2016-07-24 10:40:04

I am going to cover some of the tips that how you'll play survive the wild most commonly called STW
assumes that you have installed STW in your machine successfully and created the account.
a free account can hold only 100 item for example you can hold 100 grass, 100 flairs at this time when I have last checked.
when you are logged in you are at the beach
check your hunger, thirst, energy and according to them perform certain tasks.
to check hunger, thirst, and energy use these keys. u for hunger, s for thirst and e for energy
if your hunger is low such as 20 or 30 you are not hungry at this time.
if your hunger is 200 and 230 then probably you are at risk!
same apply with thirst but not with energy
if your energy is low you should rest or sleep but if your energy is high such 500 700 and so on you can probably hunt a rabit!
how to interact with an item?
after checking your hunger thirst and energy press I and the game will announce that you have just opened your bag
there is an item an only item called survival pack in your bag
press either left aero or right aero to put on your left or right hand.

don't press both kuz it will not open it for you.
after pressing the aeros according to your choice
press esc and then interact with t I mean press t for interacting
then it will open it for you.
there are lots of packages in this pack such as package with knife and watch, package with radio and so on.
apply the same trick to open the packages.
if you successfully opened the packages and bags
then press up aero for walking and go straight to ocean
and fill your water bottle
and drink the sault water hahaha.
however in the newer version your water bottle is filled with already so you don't need that to fill it for sometime.
after decreasing your thirst and hunger
go the left and track the clay
use k to track zones like clay, grass, trees and so on
after tracking the clay follow the sound and go to the clay.
pick up some clay with space.
then press "I" for inventory I mean a bag. and then take one clay in your left and another in right
press esc and then press t and see what happens.
congratulation you made your first pot!
now track shallow water and fill your pot for future
these are few tips and I will post another tips in future
if you need a help then feel free to send an e-mail through a forum or drop me a PM

life's battle do not always go to the stronger and faster man,
But sooner or later who win the one who thinks he can!

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