packaged with EmacSpeak version 39.00, and Emacs version 24.3.
2. SaqibS Emacspeak For Windows
Although the precompiled archive comes with EmacSpeak 43.0 and Emacs 24.5, instructions on how to build it yourself can be found within said above link.
In addition, please see this GitHub Issue Thread , as there are some issues getting it to work on Windowss 10.

Lastly, for what's new with EmacSpeak 44.0 (which is the latest one TV Raymond has made,) find more info via:

2016-10-26 07:01:08

My problem with those ports is that getting things to work with the latest git revisions, which add the binaural beat creation and the accessibility for a game called threes, takes a load of steps to complete. We need an active maintainer for this, and someone that can work on the speech server. Neither of those ports to Windows are ideal, as they've been abandoned.

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2016-10-26 09:20:41

Devin to unmute your sound in arch you unmute by amix

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2016-10-30 07:32:51

Nope, its a port audio issue. Try it with a fresh install of talking arch and you'll see what I mean.

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2017-05-18 19:29:08

How to install it or to run it?

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