2016-04-20 02:04:53

Hay Niki, what challenge are you talking about.
In what door did you find it.
I'm asking because their are lots of hidden surprises in chapter 3, and I don't want to spoil any of them for yu by trying to guess where you're stuck.

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2016-09-15 02:47:22

ok so i removed AAC from my computer and  redownloading my stages, this just happends to be one of them... i'm stuck on a level where you have to use knife only to get rid of viruses, i kill a lot of them, but then there's this low rumbling thing to my right that kills me in one hit, which sucks. i'm posting this because this is really, really getting on my nerves. thanks for your help, and i have no idea how you can know which chapter your on.

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2016-09-16 10:41:15

Yeah, the chapter thing's a bit of a problem.
In the next update, I'm going to add chapter bumpers.
I'm just trying to figure out how to play a little jingle, then have SAPI speak a message.
It's possible; I think...
Are you in the dark world second visit with only your knife?
If you have the cyberstar, you have to use that to kill the rumbling thing,
It moves slow, so just stay far enough away from it where it can't hit you.
Take pot shots with your cyberstar, and if you need health to continue using it, their's some in the tunnel you came through to get to this point.
If you don't have the cyberstar, you can use your knife, but it's vary tricky.
I hope this helps.
If not, please post here, and I'll see if I can help some more.

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2016-09-25 01:42:46

ok. sorry for not checking back for quite a while. yes, i was in the dark world the second time. did you forget to put cyber star in the level? because i cant use it. what i did is i used a knife, got hit, which is unavoidable, then jumped away and kill each thing. each kill  costed a life, but i did it. i beet chapter 2, the puzzles really sucked because as you can tell i'm not from america, so it was a pure guesswork.
ok so i killed the things, entered teleporters, solved the puzzles, killed a huge army of enemy's and made shadow bight the dust. then i think i was in pokemon stages? i don't know, anyway, killed all of those things, some are really resistent to knife but go down with 1 or 2 hits of your laser, got to the notes on the walls, activated the ainchent power enhansment which was cool IMO, oh then i made shadow bight the dust, sorry. one question though: why didn't you made player stop when you heard a text of what you, or your shadow wrote? that would make sense, would it? because i had to restart to get the full text because i was jumping and skipped some dialog. just a thought.
now, the reason i'm posting the post in the first place.

chapter 3, castle of lies, really sucks. how? i fall into nothing this with no warning and i didn't expect it coming so i cant know which location is it. please please  please, give me a tip on how to avoid this stupid level.
there are 2 paths, does one of them gets you to the castle of trueth if you  manage not to fall onto platforms? or both will lead you to the castle of lies.
i think the sub levels are cool, btw. alright, that's it for today.

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2016-09-25 18:27:35 (edited by threeblacknoises 2016-09-25 18:32:36)

First of all, an update has gone live in post 1, so please download that.
second, the cyberstar weapon has to be earned in the main game postgame itself.
Complete program files (x86) and the next level after that, and you'll get the cyberstar.
Regarding the text in the pokemon level, I might make the text stop the player.
The answers to the questions are all located in the cheetsheet file you got with the game.
Regarding the path of truth...
You'll always fall onto the path of lies if you try truth and fail.
It's possible to succeed, but not easy.
Within the path of lies, their exists a hidden way back to the path of truth in one of the doors.
I also have an .ogg file of me playing the path of truth and succeeding.
It's in post 1 at the vary end.
You're probably stuck in the castle of lies proper.
The nothingness without warning is not a bug, it's supposed to be their.
Some viruses are supposed to run away from you as you get close to the nothingness.
I'll add the positions of said nothingness in the next update, but for now, you'll have to find them yourself.

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2016-10-02 04:45:37 (edited by The Imaginatrix 2016-10-02 12:04:57)


So I just downloaded this huge set of stages last night and checked it out. Is it a thing in custom stages that you can't save the enemies being defeated? And how many levels are in each chapter? And how do I unlock things? Do I have to keep the game running as long as I'm playing to get the special content you're supposed to get in a hub after beating a level? I'm sorry for rambling and if my questions have obvious answers, but I'm already trying to get used to having to play lots of levels one after the other and memorising where the drops are and only having so many lives and if I leave I have to start all over again...

Edit: I made it past the Mario levels, but then there was this place in the first Zelda level where there's a wall, and a delete ray, and another wall, and another delete ray, and a whole pile of viruses and a zip bomb that all conspire to kill me before I can either get past or kill them all, even with my laser. There was nothing I could do to escape that death trap! *cries*

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2016-10-02 14:07:15

First of all, thanks for trying my stage.
Regarding the Zelda level...
You have to stay crouched while walking under the walls and delete rays.
Try to kill the viruses by making them come to you.
Take your time and learn how the enemies react and interact to what you do.
The delete rays can be passed, but you'll have to listen to them to figure out how to do it.
Their are checkpoints to help with the difficulty of this part.
regarding the enemies not being saved when you kill them...
Are you referring to the fact that your bits reset after the stage is over?
Aaron did this to prevent people from making stages that allow a player to farm bits and raise their stats unnaturally fast.
Regarding special content...
Their are some special things that happen if you keep playing, but it's mostly your lives that carry over if you can make it through the chapters without restarting.
Their are also lots; and I mean lots; of secrets to be found as well.
Some can even help repeat runs of the stage.
I hope this helps you out.
If you like, I can make a recording of the Zelda level if you're really stuck.

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2016-10-03 02:22:24

Nah, I knew about the bits thing from the AAC topic. I can understand that. I'm keeping an eye on the number of overall kills I have so I don't lose the reward for the achievement because I was in a custom stage.

What I was talking about was when you die, the enemies you killed respawn. That doesn't happen in the main game and it makes getting back to where you were easier. In this, if I land in a pit (which is still happening more often than not), or whatever, and die, I'm back at my last checkpoint and have to fend off enemies I've already killed. Repeat this several times as I try to work out how to cross the thing without dying and it starts to get irritating.

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2016-10-03 02:37:20

you aint seen nothing. you think that level is bad? oh wait! it gets worse, not in the chapters of the stage, but in the post game, there's a level... oh, i won't  spoil it to ya.
spooooiiiilllleeers, whoops, spoilers.
so, this is really pissing me off. did you meant for chapter's 2 and 3 without brake in between? about 5 shots from the virus on the path of lies the ship thing and i'm dead. they attack faster then my knife. please fix this.

i broke my heart when i misst the platform on the path of truth. jump! jump! jump! ooh, music changed! i must be close to the end! aaaaaaaaah! i fall... for about 2 minutes, nooooooooo!
i looked at the cheat sheet to see if there's any other path for the path of truth and there is, it's through the ship which has freeking overpowered viruses.

add this, ASAP!

ability to skip the disclamer blah blah blah blah blah thing. it's really annoying when i restart the levels to attempt path of truth again, so as which chapter are you on messages. i think that's cool, the messages about chapters, but they get annoying when i cant skip them.


1. did you use any other code besides the stage builder itself? if you didn't, how in the world you make players fall from the pit and not lose a life?

2. do i have to do something to unlock the tile creator? if so, what, if not, please explain on how to use it?

3. in super liam, how did you change the sector steps?

i'm really intrested in that. alright, i'm off and please add the skipping ASAP!

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2016-10-03 04:22:39 (edited by The Imaginatrix 2016-10-03 04:48:18)

Agree about the disclaimer. Players really only need to hear that once. Then it should be skippable.

... Considering I haven't even done the postgame for the official AAC yet (lack of decent stats. I'm grinding for bits and hoping for an achievement or two that gets me some more) and given how tough some of these levels are, I'm probably gonna take a looooong time to beat this stage. It's great, though! I wish we had blind-friendly versions of all of these games with modern sounds. Mario, Zelda, all of them. (I know about the mario one and have it but this game has awesome sounds and music that must be from more recent games and I love them.)

Edit: The delete rays are too fast! You don't move very fast when ducked so I always get hit by them! I wish you had an invincibility item or at least more health to deal with this...

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2016-10-03 13:34:43 (edited by threeblacknoises 2016-10-03 15:57:33)

The viruses respawn because their is a flagyou can set in each stage that tells AAC weather to use normal behavior, or the enemy respawning behavior from rusty software.
Please check your difficulty mod settings.
I've run into the same problem only to find that. oops, my diff mod was set to some ungodly high setting.
Also, try jumping to a virus and start attacking before you land.
I made Remnant to be plaied on the default difficulty setting. Anything higher than 1 or 2 wil make this stage really really hard.
If you're still having the problems with the viruses and delete rays after turning off your dif modd setting then I will add an item to fix this stage.
Tip: check your diff modd with the F key.
I'll add a note to post 1 now, and I'll update the readme to include the same note.
Regarding falling and not losing lives, no I didn't use any other code.
All falling events are vary carefully recorded gameplay.
The sector steps were changed either by adding one tile that sounds like the grates, or by simply adding an additional corrupt sector tile before and after each sector.
I don't think you need to unlock the tile creator, use control M to get to it.
I'll make the disclaimer skippable on chapters 2 and 3.
As for the chapter bumpers, I'm not going to make those skippable, not because I'm a jirk, but because I literally can't.
You see, they're made using a sceen with a BGM that triggers on a timer so SAPI can announce the chapter name.
This makes them unskippable without messing up the effect.
I'll check back soon and look at the feedback.
An update to Remnant will be coming soon.

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2016-10-03 15:33:32

I had a dif mod of 6. I'll disable difficulty and play it again. smile

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2016-10-04 13:45:10

Okay, I made it to the second level of Zelda tonight (I held off because I was very close to 100k bits and wanted the reward for that achievement). There are electric barriers with enemies inside them and I can only get some of these enemies because they're in the barriers. There's also this thing with big booming steps trying to kill me, and he does if he gets too close. I'm starting to suspect there's more than one, because they sure seem to move fast and come at me from the same direction I'm fleeing sometimes. Oh, and there are arrows again, and I'm having to run away from other enemies because Big Boomer will get me if I don't. (This is Zelda so it's probably Ganon or one of his minions, but I honestly don't care. He booms and kills me, therefore Big Boomer.)

What do I do? I made it to a cracked wall at one point and my character said something, but then I died... I didn't want to die at that point. I thought I'd made it to the end...

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2016-10-04 14:27:05 (edited by threeblacknoises 2016-10-04 20:57:38)

Dood, you were so close, all you had to do was croutch and walk...
I kind of like big boomer as an enemy name, though it's actually a giant statue.
They don't have to much health, so kill them with your laser at a distance.
The things inside the bariors actually make the same sound as the bariors, so they're kind of hard to hear.
Just jump inside the barior and attack as you land.
I'm going to start testing the viruses in the ship and see if I can find the one that's so overpowered.
Edit: I just tested the entire ship level.
No bugs or over-powered viruses.
You must have your dif mod active.
Try disableing it.
You said a virus kills you in 5 hits?
I tested all viruses, and none do that.
The first is a tad strong, but enemies don't respawn in that level due to the new platforms.
even that first one takes something like 25 hits or so to kill you.
I'll have a disclaimer skip hotfix up later tonight.
Edit: Disclaimer hotfix live.
Check post 1.
This will be included in the main download later.

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2016-10-05 11:11:03

Well, I made it all the way to the bit where you lose your weapons, and I don't have the Cyberstar yet, 'cause I've heard horror stories about Program Files x86, so I'll have to stop there for now. I made it that far though! I found some of the sections very useful. big_smile

This stage ... I have so much love for it. So very much. big_smile

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2016-10-06 06:07:43

Got the cyberstar, but that enemy is super hard to get! He follows you into the tunnel, and then you can't fire your cyberstar because you're ducked, and if you try to get past him he will almost certainly kill you, and it can take several lives to lure him back out to blast him. And when I went into the tunnel for health all I found was a restore-by-30. Do those items not respawn?

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2016-10-06 15:37:58

Unfortunately, they don't respawn because the enemy and item respawn flags are the same one.
Aaron really should have made those two flags separate so health and stuf could respawn.
I'll add a few more of those helth items, and maybe even change them to full health restores instead of by 30.
I can't check what items are where, only that items are their, so thanks for pointing this out.

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2016-10-08 07:16:08

Just tried that level again and got one full restore in the tunnel, but since I had to use it because the enemy had come for me and half-crushed me, and then he got a chance to finish the job, it basically went to waste and when I went to find more, there was only the thirty left. I could have sworn I found two full health restores last time but wasted them... I also don't know how close you have to be to an enemy for the cyberstar to do damage, so I've ended up being too close to him and getting killed because I want to make sure he's hit. If I'm going to take damage, I'd darn well better not be sacrificing my health in vain. I miss my laser...

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2016-10-08 14:12:12

The cyberstar has the same range as the laser; as far as I can tell.
Their is a full health restore and a restore by 30 in the tunnel.
In the update their is now 3 full restores and an extra life.
I'll have that out soon.
As for the boss, try jumping over it and letting it get all the way to one end, hit it, then jump over and repeat.
Should only take about six hits before it's dead.

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2016-10-08 15:50:17

hi. i think, i'm  not sure, but i can do at least some form of remnent playthrough today. i'll try to play through chapters 1 and 2, i'm not sure about 3 sinse it sucks. smile

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2016-10-08 17:19:59

amerikranian, pleas disable your difficulty modd before playing.
It just might be your problem with chapter 3.

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2016-10-08 17:45:01

i will do recording of chapter 3 without diff mod and you'll see what i'm talking about. also i don't have a cyber star, so you'll see my way of killing that boomber thing

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2016-10-08 20:42:45

Hay all, a new update will be live vary vary shortly.
Check post 1 directly below the main download link for the update link, not the hotfix link.
This keeps the disclaimer skip fix for those who don't have it yet, but it also adds some health items to a cirtain stage people are having a problem with.

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2016-10-09 02:29:27

ok, playthrough is done, i'll upload it eather today or tomorrow, maybe today.
i hate remnent! this guy... i mean come on dude, no check points and a lots of jump, jump, jump, jump, jump! i made to the part when he said come on, come on or something, then died. ugh! i turned diff mod off and had to restart the game, anyway, chapter 3 is a little better, though castle of lies should have at least 1 check point.

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2016-10-09 13:39:00

Can't you start from Chapter 3? You don't have to restart the entire stage...

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